How to Tell the Difference between an Emergency and a Non-Emergency

May 7, 2013

The Chief just had to explain to his new Captain that if I’m calling the ship’s phone for the first time in years, even if I say it’s not an emergency, IT’S AT LEAST PRETTY DARN IMPORTANT.

The Chief is not in trouble.

I just had another heart episode.

I could make a joke that it happened while doing laundry–“See? House work really will kill me.”

But he will point out that the one I had 5 weeks ago was at the gym.

Ok. “See? Getting healthy will kill you too.”

Yes … I will call the doctor now.


  1. Oh no! Prayers that everything is ok…

  2. Are you OK? I know how scary that is to have them gone and deal with a health issue. FYI-my hubs would never treat a wife’s call lightly. Maybe one day they’ll be on a boat together, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    • WordPress ate my first reply. I’m ok. Better than the one 5 weeks ago probably because I wasn’t at the gym. Frustrated. Stressed. Call in to doctor to see a course of action. Wanting answers, stressing out more. I bet the guys have crossed paths at some point in the past–big ships always need tugs in ports–but the Chief only sails domestic right now. It’s a big ocean but a small world. 🙂

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