Writing Workshop: Bucket List or To Do List?

June 23, 2011
The original 1908 cover to Dorothy and the Wiz...

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3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!) Not sure if this really is a Bucket List or part To Do List. And some of these I certainly want to do more than once. DH’s Honey Do List is vastly different and he’s not going to have fun at all this summer. “This isn’t vacation. I just change bosses.”

  1. Stay in my pjs for an entire day.
  2. Eat breakfast for dinner.
  3. See Cassie run one more time.
  4. Go to Carl’s Ice Cream.
  5. Walk on the river islands.
  6. See Harry Potter 7 Part 2.
  7. Go to Sakura for a fabulous meal.
  8. Camp out in our backyard.
  9. Sleep in.
  10. Buy spaghetti squash and attempt to make lasagna in a bowl with it.
  11. Go to VBS Super Saturday with the whole family.
  12. Have a water gun fight.
  13. Play Crypt Keeper.
  14. Play Clue the Video Game.
  15. Read all the Wizard of Oz books.
  16. Catch up on Sanctuary.
  17. Go to the LEGO store.
  18. Take an afternoon nap next to Cassie on the floor of my office.
  19. Sign up for a writing course.
  20. Lose 5 pounds.
  21. Go to Six Flags.
  22. Finish my Disney Album.
  23. Finish my Scotland Album.
  24. Take an evening walk with the family.
  25. Scan all of T1’s elementary schoolwork into the computer.
  26. Bike the Canal.
  27. Donate blood.
  28. Help T1 earn her Bronze award by working in a food bank with her.
  29. Find dust masks that don’t make me feel like I’m inhaling stinky feet.
  30. Buy school supplies.
  31. Make my children do school work on days they are not at camp.
  32. Play in the rain.
  33. Watch a sunset.
  34. Make S’mores.
  35. Get a pedicure.
  36. Clean off my sewing table so I can use it again.
  37. Play with sparklers.
  38. Rearrange the furniture in our bedroom.
  39. Take T2 to the dentist to get a tooth extracted.
  40. Synch my calendars—on my pocket PC, my Outlook, and my phone.
  41. Play on the swings.
  42. See Captain America.
  43. Have my picture taken with a cartoon character.
  44. Stargaze.
  45. Record T2 singing her “Booty Shorts” song so that I can play it for her children.
  46. Tell the children every day how proud I am of them.
  47. Tell the children every day that I love them.
  48. Tell DH that I love him more every day.
  49. Thank God for all the blessings in my life. Give God the Glory.
  50. Tell Cassie that I will never forget her.

Writing Prompts:
1.) List 10 things you wish you could say to strangers who share unsolicited advice about your parenting skills.
2.) Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week. Share both!
3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)
4.) A country you would like to visit.
5.) What is something you could stand to learn from your significant other?

Bonus Vlog Option!
Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there on video, but it’s a fun and different option for a post and a great way for your readers to get to know you better. The problem is many of us don’t know what to vlog about…this bonus prompt option will give you the inspiration you need to create a short video for your blog. Now to drum up the courage…

6.) Getting kids dressed? Cooking dinner? Bed time? Create a video that describes the most difficult part of the day for you.

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  1. Wonderful list! I’m sure you’ll get to most if not all of them…some repeatedly! 🙂

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  2. It sounds wonderful! What a great list!
    Just popped in from Mama Kat!

  3. What a great list. My favorite? #45

    It’ll pay off in spades!

    • She was singing it for me tonight while I was floding laundry and her “booty shorts”… I’m recording it next time.

  4. Thanks to Chris, I am a new follower of you now. I cannot even come up with a list! I am so busy that it just seems like I never have time to sit and write one, am proud to know your list. I love your writing prompts…so where is the link to see the others bucket list or writing prompts or this challenge? Jackie ~

    • I wish I could take credit for the great prompts but they actually come from Mama Kat’s. I found her through SoccerMom. On my sidebar is a red box with a trophy in it, because Mama Kat’s is pretty much world famous, and you click on that. Tuesdays the prompts come out and people link up on Thursdays. Thanks for following (and admitting you do!).

  5. No. 3 I did not see this personally but my BIL took two video clips of my sweet Cassie running three-legged. The video was enough.
    No. 18 I lay down with her several times. In the end the floor of my office was more comfortable than her crate–she could no long fold herself up and getting out with only three legs was hard on her. I spent much of the past week with her; we even played card games with her in the office so she wouldn’t have to be alone during a thunderstorm.
    No. 50 I was with her until the end. I couldn’t leave her. I told her I would always love her and would never forget her.

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