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Amusements Parks during Spring Break

April 2, 2013
An example of a roller coaster, one of the sta...

An example of a roller coaster, one of the staples of modern amusement parks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok so I know I’m supposed to be listening but I don’t think I know what for today.

We’re on Spring Break. We enjoyed a great Easter visit with family and a bilingual sermon. Yesterday we went bowling. Today we were going to go to an amusement park after the Chief went to get blood work and I got impressions made for my final crown. At the last minute the Chief had a pride-bruising moment and twisted his ankle. Because we need him mobile tomorrow to hike in the mountains to design a letterboxing program for T1’s Silver Award (why we didn’t think to wait and do this awesome project for her Gold Award is beyond me and I have no idea how we will top this) he decided to stay home and ice it.

My girls actually behaved which was a big improvement from the night before in the department store where the Chief was trying to order new work boots. But unfortunately today there were a few people and incidents which left a sour taste in my mouth.

To the Junior highschool boy who thought he was all that who kept reaching outside the roller coaster to touch the fence even though the attendants announced multiple times “Do NOT touch the fence” and thus causing the ride operators to stop the ride just feet from the top of the largest hill: Thank you. And yes, I did call out quite loudly “Thank you.” Yes, I was talking to you and your immature friends who thought this was funny.

To the lady who thought I was nuts for following the rules even on a day when there aren’t crowds: sorry, I’m setting an example for my children. And thank you to the attendant who backed me up.

Here’s what happened: the swings are one of my favorite rides. No crowds means the FastPass system is really pointless. There were two open stalls in the waiting area. One for FastPasses and one for everyone else. The signs weren’t that big but even my children who can’t see snakes in front of them saw them. We stood in the “everyone else” lane but several people were in the FastPass lane. So the attendant lets the FastPass lane go–really she should have been checking for the bracelets but who am I to tell her how to do her job? A brother and a sister go through leaving their mom behind me. “Aren’t you going on?” “Why, yes. But that is the FastPass lane. I’m waiting.” “What? There ain’t no FastPass on a day like today!” Then the attendant stepped in, confirmed what I said and even gave her a lengthy explanation of the program as she was checking the belts.

To the lady in front of my daughter and I who thought inconveniencing everyone by throwing off the lines was okay and then when I didn’t agree and chose to not continue the inconvenience you chose to call me a profane name in front of the daughter who I sent on alone: you are lucky I did not find you later in the park.

Here is what happened: T2 and I get into one lane and then T1 gets into one beside us. Normally I will just get into lines and figure out if we’re “riding together” and it usually doesn’t bother me if we aren’t. It turns out that T1 had two people ahead of her and we had two people ahead of us. Great. However the lady in front of us was with others and they had two people in front of them, not one. So she asked if we would go ahead of her. I politely said, “I’m riding with my other daughter.” She then asked the teens behind T1 but they said the same thing. THEN she asked the people behind me but they too were riding with others. So this lady takes it upon herself to wait, throwing everyone else off. I said, “Well now I can’t ride with my child.” “Well I’m not splitting up my family.” Yes, I was in the position of having to send my child on ahead but her child was riding with another parent and she couldn’t be split up? She actually said at least twice: “You could do the same thing and just wait.” My response: “Um, no. I’m not going to do that.” I think I may have added things like, “It’s pointless. I’m not going to mess everyone else up.” So before they loaded I made sure to get T1’s attention and very clearly asked, “Are you going to be okay? Just wait for us.” (If it had been T2 riding alone I probably would have jumped over to her and let T1 ride alone.) The women behind me shook their heads and agreed that inconveniencing everyone was not the right thing to do and thought the woman was off her rocker for suggesting I do the same thing to everyone else. After the ride we found T1 sitting where she was supposed to. “That woman was talking about you to her husband. You know how I know? She pointed at me and called you a B***H.”

Are you kidding me? I will not deny that I continued to look for that woman and her family. I was itching to confront her for doing that in front of my child without me there to defend and put her in her place. I probably would have taken on the husband too.

Okay. Okay. I get it. Not listening. Not being a light.

The final straw came from employees. Sadly it came after a security guard walked T1 down to wait for us at the entrance while T2 and I rode a roller coaster for her first time. So we were let into the building to go line up in the stalls. The last row was empty but there was nothing indicating it’s not in use nor did the attendants say anything to us as we’re standing there, waiting. We got to the cars and I stopped one to make sure the car wasn’t broken or something because I saw no one get off. “Oh, yeah, you are supposed to use the last row.” So thankfully the gates haven’t closed and we got back behind them. I see that in that stall is a trashcan. I very loudly said, “Here, why don’t we move the trashcan over so people don’t line up here?”

I get it. Probably a long day. It was about an hour to closing but come on people. Really?

So I am not sure what I was supposed to be listening to. All I know is there were some really rude and selfish people at the park today. And I had a short fuse that could have gotten me in some trouble. This park is not one we usually go to as we prefer a different one in the fall for our Halloween fix and we’ve gone to Disneyland and Universal in Florida several times. That’s not to say there are rude and selfish people at those parks but even the Chief said as I was relating this to him, “You’re making me glad I didn’t go.” And I’m glad I didn’t opt for season passes.


Another Poll–Wedding Etiquette

February 16, 2013

Eek! It has been a while. Okay, there are some things going on that I can’t air here but rest assured, mi Amiga has done a good job talking me through it and helping me find my perspective. “Mi Amiga?” you ask–well, I’ve also been very busy getting my troop of scouts ready for World Thinking Day. We had the pleasure of studying about Mexico and talking with one of our parents who was born and raised there. The event went very well. It was probably one of the most enjoyable ones I can remember attending–and not because of the organizers because every troop that has taken on that monumental task has done a fabulous job, but because our girls behaved really well. I was not running around trying to herd cats among other herds of cats.

I do have a post today and it will include a poll. If I can remember how to do that.

The Chief and I just received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of the man who led singing at our wedding. I am really touched by this gesture. The RSVP card was clearly marked with a 4 so they intentionally included our daughters. They may have done this because we will have to travel to the wedding and I am assuming my in-laws will most likely be on the guest list as well. I’m touched. I know weddings are not cheap and “someone’s children” take up spots for adult friends and work associates. (Their granddaughter was very fond of T1 and I have several pictures of the two playing together though T1 doesn’t remember–so it will be good to see old friends and talk about how much all of the children and grandchildren have grown.)

This wedding will take place at the end of our spring break. I’m not sure if our soccer season will begin on that Saturday or not. I can easily ask teammates to watch the girls and the Chief and I can take advantage of a little get away. The problem is we probably won’t know until well after the RSVP date if they have games. Just so you know before you take the survey, I am going to go into the Parks & Rec office and ask if they intend for games to begin that Saturday or if they will start the Monday after spring break. I am hoping for the later.

So here are the questions I am pondering … and Chief, let me know what you think because I am hoping we can go down a few days early and enjoy spring break together as a family.

As I said, I’m really hoping it is a moot point. Being currently involved in the planning of an event that needs an exact head count for any kind of cost break-down and itinerary finalization I get that you just need to know. They are being very gracious to include us especially considering the father of the bride was part of the wedding but not part of the bridal party so two of my choices aren’t options. Just knowing that wedding etiquette is going out the window and old standards are no longer reliable (actually having to send out “You’re Not Invited” announcements, really?!) I wanted to know if the other two options are considered okay now. I hope not because I think it would be rude.



Project 365: Weeks 14 & 15

April 19, 2012

Things have been a little stressful here in Snipe Wife land. Funny, I need to take a break and I get 100+ hits in a single day. Can’t say that it is anything I’ve written–I think there has been a great deal of news coming out of the Academy, etc., and I happen to come up in searches now. Either that it is the dang spam referrer traffic again. Either way I am excited to have a few new visitors, including some with maritime ties. (Welcome aboard, MG!)

So, weeks 14 & 15. In the week leading up to Easter I went over to our church building and took pictures of some things around the building.

Spring Break was good for me and the children. We went to various places. I’ll try to label and not give away too much information. Hard to stay anonymous for too long!

With two weeks worth of photos, I’m just going to insert a gallery. Hopefully they are in order… no such luck. Just enjoy.

Not included is the church sign which read this week: “I AM THE RESURRECTION. I AM THE LIFE.”


E.o.t.T.: Update and other things..

April 10, 2012

I promise I have Project 365 Week 14 planned, some Easter musings, and The Sunshine Award to get to… not to mention this week’s Bench Message.

But I haven’t shared an E.o.t.T. in a while and well a pinched nerve is as good an excuse as any.

My Trainer has embarked ona  new adventure. He got his own place. No longer attached to the back of a karate studio he has found a place in an industrial business park and doubled the size of his gym. He still promises no mirrors. Payment will change and may go up but I haven’t had a change in fees since I started with him in May 09.

So Monday was the first time in his new place. I left the children at home to clean and keep the dogs out of the crates for a few extra hours before the rest of our plans kept them kenneled for almost 10 hours.

My Trainer and the power company are having a bit of trouble but with the garage door rolled open there was plenty of natural lighting. He did joke about almost bringing a candle for me in case I needed to use the bathroom.

Monday is a pretty typical upper body workout. After Warm-Up #2 and some extra band work for my ankles, I do two warm up sessions for dumbbell flat presses–15 lbs for 12 reps, 20 lbs for 12 reps, rest.

Last week I got to 40 pounds on the dumbbell flat press. I’m really not sure what the reps were or how many sets but I was pretty impressed.

We were going to do 4 sets of 5 reps (I think). I got to my third press and I felt the pinch in my left shoulder as if someone was drawing out a string down my shoulder and up my neck. I cried uncle. There was no going back to this exercise.

We tried rolling it out with a tennis ball, slowly rotating my neck and seeing where the limited range of motion was coming from, even a little traction with a band.

I opted to do four sets of push-ups, 8 each. The rest of the workout was tense but my neck hurt no worse than it did just standing.

I’m off to the chiropractor in a little bit.

I either didn’t set my shoulder blades right or as the Trainer suspects I “wiggled” my neck at the wrong moment.


Sad to say I have probably put on about 10-12 pounds since December. I stopped the steroids more than a month ago but my eating habits have gone down hill. And part of the problem is the other medications do cause fatigue–there are some days where I could just curl up on the couch and sleep all day. Currently it is not a “depressive situation” as it is truly physical (even when I’m up and moving on these days, it is so hard to keep my eyes open and I avoid driving if I can) but I can see how this could lead to altering my mood–so I keep moving. I keep my Trainer appointments no matter how tired.

I was hoping to keep busy most of this spring break, especially with all the candy and eating out, but with the stiff neck and pain, we are all vegging out to watch the TiVO and have a marathon of Once Upon A Time. We will walk the dogs later to reward them to no accidents while being kenneled for 10 hours. The sunshine will do me good.

I will go to the trainer tomorrow. Wednesday circuit includes squats and lunges again but my knee is not liking it. But that’s for a whole other post…

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