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I think I’ll pass…

August 19, 2014
Source unknown; found on FaceBook

Source unknown; found on FaceBook

I’m loving all the ice bucket challenges and loving it even more that people are donating to a great cause. I’ve been challenged–interestingly right after having a conversation about it at the gym–and I will politely decline the challenge because dunking my head in a bucket of ice water is a vagal maneuver I can try to disrupt an SVT episode… I really don’t want to see what it would do to my heart if I wasn’t already out of rhythm. But we will gladly be making a donation.

BTW, T1 has been challenged so we’ll see if she takes my easy way out or goes through with it tomorrow. Something tells me I might just enjoy it a little too much.


“Captain, My Captain”

August 12, 2014

Just a few minutes to gather my thoughts on the apparent suicide of actor/comedian Robin Williams. What a tragedy that depression has taken another life. The world will be a little less bright tonight.

One of the best movies ever.

One of the best movies ever.

I’m thinking of my Silver Ribbon and things I’m going through right now. I think I’ve always prided myself on not having “depression” as one of my “symptoms” … and yet if I were honest with myself, twice this year I have found myself going down that path. This time I felt a similarity to the odd sort of disconnect I was feeling back in February/March. I described my current mood to a friend that I am “anxious and overwhelmed and yet underwhelmed and unmotivated”, wanting to circle up the wagons and let the rest of the world go instead of facing change and starting up activities again. My friend agreed that I’m exhibiting behaviors from earlier this year.

Another friend posted … well now I can’t find the post.

We just need to be talking about mental illness and finding practical solutions. Sometimes it is just talking and finding support. Sometimes it is medication and hospitalization. It is a personal thing and a process. Families need to be open and honest about predispositions. Parents need to be watching their children and having an open and honest dialogue about emotions that may be beyond one’s control.

I am forever grateful to the teenager that ratted out T1’s social media use and allowed me to help T1 navigate some situations and feelings that could have so easily overwhelmed her … “because all the kids are doing it, it must be normal.”

It is such a tragedy that such a public life causes so much pain and suffering. Our most gifted entertainers have some of the most troubled minds.

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