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It occurred to me as I was stuck in a chair for an hour donating double red platelets that one of my reasons for this blog is to offer up information about the Merchant Marine. I’m not quite doing that if I haven’t created a resource page. So I will add the links to pages I am familiar with and who I’ve gotten my own information from. I do not necessarily endorse or support the opinions of these websites. For more about that, visit my Disclaimer page. I’m just providing a quick service of quick links.

United States Merchant Marine Academy

USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation

Navy League of the United States

Sea Power Magazine

U.S. Flag Merchant Marine — American Merchant Marine at War
Dedicated to the Mariners who died in service of their country during all Wars, including Revolutionary War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam; and their U.S. Naval Armed Guard

Maritime Administration
The overall mission of MARAD is to promote the development and maintenance of an adequate, well-balanced, United States merchant marine.
Information about the State maritime academies and other educational opportunities:

Maritime Billy
A source for stylish apparel and accessories dedicated to those Proud American Mariners who have served in the United States Merchant Marine, Coast Guard, and Navy!! Please note, this is a PG site.

Marine Traffic
A site for real-time ship positions and vessel information. **Personally, I still believe “loose lips sink ships” but as this is all public information, here is the site. For a great educational tool, children could pick a vessel, learn about it and follow its trade patterns.**

The Maritime Executive
As I find myself posting related articles either found on my own or recommended by DH, I thought I should add a permanent link to this magazine’s homepage. The magazine reports on maritime news and maritime business in a business journal format for maritime executives, address the most critical issues in the maritime industry today.

History Matters: The Official Historical Blog of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Come–take a mental walk through the past of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Discover a history that predates the United States and supported the establishment of the U.S. Navy. Get to know the people, the skilled tradesmen, who helped build it and discover a place that knows not defeat. Although it has been set ablaze three times–each time it has risen from the ashes and upholds its legacy as the Navy’s most important shipyard!

The USMMA Mariners Memorial Chapel
This YouTube video gives a brief history and tour of the Mariners Chapel on the USMMA campus.

The US Department of Transportation
Merchant mariners fall under the Department of Transportation (hence they get TWIC cards: Transportation Worker Identification Card) but they also fall under the US Coast Guard for their licensing. Go figure. This blog has been posting some interesting things about the Academy so I thought I should include the link here.

IB Designs, USA
I want to thank Enchanted Seashells for alerting me to this company. They sell nautical signal flags. Party decorations & signal flags for special occasions or nautical decor—horizontal banners, vertical ladders, window treatments. They have a business site and blog. IBDesigns was contacted to create three flags for the upcoming movie Safe Haven. Cool!
http://www.ibdesignsusa.com/                  http://ibdesignsusa.wordpress.com/

American Merchant Marine Museum, Kings Point, NY
About.com has published a 12-part review of this gem. I have been there and found it fascinating. I even have a picture of the World War II Troop Ship Propellor. Great idea for things to do if you’re in the Long Island area. Also a great resource for about the American Merchant Marine and how to get more information.
The web address is really long, so just go here:
About.com Merchant Marine Museum

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  1. Hello, SnipeWife!
    This was the site I found when I was first trying to teach myself, once I graduated from Patrick o’Brien:
    The Capt does not maintain it anymore, however when friends want to know how to get into the towing industry, I send them here, for the research work has been done. First step: STCW… Good luck to all who want to become mariners. We need more good ones!

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