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Writing Workshop: Scribbles

December 28, 2011

I sort of already did #1 but I didn’t pick my favorite posts… and as torturous as it was to upload all those photos I’m not going to do it again. So I grabbed a sharpie marker or two…

5.) Draw a picture that best represents one of your most recent tweets and share it with us.

I don’t tweet but I do post on FB a lot…

FB Status for 12/28/11.

Writing Prompts:

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.
2.) Has the internet inspired you? Share a tip, recipe or craft you attempted after seeing it posted on the internet.
3.) Think about your closes male friend in high school…if you had married him (or her) how would your life be different right now?
4.) Write a poem that incorporates the color purple (the color…not the movie).
5.) Draw a picture that best represents one of your most recent tweets and share it with us.

For more information on Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there…


Looking Back

December 26, 2011

This post is based on a post by Soccer Mom.

I’m going to try to find pictures to go with these posts. I am inspired by Soccer Mom’s beautiful photography and 365 project, as well as her new photography business, to try the 365 project myself in 2012. I wonder if I’ll get a new camera out of it too… ?


Pop Up Hippo Tent

I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary with little fanfare as DH was still at sea. We had a visit with my sister and her 16 month old. When I crawled into the pop up Hippo tent and began a game with him and the opening of the tent I have never laughed so hard. DH arrived just in time to 1. celebrate his father’s 70th birthday on the day of the surprise party, and 2. to fix the leaking pipes from the kitchen above my office.

Thank goodness for drop celings and handy husbands!



We had blizzards and days off from school. On February 21st, T2 was baptized by DH. I have yet to see pictures from that event (Hint-Hint, dear BIL!). I spent the month frantically trying to figure out what was business casual and what was business formal. I also discovered that Miracle Tailoring costs a bundle, especially if you have no butt. DH and I left for Scotland on the 27th.

My what big teeth you have!


Glasgow Symbols

We spent 5 days in Glasgow, Scotland. I really had a good time. I also celebrated my 37th birthday with good friends at my annual scrapbooking weekend.


The pub across the street ... gives new meaning to going to "Church"


DH was home for just a few days longer and was able to escort T1 to the Father-Daughter Dance while my other BIL escorted T2. The girls and I had a very quiet Spring Break. T1 was selected to be in the All District Chorus–it was a fabulous concert. I have no pictures to post… boo.


I fell victim to a Wii related game injury! This soft tissue injury to my left foot was probably the very first symptom of what became a mystery illness. The month was hectic and full of year-end school activities as T1 prepared to “graduate” from elementary school. My co-leader and I took our troop to an overnight at a zoo a couple of states away. What were we thinking?! Actually, it was a great trip and the scouts did great too. It was the squawking peacocks that drove me batty!

Never sleep overnight a zoo with peacocks during mating season. Never.


School ended and T1 was finished with elementary school. T2 stunned all of us with earning perfect scores on all FOUR of her SOLs. DH arrived home just before T1’s birthday and Father’s Day. Cassie had started limping on the leg she had splinted in May for a dislocated toe. We were given the horrible news of her bone cancer and after considering all our options we were told we’d have the summer with her.

Birthday trip underground!


I took T2 to camp for a week. During this time I started having more symptoms–swollen pinky, sore knees, pain all over. All my blood work was coming back negative. T1, her friend, and a nephew went to camp for a week as well. I enjoyed being there for “Christmas in July.” Pain management was working but not solving the problem–or figuring out what it was. DH stayed close to home and kept an eye on Cassie for us.

Christmas In July includes watching counselors act out the Grinch!


Frustrated and no closer to an answer I was referred to a rheumatologist but I delayed making the appointment. The girls were finishing up their room make-overs (T1’s 11th birthday gift; T2 just got the benefit of new carpet and paint). Cassie was slowly declining as we tried to keep her comfortable. I’m going to give away a little of my anonymity and say that the start of school was delayed by some natural disasters–the children will be able to tell their children of the year school started late because of an earthquake. This little event did not help my anxiety of T1 starting middle school. She was so excited and I was so worried. We had Cassie put to sleep while the girls were at school.

Saying Good-bye was not an easy thing to do.


My pain was increasing daily. My appointment with the specialist brought us closer to answers and some pain relief. More tests, more x-rays. DH was home through T2’s birthday and his. We celebrated at Great Wolf Lodge with the troop–what an awesome time! (Although I think DH probably would have preferred some other way to celebrate his birthday. LOL)

T1's new viola


Fall really is my favorite time of year. The weather this year has been gorgeous. I finally had a diagnosis–psoriatic arthritis–and some medicines to try. It has been slow going. The girls and I enjoyed our annual trip with my in-laws. I was kind of bummed for DH who had to miss his reunion from USMMA–I had been looking forward to going with him but if we wanted him home for Christmas he would have to be at sea this month. I got up the courage to sign up for an online writing course … only I haven’t kept up with it. UGH.

Somehow the Monster carrying a pretzel just is not that scary!


Usually this is a relatively quiet month for us. I made a last-minute decision to run away with a good friend to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What a fabulous trip. It felt crazy to just up and leave the girls (with their grandparents and my friend’s with her husband) but it was so worth it. I was grateful for each step I could take, even on days when the pain was a little more than I was expecting. I was a little more outspoken than I should have been, choosing to speak exactly what was on my mind but saying “No” to many unneccessary demands and people who weren’t as important was helping me stay in control and on top of things. We started looking for new greyhounds to adopt, deciding we want two new girls and letting the girls pick out new names.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter ... running away was never so awesome!


Black Friday Shopping and new holiday traditions with dear friends has totally helped the Christmas mood around our house. It is amazing what a difference one year can make. I couldn’t wait for DH to get home and make everything complete. It has been a peaceful and relatively stress free. This has to be one of the better Christmases in a long time. We don’t have dogs to adopt yet but we have applied to a rescue group and they are looking for us from our “wish list”. It was a weird Christmas without a dog but DH had the girls pick out new collars and leashes to start getting ready. I’m still frustrated that the medicines aren’t working as well as hoped but I’m confident we will find something. I know 2012 will be a much better year.

Christmas morning at our house.

And now I know why I do not upload this many photos at one time… I have been working on this for 4 and half hours! And I’m stillnot satisfied with this post, having to reformat a few pictures. ARGH!!!

Game Night

December 24, 2011

It’s kind of bitter-sweet to be playing games tonight when one of the last times we played was on the floor of my office with Cassie nestled between us so we could keep her calm during a severe thunderstorm. She almost won that game of Apples to Apples. 🙂

Tonight we played Clue: Discover the Secrets and Taboo.

During Clue T2 announces: “I’m going to make a brick fart in the pool!”

I swear that’s what she said! In reality she swears she said “make a break for it to the pool (to make an accusation)!”

We had chili for dinner. I hope you can imagine the downhill spiral this misinterpretation took.

On to Taboo. You really have to know your partner to excel at this game.

T2: Ooooo! You make this in the morning and I like it!

Me: Cereal? Bagels? Pancakes?

T2: It has meat in it!

Me: Bacon?

T2: Yes!

What kind of bacon does she think I serve?

T1: Cats use this. It involves their butts.

DH: Their tongues? Kitty litter?

Now DH’s turn to give clues.

DH: Daddy is an angel because he is….?

T1: Perfect?

I think I’m going to be sick.

The game is over. DH and T1 have narrowly squeaked by for a win. I hear DH ask about a clue she gave:

DH: Wait. Which one was Papa?

T1: I thought that said Geezer.

The card was geyser.


E.o.t.T. Friday Funny

December 23, 2011

Well, not so funny if I were to tell you what I weighed this morning.

I wish I could actually say that it was the months of Prednisone use that has finally caught up with me. That is part of it but I should also be eating better and really haven’t been since Thanksgiving.

So I go to the trainer today and he has a plate of cookies waiting for me. What?! I just have to laugh. And reach for another cookie.

I did bench press 90 lbs. today so I am very happy! And I’m getting stronger on my side bridges.

T1 also came to the gym with me and the trainer put her through a basic strengthening routine. She’s going to come with me all next week as well. That child is as uncoordinated as her mother.

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