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Thirty Days of Thanks: Week 4

November 30, 2013

Nov. 25 I am thankful for a few days to rest before things get hectic again. Been recharging my batteries so that I can fully enjoy the season and time with family.

Nov. 26 I am thankful for a young man named John. He knows who he is. ūüėČ

Nov. 27 I am thankful that “the sun WILL come out tomorrow.” But I am also thankful for the large fat snowflakes today… what a beautiful sight.

EP: Um – I’m thankful for snowflakes as long as they¬† DON’T STICK!¬† ūüėÄ

Nov. 28¬†Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am thankful that when my BIL borrowed the Chief’s truck, he didn’t let his girlfriend drive his car home because we needed it this morning–so cold that the door locks on my car would not keep the door closed. I am thankful we got to the race. I am thankful to¬†RR for walking with my girls while I ran. I don’t know my official time but I’m pretty sure I beat my time (and I’m pretty sure I beat Matt too :p)! And Happy Hanukkah to friends and family that celebrate.

AEV:  Happy thanksgiving, SnipeWife. So proud that you ran!!! Awesome girly! You rock!
CN: great job hun!
LMB: good race!
SnipeWife: I did beat my time, only by 52 seconds but I still beat it.
 1408 19/47 SnipeWife 00:03:32 00:34:18 00:37:50 00:34:18 11:02
If I had been racing in my age group instead of weight class, I would have been 69/117 (67/83 if against men in my age group). And that’s 1408 out of 2198 timed runners (Men, women, and children). I’ll take it.
Sadly, no photos at all this time.
EP:¬†Yay!¬† Glad things went well!¬† Hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving.

Nov. 29 I am thankful that T, B, & S joined me for breakfast this morning. It always lifts my spirits to start the season off with you guys (extra bonus to be with S on her birthday!). You ladies are the best. Good food, fun conversation, lively energy, laughs … just what I needed. It’s actually kind of fun to see our daughters being old enough to join us. Hopefully next year R won’t have a school project needing to get done before D gets home to help …

TM: great start to the season!

Nov. 30 Today I am thankful for the gift of life … my own, those I love, those that have gone on, for spiritual life–a debt I can never repay. I know who I am, I know my flaws intimately so this time of reflection, not just one day but a month of thanksgiving, is humbling. I have seen in the years that I’ve done this that I am more grateful year-round … not every day and not in every situation (especially not when illness gets me down–must work on that and stop making people think I’m sickly ALL the time!) but I am and will always be a work in progress. So I end with “God bless us, everyone.”

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