My Cassie

June 22, 2011

She’s been limping again. The leg that had been splinted because of the dislocated toe. We thought maybe the tendons atrophied from being in a splint for six weeks. DH took her to the vet while I was at the Torturer.

My sweet, beautiful Cassiopeia has bone cancer.

We thought that limp back in March was cancer. We dodged that bullet. We were told if she’d made it to 11 the odds go down that she’d develop cancer. I handled the dislocated toe, stapled knees, and the weekly vet visits. She waited till DH was home…

I wanted her to grow old. I know we gave her 5 and half years that some racing greyhounds just aren’t given. I wanted just a few more years. I wanted her to be my companion as T1 and T2 grow up. Just some more time…


I told DH repeatedly when we adopted Cassie that she was his dog, because I didn’t want to love her–not after loving Chewbacca, not after having to make a choice between the safety of our children and the dog.

Cassie lies beside me in my office now. She whimpers and dances downstairs in the morning if she hears my voice and I haven’t come to greet her. She is in my heart and it hurts right now.


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  2. […] on the leg she had splinted in May for a dislocated toe. We were given the horrible news of her bone cancer and after considering all our options we were told we’d have the summer with her. Birthday […]

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