Well Worth It

June 28, 2011

About 8 years ago we moved roughly 35 miles south of our first home and our families. Using major interstates or back country roads it can take 35 minutes to 2 hours to make the commute. I have switched my primary care, my GYN, my chiropractor, and my cardiologist to local doctors. But I will not switch our dermatologist or our pediatrician. DH barely tolerates this.

The dermatologist is a no brainer–any doctor accepted by our insurance is going to be a minimum of 35 miles either direction any way. This doctor is not in our plan but they treat the grandmothers and because my mother has had spots of skin cancer I want her doctor treating us.

Our pediatrician has seen the children since they were hours old. I know they are in the best of hands. Our pediatrician even took my nieces and nephew on an emergency when visiting one summer. This kind of relationship and trust is hard to find.

Sure, taking a sick child to her when I’m pretty sure it is strep is not convenient. So I don’t. We have two excellent clinics nearby and if it were an extreme emergency we’d be going to the hospital anyway. If it’s something a little more perplexing and the child was going to have to miss school anyway, what difference does it make if I sit in traffic to get up there?

Fortunately now that the children are a bit older the doctor visits are usually of the strep kinds. So we really only see the pediatrician for annual check-ups and shots.

Today we saw both the dermatologist and the pediatrician for T1 and we had a nice day together. T1 and I were goofing off in the exam room, me holding her on my lap as if it were 11 years ago on her first office visit. The pediatrician found this amusing and wanted to know why I didn’t hold her in my arms while she got her Tdap booster. 🙂

We gave her the report on grades and activities, whether dad was home or not, and did we have a boyfriend yet. We discussed some of her physical issues–the need to see the dermatologist, for example–but as this wasn’t the annual check-up we didn’t talk much else about her development. This was just to get the tetanus shot so she can start middle school on time. The pediatrician was pleased and always tells us we have “good girls.”

Then the pediatrician said the best thing of all to me… “You look younger!” Oh, we will keep her. Yes, we will keep her forever.

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