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January 4, 2013

This week’s Bench Message is:

SmileBenches: Smile, copyright SnipeWife 2013

I’m going to do this in all my stuffy red-nosed glory. I have to wear a smile inside and out. Overlooking the fact I have had some strange illness–all the symptoms of a bad cold yet none of the true markers like nasty phlegm or a fever–these have been some blessed days.

New Years was amazing having a house full of people, cooperative children who helped with the burden of cleaning AND cooking, great food, relaxed conversation … you get the picture. Though I sure missed the Chief.

I’ve been working on resolutions and starting new projects. I’ve been inspired by some awesome women.

The cold, or whatever it is, is getting me down. And some of the post holidays let-down is creeping in. I have to watch for SAD. I know I need sunlight but I haven’t been able to muster getting out of bed in the morning. And someone has poked at an old but healing wound. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will put on my smile till then and grin and bear it.

I like reading about the stories some are sharing about trying to smile more at strangers. Or at the person who makes their coffee or provides some other usually anonymous service.

So I will smile. To lift myself up and to be kind to someone else. Tomorrow will be a better day–have some errands to run. I will smile to get through it and maybe I’ll just surprise myself at how much better I will feel. I don’t want this blessed feeling to end.

I started these Bench Posts when I was working on Project 365. I abandoned both during a very stressful period earlier this year when I almost gave up on this blog. I’ve only been back at this for a couple of months. I hope to blog the entire series of Bench photos. For the original posts, check out the following:

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Project 365: Weeks 16, 17, & 18

May 7, 2012

The Chief is home. I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis soon but there are some things to be done. I had an appointment with my rhuemetologist today and although I was not considered “stable” enough to totally come off MTX I can see how I am doing on the low dose. E.o.t.T. is going great–hit an all-time high bench press of 120 lbs. Now if I could just start to lose some weight again…

So for your viewing pleasure, here are 21 photos from the past few weeks. I have some guest photos as well because I found I didn’t take enough that didn’t have my children in them. Also, Heddie seems to be much more cooperative to being photogenic than her sister Crook.




Project 365: Weeks 14 & 15

April 19, 2012

Things have been a little stressful here in Snipe Wife land. Funny, I need to take a break and I get 100+ hits in a single day. Can’t say that it is anything I’ve written–I think there has been a great deal of news coming out of the Academy, etc., and I happen to come up in searches now. Either that it is the dang spam referrer traffic again. Either way I am excited to have a few new visitors, including some with maritime ties. (Welcome aboard, MG!)

So, weeks 14 & 15. In the week leading up to Easter I went over to our church building and took pictures of some things around the building.

Spring Break was good for me and the children. We went to various places. I’ll try to label and not give away too much information. Hard to stay anonymous for too long!

With two weeks worth of photos, I’m just going to insert a gallery. Hopefully they are in order… no such luck. Just enjoy.

Not included is the church sign which read this week: “I AM THE RESURRECTION. I AM THE LIFE.”


Project 365: Week 13

April 1, 2012

Week 13: March 25-31st

On Sunday I did find the church sign changed. It read “Have you read the story God is telling?”

I also took this picture of Crook & Heddie visiting me in my office. Cassie never really did this except at the end. It is nice to have them hang out with me. I’m sure when DH is home they will stay in the family room with him but for now it is fun. They even brought me the duck!

Office Visitors: Crook & Heddie keep me company

I’ve been driving by this fire station for years. This little statue and memorial honor the volunteer fire fighters and EMTs in our community.

Honoring our hometown heroes, Copyright SnipeWife

The next two are in my massage therapist’s office.

Tranquility... setting the mood for a massage

I do like peacock feathers … just not peacocks themselves during mating season. Visit the Philly Zoo on a scout sleepover and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I love Peacock feathers

These pirates were set up in the food court for a special reading and anti-bullying program … three months ago. Why are they still here?

Ahoy there shoppers... ready for some pillaging?

Clown feet. Gives me the willies!

I'm not sure giant red feet all over the mall are going to convince a person who has a clown phobia that she wants to shop in your shoe store.

In the bright florescent lights, with no crowds around, the Easter bunny and his entourage look a little dusty and sad. Glad we really never got into the bunny pictures … wouldn’t be thrilled to take them to this display.

Sadly, this picture opportunity was looking a little sad and time weary. I hope they plan to change it out next year.

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