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Another Poll–Wedding Etiquette

February 16, 2013

Eek! It has been a while. Okay, there are some things going on that I can’t air here but rest assured, mi Amiga has done a good job talking me through it and helping me find my perspective. “Mi Amiga?” you ask–well, I’ve also been very busy getting my troop of scouts ready for World Thinking Day. We had the pleasure of studying about Mexico and talking with one of our parents who was born and raised there. The event went very well. It was probably one of the most enjoyable ones I can remember attending–and not because of the organizers because every troop that has taken on that monumental task has done a fabulous job, but because our girls behaved really well. I was not running around trying to herd cats among other herds of cats.

I do have a post today and it will include a poll. If I can remember how to do that.

The Chief and I just received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of the man who led singing at our wedding. I am really touched by this gesture. The RSVP card was clearly marked with a 4 so they intentionally included our daughters. They may have done this because we will have to travel to the wedding and I am assuming my in-laws will most likely be on the guest list as well. I’m touched. I know weddings are not cheap and “someone’s children” take up spots for adult friends and work associates. (Their granddaughter was very fond of T1 and I have several pictures of the two playing together though T1 doesn’t remember–so it will be good to see old friends and talk about how much all of the children and grandchildren have grown.)

This wedding will take place at the end of our spring break. I’m not sure if our soccer season will begin on that Saturday or not. I can easily ask teammates to watch the girls and the Chief and I can take advantage of a little get away. The problem is we probably won’t know until well after the RSVP date if they have games. Just so you know before you take the survey, I am going to go into the Parks & Rec office and ask if they intend for games to begin that Saturday or if they will start the Monday after spring break. I am hoping for the later.

So here are the questions I am pondering … and Chief, let me know what you think because I am hoping we can go down a few days early and enjoy spring break together as a family.

As I said, I’m really hoping it is a moot point. Being currently involved in the planning of an event that needs an exact head count for any kind of cost break-down and itinerary finalization I get that you just need to know. They are being very gracious to include us especially considering the father of the bride was part of the wedding but not part of the bridal party so two of my choices aren’t options. Just knowing that wedding etiquette is going out the window and old standards are no longer reliable (actually having to send out “You’re Not Invited” announcements, really?!) I wanted to know if the other two options are considered okay now. I hope not because I think it would be rude.



First Attempt at a Poll … I need your answers!

January 31, 2013
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