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Silver Awards & Merit Badges

September 27, 2013
This was awarded to T1 for really putting herself into her project, not to mention the number of band-aids handed out.

This was awarded to T1 for really putting herself into her project, not to mention the number of band-aids handed out.

Okay, time to brag. T1 has officially earned her Silver Award–the highest award for leadership and service a Cadette can earn. She had to complete a 40 hour project that provided a service/improved her greater community that demonstrated leadership and sustainability. She set up an 8-box letter boxing course and taught stamp making and letter boxing at our summer church camp. It was a learning experience for all of us. I will admit she relied heavily on us to guide (prod, really) her to completion but after the appropriate encouragement (threats) she completed a portfolio that while not necessary for the Silver Award will prepare her for the rigors of the Gold Award (and maybe she won’t need as much poking). She had to form a team, get volunteers and supplies (fund raise), and she had to teach the camp counselors and the campers. We made the trip to camp eight times (6 to teach) and every mile, every round trip was worth it to watch her grow as a leader.

There is apparently a website for fake merit badgesSpoof Badges

Upon hearing that T1 would be using sharp carving tools, one of our Green Knights showed me his Finger Carving Merit Badge and graciously offered it to be awarded to T1 when the time came. Little did he know that T1 would have the most bloody finger stick, putting more of herself into this project than was necessary.

It happened during Week 1 of camp. I could not take her (I was on a trip with T2 to see some wild ponies) so my BIL, MIL, and a family friend took T1 to camp. Everything was going great. The 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders were actually paying attention. Not sure what happened but she jammed a blade in between her pinky finger and ring finger. And she bled and bled. The boys thought this was cool and one camper actually dipped his recently finished stamp into the puddle of blood. This made my BIL ballistic. Germs! The camp nurse bandaged T1 all up and the table and the knives were all disinfected. Well, as well as could be for camp.

In the subsequent weeks many a camper nicked their fingers. I lost track of how many. I thought for sure the camp director would ask her to stop teaching.

She definitely earned the Finger Carving Merit Badge.

We had the award ceremony with family and friends. We had hoped the camp director could have made it but he had a previous engagement. We could not push the date back because the Chief is shipping out this weekend and it was more important for him to be there. Besides, she had already gifted the director and the camp a pair of Magellan GPS units for geocaching on the last day of her project. Her advisor and our Service Unit Director came to the ceremony.

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of her.


Arrrgh! Me hearties!

September 19, 2013

The Chief is so special he gets his own International (not just national) Talk Like a Pirate Day holiday!

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to the Chief! Being your …. wait, if you are the Chief, am I your Captain? Or First A/E? First Mate?

Do pirate ships have A/Es? (not counting modern pirate ships)

Anyway, sailing with you has been an adventure. Here’s to many more birthdays to celebrate!


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A Brief Definition of Sea Year [8/28/13]

September 18, 2013

A Brief Definition of Sea Year [8/28/13].


Never Forget: Updated

September 11, 2013



Please watch this YouTube video tribute to the merchant mariners of the Port of New York and New Jersery as well as commending the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy for their brave service on 9-11.


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If you’re on FB, United States Merchant Marine Academy ALUMNI has posted an album of the memorial service on campus today. Very moving. (I can’t figure out how to link it.)

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