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Seasons Change

October 28, 2013

The girls and I joined my in-laws for our annual amusement park and haunted house thrill weekend. After T-1’s slaughter game, that is. What an interesting weekend to say the least. Of course it was the last possible weekend, the Chief wasn’t with us, the weather had turned cold, etc.

But BIL was bringing The Girlfriend.

My girls adore her. I think I adore her, even if she is taller and thinner than me. She’s really hard not to like. We’re all crossing our fingers and hoping *she’s the one!*

In fact this summer, when visiting with the SIL and her family, the topic came up quite a bit. Now my MIL has never been one to truly play favorites, even with the one niece. The grandchildren are all equally spoiled. I walked in when my MIL was saying she’s resisted calling the grandson her favorite grandson (because he’s the only one) because she hopes BIL will one day get married and have children. Thus she calls the older granddaughters “Her favorite oldests” and mine “Her favorite youngest (though hoping for more)”. My SIL’s husband says “I’m her favorite son-in-law” and we all laugh because he’s the only one. So I say, “Well, we all know I’m about to be replaced.” My MIL has never, I repeat, never yelled at me … but she did. “SNIPEWIFE, YOU DON’T MEAN THAT!” I look at my SIL, her husband, the oldest niece, and giggle. “I’m mean, hey, 18 years is a good run.” In relating this to others I usually add, “My place is secure, I gave her T1 and T2. I’m good.”

I’m actually okay with being replaced. It kind of has to do with the fact The Girlfriend is 12 years younger than me. And if and when there are new grandchildren, it will be such an age gap that my girls won’t be replaced either. We’ve had a good run and we’re moving on to new phases of our lives.

I didn’t feel like there was someone new intruding on my weekend, my Halloween fun, my traditions. No, there was someone new to go into the haunted houses with me and be as scared if not more scared of clowns than me. Okay, I still screamed more, but she thought I was hilarious. Maybe it didn’t hurt that for the first time T1 was not being sent home with the grandparents as soon as the night creatures came out. T1 was joining the ranks of the scary thrill seekers.

On the first night, T2 tried to make it through the pirate haunted house but she became hysterical. BIL led her through as quickly as possible and then she was sent home with the grandparents. While he escorted them to the car, The Girlfriend, T1 and I hopped on a few rides to wait for his return. We had a great chance to talk and get to know each other without him around. We talked about that moment when you know the FIL has accepted you by the awkward out of the blue hug. We talked about the SIL, spoiled grandchildren, previous vacations.

We talked about what had happened that morning while everyone was waiting for T1 and I to join up. No one would make a decision. No one would make a plan. Everyone was just so polite. BIL declared he didn’t want to be in charge. They started texting me and eventually calling me about what we should do. Once BIL had made a choice we thought it was settled but suddenly FIL said that wasn’t what he wanted to do. This is rare but the frustration came out “Well, why didn’t you say something 20 minutes ago?” I just grinned and nodded at her.

“You want to know why that was happening? It’s because I wasn’t there. They won’t make decisions. They were waiting for you the make the choice. Too polite and all. I took charge. Couldn’t stand not having a plan. And they let me. I’ve always planned things and gotten them to make choices.”

The Girlfriend was all like, “That’s fine. You can keep on doing that.”

See, I won’t be replaced after all. LOL

I told her about the conversation this summer and finally getting MIL to yell at me. She found it very amusing. “Tell you what, why don’t we make it an even 20 year run if it happens? I’ll wait till then to replace you.” Sounds good to me. By then I can have her trained just the way I want her. Probably the closest thing I’ll have to a daughter-in-law of my own.

So T1 was thrilled to be hanging out with the adults. T2 was finally tall enough to ride the last roller coaster. T1 conquered her fear of roller coasters and went of 4 of the 5. T2 was brave enough to go through the vampire haunted house with us the next night–and she loved it! I screamed so much I have no voice today but that’s all good! I love screaming!

Now suddenly we can all ride the big roller coasters and stay past the witching hour together. It was an entirely new experience. I miss the days when we’d stay an entire week with my in-laws but school seems to frown on missing too many days. But I know it won’t be too long when the Chief and I can join them on our own. Who knows what the future holds with BIL and The Girlfriend (she felt no pressure whatsoever that we’ve all “discussed” her and their relationship) but we can only hope and wish them the best. Hopefully there will be many more new memories to make.

Now we just have to see if she can survive the holidays with us …. now that would make a great haunted house! Bwaahahahaha!


It is Friday!

October 25, 2013

The Chief is back in range. The following is the e-mail I sent him this morning. My snark filter must still be in bed.

Getting ready to head out to [trainer], stop at Wal-Mart for strawberries and an ugly pumpkin and to put in a donation request, come home to make strawberry chocolate pudding pies for the contest tonight, pack, print the bulletin, print directions for [house sitter] for the care of the dogs who are still chewing the couch which has now been taped with packing tape, accuse T2 of lying to me about taking her medicines, send her off to [planned destination] with your parents as a sobbing, hysterical mess, take T1 to [Team Captain’s] with her candy donation for the goody bags everyone is getting for tomorrow’s slaughter and fantastic season, meet the Falcon’s team mom across the county at [CES] with $5 for flowers for [coach whose dad is in hospital but recovering and the reason the party was postponed a week and now T1 can’t go] and the $24 worth of hamburgers we won’t be enjoying [while other people only have to bring two bags of chips] and pick up T1’s trophy (and hopefully still have allotted text messages until the 7th of November after the 30 texts from the Falcon team mom alone in one day–because she doesn’t realize some of us actually still do NOT and prefer not to have unlimited texting or smart phones!!!!), run back to T1 from [Team Captain’s], swing by the house to pick up the chilled pies, head to the church for game night, ugly pumpkin contest and pie contest–and hope I don’t forget a house key for [house sitter], make it home to finish packing if possible, sleep, get up at 7:30 and be at [Park] by 8:20 for a 9 AM slaughter and then get on the road.
Love you. Miss you.

Captain Phillips Controversy

October 14, 2013

Given my own opinion of how much Hollywood and the media distorts actual events, is it no wonder that the new movie starring Tom Hanks is very controversial in the merchant marine world? How many believe there actually was a Jack Dawson or Rose deWitt aboard the Titanic? Or what about the glorifying inaccuracies of Sebastian Junger’s Perfect Storm? And if you want some insider information about the Exxon Valdez, read The Captain’s A Woman–remember, this oil spill doesn’t even make the Top 10 according to Popular Mechanics.

This newest movie, based on true events, Captain Phillips, is all about one man’s story and according to members of the crew grossly inaccurate. The New York Post’s article Crew members: ‘Captain Phillips’ is one big lie by Maureen Callahan is pretty eye-opening.

I’m sure the film is entertaining. I’m sure it has a certain appeal, like why on earth are we watching a Titanic film–we know the ending already, or even the Perfect Storm. But I can’t help but wonder if the retelling isn’t so far from the truth that it should be tagged with “loosely based on actual events” or even just leave that whole thing out, change the names of the crew and officers and give the ship a different name and present it as total fiction.

Kind of makes me feel like I did after the Scarlet Letter remake starring Demi Moore. Oh there are a few other remakes that make me cringe they are so far from the original but I can’t recall any at the moment. (And no, I did not feel this way about Star Trek: Into Darkness because they clearly established it as an alternate time line in the first one and for me that means the possibilities are endless.)

I was hesitant to see this film just because it could be too close to home but now I don’t know if I want to see a film that is so disrespectful of the other crew members. It may also serve to further cloud the general public’s concept of the merchant marine and the pirate situation.

But truth is so much harder to swallow than fiction.

Thanks, Chief, for the article link.

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Making Strides

October 13, 2013

I ran my first 5K today. Yup–RAN. In the rain.

For my mother–a survivor.

For my aunt–a survivor.

For my daughters–for their tomorrows.

For me–to show myself that I could do it.

I did it! I made Strides against Breast Cancer. I got a team of 11 other walkers–including my mother and daughters–and a team of volunteers to cheer us on and clean up the park.

I ran. I was the only runner. I wasn’t wearing pink so I’d tell the route monitors that I should have never taken a bet from my trainer (he made a donation if I would run it) and they’d point me onward.

I did get lost once. The sign was obscured by the hill so I hadn’t gone far enough. I back tracked and get reoriented. I stopped the stopwatch for just a minute or so. Rerunning the same path probably made up for not realizing the walk had started so I walked the first 30 feet or so…

I was coming to the finish line and they thought I was just a runner so they were moving the sign out of the way. “No! Move it back over! I want that finish line!”


The goal wasn’t the time–it was just to finish. Next 5K I have to beat this time … but I’ll think about that on another day.

I finished. I ran.

I hate running. 😛

Thank you Team E.o.t.T. for walking the walk and for cheering us on! And thank God for every day I have with my mother and for every stride forward, whether walking or running.

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