E.o.t.T.: Warm-Up #2

June 29, 2011

Please see my E.o.t.T. page for disclaimers.

I got a new warm-up routine this morning. 

Hip Hop-Ups on floor, knees bent, raise butt off floor, squeeze, lower and repeat x 10
single leg extended, toe pointed, raise butt off floor, squeeze, lower and repeat x 10 repeat for other leg

Fire Hydrants (I do these for hip pain and flexibility) on all fours, raise one knee bent at 90 degree with toe flexed until leg is parallel to ground without twisting back, repeat x 10, both sides

Prone Knee to Armpit lay face down with arms extended out draw one knee to arm pit and extend back down, alternate each leg x 10

Dumbell Cuban Rotations (modified) I used 2.5 lb. plates in each hand; arms out with elbows bent at 90 degrees; lower arms to flat with floor, then raise; goal is to not have elbow rotate so that all rotation occurs in the shoulders (this is just half the exercise; there are usually two movements involved), 12-15 x

Band External Rotations
attach band to stationary item; stand with the band in near hand, arm bent 90 degrees, elbow into side; rotate arm and band across body and then out, not letting elbow leave side, pulling band with the arm across body; turn around and repeat for other arm; 12-15 x

Band Pull Aparts
hold band taught in hands in front, like setting up for a bench press, squeeze shoulder blades together, stretch band and bring back arms; Torturer described it as thinking you are holding a pencil between your shoulder blades and not letting it drop, even in the extended position; much harder than it sounds! 12- 15 x

Shoulder stretch**
using a pole or broom stick, grab wide in front of you, stretch arms and pole over your head bring the pole around behind you, keeping arms as straight as possible, x 15-20
**On 6/29 I learned that this is called a Dislocator, done with the pole: Pole Dislocator; people with shoulder injuries should do this with a band and thus it is called a Band Dislocator.

Band ?? (I can’t remember the second half of the name)
and now I can’t remember what I actually did… I think this is grasping the band taught overhead and then stretching wide as you lower your arms. 12-15 x This is a perfect example of why I have a disclaimer!


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