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Thirty Days of Thanks: Week 4

November 30, 2013

Nov. 25 I am thankful for a few days to rest before things get hectic again. Been recharging my batteries so that I can fully enjoy the season and time with family.

Nov. 26 I am thankful for a young man named John. He knows who he is. ūüėČ

Nov. 27 I am thankful that “the sun WILL come out tomorrow.” But I am also thankful for the large fat snowflakes today… what a beautiful sight.

EP: Um – I’m thankful for snowflakes as long as they¬† DON’T STICK!¬† ūüėÄ

Nov. 28¬†Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am thankful that when my BIL borrowed the Chief’s truck, he didn’t let his girlfriend drive his car home because we needed it this morning–so cold that the door locks on my car would not keep the door closed. I am thankful we got to the race. I am thankful to¬†RR for walking with my girls while I ran. I don’t know my official time but I’m pretty sure I beat my time (and I’m pretty sure I beat Matt too :p)! And Happy Hanukkah to friends and family that celebrate.

AEV:  Happy thanksgiving, SnipeWife. So proud that you ran!!! Awesome girly! You rock!
CN: great job hun!
LMB: good race!
SnipeWife: I did beat my time, only by 52 seconds but I still beat it.
 1408 19/47 SnipeWife 00:03:32 00:34:18 00:37:50 00:34:18 11:02
If I had been racing in my age group instead of weight class, I would have been 69/117 (67/83 if against men in my age group). And that’s 1408 out of 2198 timed runners (Men, women, and children). I’ll take it.
Sadly, no photos at all this time.
EP:¬†Yay!¬† Glad things went well!¬† Hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving.

Nov. 29 I am thankful that T, B, & S joined me for breakfast this morning. It always lifts my spirits to start the season off with you guys (extra bonus to be with S on her birthday!). You ladies are the best. Good food, fun conversation, lively energy, laughs … just what I needed. It’s actually kind of fun to see our daughters being old enough to join us. Hopefully next year R won’t have a school project needing to get done before D gets home to help …

TM: great start to the season!

Nov. 30 Today I am thankful for the gift of life … my own, those I love, those that have gone on, for spiritual life–a debt I can never repay. I know who I am, I know my flaws intimately so this time of reflection, not just one day but a month of thanksgiving, is humbling. I have seen in the years that I’ve done this that I am more grateful year-round … not every day and not in every situation (especially not when illness gets me down–must work on that and stop making people think I’m sickly ALL the time!) but I am and will always be a work in progress. So I end with “God bless us, everyone.”


Three Years? Already?

November 27, 2013
Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 3 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!


So a little bit of the stats:

I’ve made 413 posts in three years. I’ve posted under 22 categories.

I have 138 followers but sadly I will have to say about 75 of those are scammers and spammers who just want to connect with my blog “to help me learn better blogging techniques.” And I’m sure I will get at least one new to¬†follow my blog based on this post.

As I’ve said, my most popular post is Romantic Christmas Songs, posted in 2011.

My most popular maritime related post is: Writing Workshop: Why Snipe Wife?

This is followed by Captain Phillips: Will you go see it? It has 76 views but sadly only Enchanted Seashells bothered to tell me if they’d see it. (She is also my #1 commenter.)

My Personal: Parables of the Ten Minas is my most viewed personal opinion piece.

My picture of the N.S. Savannah is my most view image.


Thirty Days of Thanks Week 3

November 25, 2013
Nov. 17 I am thankful that during time of counting my blessings we had a lesson this morning on Living Generously. It is a reminder that the words of thanks should not be where it ends if we have the means to do so–our praise, our time, our devotion, our possessions. It goes along so well with the words of encouragement another friend is posting as 30 Days of Giving. Thank you, Daryl. Thank you, Karla.
Nov. 18 Today I am going to be thankful for the sunshine and the 70 degree weather for my last long training run of 2.2 miles because I just checked the long-term weather forecast and it is calling for a 40% chance of snow the night before the 5k. I will spend the next 10 days praying for it to be wrong.
**UPDATE: No longer calling for snow, just rain Tuesday and Wednesday with only a High of 30 degrees on Thanksgiving!**
Nov. 19 Today I am thankful for a young lady named S¬†who probably doesn’t think I’m all that thankful for her when I’m hard on her. Thing is I’m hard on her for little things because she’s got the big things down. Do I expect perfection? No. Just doing my job to take her from “good” to “extraordinary”–something I know she can be.
Nov. 20 I am thankful for the singing class tonight. Making a joyful noise calmed my resentful and anxious spirit. I have been really enjoying these mid-week breaks of fellowship and singing but tonight especially. I was so glad we were able to make it–I needed. (And it doesn’t hurt that Roger gave me and the girls the last of the apple dumplings to take home!)
LWB:¬†Take Home?!! I would’ve downed it on the spot!
SnipeWife: I ate one when¬†I got home but I haven’t told the girls they have one for each of them… guess I will have to share since Roger said they were T2’s.
SnipeWife: I should have eaten them myself and not shared–they spent 10 minutes arguing over who got which one…. ūüė¶
Nov. 21 I am thankful for a home cooked meal. Sometimes the hectic pace keeps us from doing that if we want to eat before 8 PM but tonight thanks to a 4 ingredient recipe and a covered baker we ate well and at our own table. It is not necessarily a blessing to have the convenience of eating out if it happens too much. And the girls gave it two thumbs up so we’ll have to try it on D when he gets home.
SVV:¬†If it is quick and easy, pls share!¬† We are often eating on the run also and sometimes I think if I see another burger I might scream.¬† ūüôā
TM:¬†What did you make?¬† Share please …..
SnipeWife: the Pampered Chef enchiladas in the covered baker. 4 ingredients. Too easy. ūüôā
TM: yummy
Nov. 22 my. dog. ATE. my. phone. Stop laughing. I will be thankful for this. I will.
EP:¬†I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry for you!¬† Yikes!!!
AEV: Maybe she will hack it up soon. clean it up and good as new ūüôā
EP: You need to tell her there are better ways of hinting that you should get a new phone.¬† ūüėÄ
SMW: dogs are like babies ,you have to keep those kind of things out of their reach .. lol
AT: if it was on vibrate call it and see if he runs in circles all confused!
EP: In all seriousness, is she okay?  Did she actually swallow the whole thing?
YBB: I told you not to pour gravy all over it.
NPB:¬†It’s an omen… now you can get a big girl smart phone!!!¬† ūüėČ
B-I-L: DOH!!!
SnipeWife:¬†¬†The dog is okay… she was just starting to work on it but she cracked the camera lens and the screen and put enough pressure on it to dent through to the battery. Have my new phone but had to have D call from the ship to give “permission” for me to get a new phone. Seriously? I have power of attorney and they needed his permission? ARGH! I will be thankful, I will be thankful!
SnipeWife: uh oh… the smart phone may get the better of me… didn’t realize that if I edit the contact list on my phone it would edit the contact address book on Google at the same time!!! ARGH!
TG: welcome to the world of crazy phones
TM: so what phone did u get?
SnipeWife: Samsung Galaxy Stratoshere II
Crookshanks and the damaged phone Copyright by SnipeWife 2013

Crookshanks and the damaged phone Copyright by SnipeWife 2013


Nov. 23 I am thankful for being able to teach at Camp. I’ve often said I get more out of it than the campers or my own children. I don’t know who picks the lessons but I know they are inspired. In the Young Adult class we just studied the same lesson I did on God The Father. We were asked what we got out of reading about the Fall and I was the only one who answered, “Hope.” God the Father l…oved us so much that from the beginning he has a plan to restore us. And today I showed more loving patience for my own child than I ever thought I was capable of (really short temper). It was a lesson I taught at least 3 summers ago but God brought back to my attention this week, when he knew I’d need it. I know one day my child will figure out that unlike God I do not know everything/will not find out everything, but I hope it is a long way off. Right now I just hope I show her God the Father’s love and mercy while I still have to give her the consequences of her actions. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll survive these teen years together.
Nov. 24 I am thankful for the arts. I’m thankful to the Porters for taking me to my first plays and musicals. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to take my own girls to the theatre since they were infants (taught them how to sit through a performance at a YOUNG age!). I’m thankful that today we got to take our scouts to see some VERY talented youth actors & singers perform in Annie, complete wit…h a live music pit. Art is certainly a luxury and I hope my girls are grateful for it and not “entitled” to it, as the sermon mentioned this morning. Who knows, maybe among the other girls a life-long love of theater was born today. I’m also thankful a very special young lady found herself in her first stage experience and her wonderful mother should be so proud.
SM:  Love ya, SnipeWife. Thank you and TM for bringing your troop out. I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you brought your daughters out!!!

Romantic Christmas Songs 2013

November 22, 2013

I’m about to celebrate three years of blogging,trying to write about “This Life” and educate the world about the U.S. Merchant Marine … and my most popularly viewed post is my Romantic Christmas Songs list from 2011 with 374 views! In contrast, Part 2 written last year has only had 7 views.

I’ll post more on these anniversary milestones and stats latter. I thought I’d add a “Part 3” and review the two new albums I’ve bought.

The King’s Gift by Trace Adkins and Duck the Halls: A Roberston Family Christmas by the Roberstons.

Trace Adkins album features tradition carols, Celtic adaptations, a variety of guest artists (who knew Kevin Costner could sing?) but nothing I’d deem “romantic”. It’s just plain enjoyable to hear Mr. Adkins’ deep baritone singing such delicate songs. It wasn’t a bad price for songs that I probably have in triplicate in my play list. I’m sure several will become preferred versions.

Duck the Halls… this could have gone wrong in so many ways. Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas. Hairy Christmas. Duck the Halls. It could have gone bad quickly. But it pairs these parodies with traditional songs even with a touch of Uncle Si. It doesn’t hurt that Luke Bryan, Alison Krauss, Josh Turner, and the¬†George Jones lend vocals and talents. It also doesn’t hurt that various members of the Robertson family can sing… really sing. Most surprising? Uncle Si himself singing a Grinch-tastic version of “You’re a Mean One.”

Christmas Cookies, featuring Phil Robertson and George Strait–really should be listed the other way around, but hey–gets my vote for a simple romantic song. The catch is what gives a glimpse¬†of what long married love should be like: you get 15 minutes of hugging and kissing between batches and “that’s why he eats Christmas cookies all year long.”

The album features Missy and Jase Robinson singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Missy really can sing. And you can tell Jase¬†is enjoying “singing” with his wife. But I’ve said before (as have others) this is a creepy romantic song. I’ve had a couple of thoughts running through my head. 1. They kept the song traditional, the banter is good (“Where were you going? We’re married after all.”) 2. But it’s a song about spiking someone’s drink, not taking no for an answer, mentioning smoking… really? Should they be singing it? 3. Was the previous statement unfair? Should the Robertsons, self-proclaimed Christians be held to such a higher standard and scrutinized¬†for singing a Christmas classic? (If we want to go that route, most churches of Christ of which the Robertsons¬†are a part of, sing a capella–so what are they doing with instruments, especially on Silent Night?)

So I came to the conclusion that I am glad they left the song alone. It reflects the song well. I have issues with Jolly Old St. Nick no longer smoking a pipe and being marketed to children as the “new child-friendly version.” If they had sanitized the song would detractors ask, “Oh are they too good to talk about drinking and smoking, even in a song?”

Camouflage and Christmas Lights, a cover of the Rodney Carrington song sung by Reed Roberston, is particularly poignant and I’m glad it is included on the album and a tribute to our armed services in mentioned in the liner notes.

Duck calls as instruments is definitely a novel idea. Maybe it will catch on the way “More Cowbells” did.

I have not loaded up my playlist and these two CDs have only made it on in the car once or twice since I purchased them. I do enjoy them and consider them good additions. Next Friday begins Christmas music 24-7 and I can’t wait!

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