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Busiest Day

March 10, 2012

So my stats tell me that March 10, 2011 was my busiest day thus far with 84 visitors to my blog. I can only conclude that some how I managed to be Freshly Pressed that day. What an honor!

I do not believe this will happen again on this day but I would love to be Freshly Pressed in the future.

The steady, faithful visitors are great. I love hearing from anyone who stops by. I hope I am educating as well as entertaining. Most importantly, though, this blog has been a great outlet for me. And I do enjoy getting text messages from DH reminding me to spellcheck. HA!

Last week I got my 37th follower: Welcome Fresh Ink

Of course My Site Stats do not match up. One says I have 23 WordPress followers and 5 email followers. The other gives the nice total of 37, with 28 blog followers and 9 email followers. Which is correct? I’ll never know because I cannot figure out how I can have 35 views and yet data for only 19 pages/posts/whatever. Oh, and don’t get me started on the spammers.

That being said, I’ll gladly take the 37th follower. But what I’d really like is a 38th follower for my 38th birthday. That would definitely help me achieve one of my One Month goals.

I’d probably have more followers if I actually came clean and told my friends about this blog. It is so hard to let go of this anonymous¬†security blanket! We’ll see.

Enjoy your Saturday. I hope you are having a sunny March day! In like a lion… out like a lamb!



June 27, 2011

I can tell when WordPress¬†is doing a good job of keeping fake spam referer sites at bay–my visitor numbers go way down. I even had a no visitors day yesterday. This is okay. It is not a popularity contest for me and I’d rather have a realistic view of who pops by and who subscribes.

I definitely get more traffic on Writing Workshop days. My NS Savannah post generated a lot of interest. Great. I am meeting my goals–stretching myself as a writer and educating the general public about maritime related information.

My dedicated subscribers and friends that I have made my bloggy confession to–I thank you for popping by when a post interests you. Feel free to comment whenever you wish. At this point, don’t be afraid to admit you know the real me. LOL

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