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Just Because…

November 30, 2011

this absolutlely cracks me up! I love Han Solo but I think this is a bit much! Laugh it up, Fuzz Ball! You scruffy nerf herder!


Budget: Good News for USMMA

November 30, 2011

Of course I have no understand of budgets and political issues but I am in support of supporting USMMA for the vital role it provides our nation.

The USMMA ALUMNI FB page posted: “The Academy will be seeing a 2012 budget that provides an unprecedented $85.2 million for Kings Point.”


Why is it….?

November 26, 2011

There is an obnoxiously cute saying out there “God put your arms around my shoulders and your hand across my mouth.”

Why is it that some people have no problem speaking their minds, no qualms about hurting those around them, no moral compass to say you’re off track? And others, myself included, will suffer in silence? I hesitate to speak negatively about those in my life even on this anonymous blog.

This was my original Thanksgiving post for today, Nov. 26th:

Nov. 26 I am thankful these 365 days are over. I know that there are things in life that shape us into the people we are–and it is our choice whether we let those things have a positive or a negative effect on our character. There are things set in to motion a year ago that I honestly could have done without. But I know that there is a purpose for everything under the sun and I have faith. It is the forgiveness part that I sometimes stumble with. Here is to the next 365 days being so much better.

I left out the italics part when I posted it.

Why? What’s wrong with this post? This is benign compared to the vague post I’d really like to put up. Say I made a statement “The only good Rose is a dried one” but I’m having a conflict with the Rose in my life and they read into this statement exactly what I was vaguely implying … but I could (not with good conscience) say “I was making a statement about the long-lasting qualities of dried flowers and nothing about you.” There would be no way to refute what I say was the intent of my post. But it would spread far and wide what I posted and what is believed to be my intent. For the mere moment of satisfaction it caused my Rose some pain, it would not be worth dealing with everyone else. And I’d feel some guilt knowing that my intent was not so innocent.

I do want to state that I believe the actions of others 365 days ago caused me pain (though it was from misinterpreting an off-color, humorous, vague posting that meant exactly as I intended to write it). I want to state that I have struggled with forgiveness (or else I wouldn’t want to make snarky Rose statements). I want to thank those that stood by me and by lack of inclusion on that list point out those that did not. But I don’t want to hear “You are being petty.” “You’re right, you haven’t forgiven.” “You need to let it go.” “You’re the one dragging this out.” “It was done and over with and you’re the one bringing it up again.” Well, it isn’t done and over with–I live with the consequences every day.

So I censor myself, make my posts vague even to me. Without guilt I can say I truly am glad this year is over, it has shaped me, for the better I hope; and I hope the next year is better.

But sometimes, just once, I’d like to be the person who does not care who their words hurt. I’d like to know what that kind of freedom feels like. Even as I write this, I know that there is ultimately no freedom in being that kind of person. The freedom after this life is the prize to be attained; those that live otherwise have their reward here and now. So what is it that they lack when I seem to be so full of stop-gap measures? Does the law of unintended consequences not even register in their minds?

I am grateful God’s hand is over my mouth though there are times when I wish it was clamped tightly because occasionally my poor choice of words and lack of discretion must slip out through loose fingers. I’m not perfect. I have had to suffer the consequences of rashly spoken or posted words. I have had to seek forgiveness of those I have offended. There is no mirror like that of a child parroting back unkind and rash words spoken about others.

I cannot be the only one who feels this way. I believe there are far more of us who do censor ourselves. It just feels like the ones who don’t cause so much pain and damage to so many more.

You can never re-call spoken words or unsend once you hit the send button. I wish everyone thought of this before acting. Me included.


Third Week of Thanks

November 22, 2011

Nov. 14 Today I am thankful for my mother and my mother-in-law. The wisdom, advice, support, and love … and my girls have such great examples in them.

Nov. 15 I am thankful for my sister. My big little sister shows courage to keep moving on. She’s a great mom to Cousin IT and the big boys. She’s a great Auntie and the girls adore her. Much love to you, C & S.

Nov. 16 I am grateful for the rain. Water cleanses and renews. We all need a little renewing every now and then…

Nov. 17 I agree with others who have posted about being thankful for modern conveniences… like running water, heat pumps, cars, microwaves… but it is a soft life. I wonder if I would have risen to the occasion and been a person who washed laundry by hand, plucked the chicken in order to cook it (after wringing its neck), planted my own vegetables… I’m sure I would have but I am definitely thankful I live Now, rather than Then.

Nov. 18 Today I am thankful for my trainer who, though sometimes it feels like torture, has my best interests. And now he has to work even harder to help me avoid injury. There are mornings, like today, when I really don’t feel like getting out there–the knee or the ankle hurts too much–but getting out there is exactly what the knee and ankle need. We don’t know what we’re capable of till we try. I’m still in awe of the powerlifting grandma who works out next to me. I will keep going as long as I can.

Nov. 19 Today (tonight really) I am thankful my glasses… again to live in a time where my vision can be corrected, knowing that without them my world would be so blurry. How many moments of my children’s lives would I miss? (And yes, Mr. Lions Club, I have probably a dozen old pairs that need to be donated to you to give to those less fortunate… I’m just waiting for your scout program!)

Nov. 20 Today I am thankful for cell phones and that D was in range (well, at anchor, in sight of land and the call kept cutting out but at least we talked while we could) so he could sympathize with me and the fact that somewhere in this house I have misplaced my LiveScribe Pulse Pen. I only had it a few days ago and I misplaced it while cleaning. D has such a calm, unflappable voice. I am missing him, but we’re in the home stretch.

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