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Update: Urgent: Alumni Association and Foundation Evicted from USMMA Campus

April 24, 2013

USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation – Urgent: Alumni Association and Foundation Evicted from USMMA Campus.

This is serious folks. Not a joke. Contact your representatives–links supplied in the article.

And in the interest of presenting both sides of the issue, this is the response the Chief got from his inquiry to Secretary LaHood on the matter. The Chief pointed out to me that only one of his two questions was answered so it is a good chance that this is the standard response being sent out to anyone exercising their civic duties regarding this matter. Like everything in life though this is not a clear cut situation.

Thank you for your email regarding the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the Alumni Association and Foundation.

Last November, the Academy approached the leadership of the Foundation to ask that they find alternative space for their offices because the campus space they were using rent-free would be needed for classrooms once renovations began.  In the ensuing 4 months, the leadership of the Foundation declined to pay rent or work with the Academy in good faith to offer an acceptable alternative, so the Academy is now moving forward with its plans and requiring the Foundation to utilize other space for its work.  

I strongly support Admiral Helis’ decision in this matter.  Given the current budget environment, the Academy’s legal obligation to avoid preferential treatment of non-Federal tenants, and the space constraints occasioned by the ongoing construction of the academic buildings and other facilities, he has asked them to find other space at the end of April.  Additional appropriated funding for renovations under the continuing resolution for Fiscal Year 2013 approved by Congress last month allowed us to move up our plans for this space.  As stewards of Federal taxpayer dollars, we remain committed to good governance at the Academy and to the infrastructure improvements we began over 4 years ago.

The Academy and the U.S. Department of Transportation deeply value our relationship with all Kings Point alumni, and we will continue to seek out and work with graduates interested in ensuring a strong future for the school. 

Sincerely yours,

Ray LaHood

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