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Thankfulness 2014: Week 3

November 29, 2014

Nov. 15 Today, I am thankful for today. Please go and hug your loved ones and tell them you appreciate them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Nov. 16 I am thankful for my mom. Our relationship has always been rocky but that is probably because we are so much alike. But no matter what she will be there for me. I am thankful for every day with her; each one is a gift.

Nov. 17 I am thankful for finding the energy to get through today. Never knowing what I am up for makes it so hard sometimes to commit to the many things I want to and have to do. No, the laundry didn’t get done but I worked and trained and took some scouts shopping. That’s enough for me even if tomorrow I need a nap.

Nov. 18 I am thankful for my troop of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassador. And all the support of their families. What a crazy and entertaining night! Never a dull moment and at least the meal was successful. It was a bittersweet moment with one family noticeably absent. Love all my girls: [names removed to protect the innocent and not so innocent] … watching you become amazing young women. Thank you, JSB, T, and the Chief for making tonight happen too!

Nov.19 I am thankful that the Chief is doing something to make sure we are leaving a legacy of responsible stewardship. We are already doing many things right but we are working on others. Plus there may be hope for our spoiled children yet! “Date night” was to Dave Ramsey‘s Legacy presentation. Oh and I am thankful we heard together which one of us should be making the budget. As my mom says, “Three guesses who and the first two don’t count.”

Nov. 20 Today I am thankful Christmas music… I am currently burning mix CDs for the car and have come to the conclusion I have way too much Christmas music. On my 7th CD and I’m thinking it is going to total between 18-20 CDs. Nah, you can’t have too much Christmas music. I do love our local station that turns into the Christmas station Thanksgiving Day but it seems they play only the same 20 song. I want variety. Lots of it. My latest acquisition? Darius Rucker‘s Home for the Holidays and Harry Connick Jr‘s 2008 What a Night. Probably my 3rd or 4th Christmas album by him and well, you can never have too much HCJr either.

Seriously too much. 23 CDs. And I almost forgot to mix in Straight No Chaser. (I’ve been told I need to get Michael Buble and Pentatonix. Any other suggestions out there?)

Nov. 21 I am thankful to all the teachers who taught me the basics of the English language. It amazes me how much I have forgotten but actually use every day and take for granted. Seriously, how could a person with an English degree blank on common suffixes? (It is a little more complicated than that but embarrassing nonetheless.) Not necessarily “use it or lose it” but I can’t always explain why I use it. LOL Humbling to say the least.

And yes, my post on Romantic Christmas Songs is still my number 1 post of all time with 687 views. Don’t forget to check out Part 2 and my 2013 review of Trace Atkins and the Robertsons.


Life is Short

November 28, 2014

The following was posted on the Merchant Marine Wives page on FaceBook:

Hello ladies. I’m posting this with the Admin’s permission. Not MM related but as an MMW I am appreciative of the dads who are active in their children’s lives and who make an effort to help me out especially when my MM is at sea. In Girl Scouts we call these heroes Green Knights. On Nov. 13th my Girl Scout troop lost one of its Green Knights, a man with such a genuine heart and good spirit. They’d been with our troop for over 5 years and my heart breaks for the daughters and wife. When people ask me how I “do all that I do running a troop, etc., while my MM is away” I tell them I do it with people like Juan helping me. He will be truly missed. The family will be in a tight financial position soon–you can read the details on the memorial funds. There have been two set up with the knowledge of the family and verified as legitimate. The GoFundMe has the most momentum but they charge a 10% fee; the other does not. We’re just trying to get the word out to help this family. Thank you for your consideration. Please, as uncomfortable as it is, talk with your MM and have the discussion about insurance and plans. And don’t forget to tell them how much you love them and appreciate all that they sacrifice for those of us at home.

YouCaring Memorial Account

GoFundMe Memorial Account

Needless to say, I can relate. And it is not easy having “those” talks but it is so necessary. I do find having the discussion now in our 40s with the girls older and closer to being on their own is a different kind of conversation than one we’d have had a decade ago. Of course I didn’t think we’d need to make sure my medical needs were covered but there you go. We are not guaranteed our health nor tomorrow.

I understand that Thanksgiving Day is now “Brown Friday” followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and GIVING TUESDAY–please consider helping out this family.



Thankfulness 2014: Week 2

November 20, 2014

Nov. 8 Tonight I am thankful for the simple fact we are staying in tonight … nowhere to go … no one to see … and I earned it.

Nov. 9 I am thankful for Crook and Heddie needing to take a walk tonight and spending an hour with the Chief enjoying the leisurely pace. Actually I am thankful for that fateful summer day when we stumbled into Her Majesty’s Hounds’ tent and T2 lay amongst the puppies thus beginning our love affair with retired greyhounds 9 years ago. Cassie, Andromeda, and now the twins raced into our hearts even if briefly (Andie was our foster). Being part of HMH, taking them in for G week, and T1’s entrance project and now first research project are just some of the ways they add to our lives. What special and majestic creatures. Definitely a good night for a walk.

Nov. 10 I am thankful for the beautiful fall weather and colors. I love this time of year, always have. Dark greens and browns contrasting with flame reds and brilliant oranges. Warm jackets on sunny days. A time to begin to slow down and prepare to slumber and renew. I am thankful we live where we can experience the wonders of nature and the seasons (though I probably could do without winter if I’m being totally honest).

Nov. 11 Veterans Day I am thankful for the freedoms I enjoy because of the men and women of the past, present, and future who serve honorably to defend those freedoms. There are so many to name just in my family and living where I do I have met some amazing service men and women and vets. Merchant mariners have served alongside our military in times of war as well, supplying our troops and risking their lives. Thank you, Veterans, and God bless.

Nov. 12 I am thankful for situations that scare me and challenge me to rise to the occasion. I am thankful to also have the opportunity to do so on my terms and not out of necessity. I can see how it would be so much easier to shelter and circle the wagons … but even though I am no longer young and dumb I still want the fullness of life. In the past decade I’ve probably grown more in the last three years than in the previous 7 … makes me really look forward to the next decade being even better.

Nov. 13 I am thankful for the warm blankets and shelter of the home we’ve built together as the weather turns a little colder today. It is not just a house. It is the memories, love, and shared experiences. I pray that we are good stewards of these blessings though we fall short.

Nov. 14 I am thankful for the members, past and present of the Piedmont church. When I think of my college friends, with only a few exceptions, it is these that I count. They are the ones who helped me reaffirm my faith, welcome me into their lives and homes, watched my relationship with the Chief blossom, got snowed in at our blizzard wedding, and invited us back to say God speed to an amazing family and still remembered us. And I love seeing and hearing what wonderful young men and women all the children I babysat have become. (Stop making me feel old, ok?) I know God guided me to where I went to college and to these people. Definitely a blessing. It was worth the round trip tonight and thanks to the Chief for driving!


Writing Workshop: We Didn’t Start the Fire

November 13, 2014

But we certainly went out in a Blaze of Glory!

6. What was your favorite song when you were 16 years old…is it still a favorite?
But what a year 1990 was! Thanks to a quick search, Music Outfitters has all the Top 100 listings.

It is hard to say what was my favorite … I was still into the New Kids on the Block but who can resist the lip-synching wonder of Milli Vanilli? I can recall about 85% of these songs and the others were just one hit wonders.

Wait! Glenn Medeiros featuring Bobby Brown had another Top 40 hit with She Ain’t Worth It other than 1986’s Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You! No way! Obviously part of the 15% I don’t remember.

Glenn Medeiros himself, MC for the evening luau at the Hale Koa

Glenn Medeiros himself, MC for the evening luau at the Hale Koa

By the way we actually saw him live at the Hale Koa luau this summer… yeah, yeah, I know I need to write about traveling with 13 family members. He was a decent host and yes, he did sing his signature song briefly to serenade the audience members who had been married 50 or more years. And my in-laws got up and danced.

Ok, the children made the Chief and I get up and dance too and they took this blurry picture. ;)

Ok, the children made the Chief and me get up and dance too and they took this blurry picture. 😉

But who can forget the Humpty Dance or Ice Ice Baby?

Don’t you know that Opposites Attract?

Recently, jamming out to “oldies” tunes in the car with my girls I had to snicker and resist changing the song. I couldn’t tell you what song it was but as the youngest is working out the lyrics and singing right along with me she paused and asked, “What is this song about?”

“Sex, honey. Most songs are about sex.”

Thank goodness the song wasn’t “Do Me” by Bell Biv Devoe, that much I am sure.

But 1990 was the year that brought us Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got a Gun, and B-52’s Love Shack.

No, I can’t remember my favorite but I can sing them all!

If you want to know more about Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there. Here are this week’s prompts:
1. Something you brought for show and tell.
2. November 3rd is National Housewife’s Day…how did you celebrate?
3. The meaning of your name…does it suit you?
4. Tell us about something new you learned last month.
5. Share a list of some of your most recent favorite things.
6. What was your favorite song when you were 16 years old…is it still a favorite?

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