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Need a Name Change?

February 22, 2014

The Maersk Alabama is in the news again … and not for Hollywood publicity. Seeing as how the ship has had multiple pirate attacks and now drugs and dead security guards, perhaps Maersk should take a lesson from Exxon and rename its ships. (If you didn’t know, after the Exxon Valdez oil spill Exxon changed its fleet to SeaRiver.)

For more information, see GCaptain’s article: Drugs Found On Maersk Alabama Where Security Contractors Died


Happy 4th!

July 4, 2013

I’m not sure there will be much in the way of fireworks around here…

The past three years I had been working at Bible camp and got to enjoy a cook out and fireworks over the lake. I’m not teaching this week but T2 is a camper so she will have a blast.

My friend who used to host a 4th party but took a few years off … is having a party this year. But I am sans children and hubby. She understood that given events earlier this week that I was not in a solo socializing mood. She is such a good friend.

I was also invited to go into the city with friends and stay for the fireworks but their daughter, who was camping with T2, got sent home with a virus for two days so they took her back to camp today. Poor thing. I’ll probably bring her with us next week when we go to camp to work on T1’s Silver project (we once a week).

T1 is at the grandparents because we did not have music lessons this week. She has spent the day puking. Actually she puked half way through Despicable Me 2–and the nice theater manager gave them a refund so they could see it again.

It is already July 5th where the Chief is. I am waiting for the call to tell me he has made it to port safely. My hat is off to those spouses with mariners who run long haul and international … especially in this day and age of pirates.

Independence Day … you know, when you think about it, Independence was only a last resort to our determined founding fathers, something they had wanted to avoid. Makes you wonder if George III had just listened to the people what would things be like today. Makes me wish those we elect would listen to the people. But then, when a dismal number of people fail to exercise their right to vote (and I don’t always vote in primaries, etc.), would we ever be able to have a “people’s vote”? Or would it be like some totalitarian nightmare and that kind of vote if it didn’t go the way of those in power would just be ignored?

Enough ramblings for the day… tomorrow I will despair over the fact that 9 out of 10 of my newest “followers” all want to sell me their newsletters about how to make money blogging. BOOOOO. How did I attract these idiots?


Reality Check

April 2, 2012

I was a newlywed when the movie Titanic came out. I was fascinated by all things nautical. I wanted to compare the history books to the dramatic storyline. I wanted to know what happened to the engineers.

All the engineers went down with the ship.

I guess it is mandatory in our state schools to study about the Titanic every two years as the anniversary approaches. Both T1 and T2 are studying it this year. I always throw in, “You know, none of the engineers survive.” Maybe I’m trying to give the girls nightmares? But really I’m trying to give them a greater sense of the needless tragedy and the valiant men who tried everything they could. It wasn’t all Rose and Jack and some pretty bauble. (Seriously I know they haven’t seen the movie yet but one day they will.)

I guess T1 shared this little tidbit with her English teacher, adding, “It creeps me out.” The teacher wisely answered, “You know that was 100-year-old technology. It is not the same today.” T1 answered, “I know but it still bothers me.”

When T1 related this to me (after rolling my eyes at the inaccurate use of “creep out”) I said, “Well, she’s right. Technology is better and they’d have a better chance today. But it is not the equipment they have to worry about, it is the pirates.”


“Yeah, pirates. And they’re not like Captain Jack.”


Again, I think I’m trying to give them nightmares.

gCaptain posted the following report on the M/V Iceberg 1 that has been held by Somali pirates for two years. TWO YEARS.

I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.


Project 365: Week 13

April 1, 2012

Week 13: March 25-31st

On Sunday I did find the church sign changed. It read “Have you read the story God is telling?”

I also took this picture of Crook & Heddie visiting me in my office. Cassie never really did this except at the end. It is nice to have them hang out with me. I’m sure when DH is home they will stay in the family room with him but for now it is fun. They even brought me the duck!

Office Visitors: Crook & Heddie keep me company

I’ve been driving by this fire station for years. This little statue and memorial honor the volunteer fire fighters and EMTs in our community.

Honoring our hometown heroes, Copyright SnipeWife

The next two are in my massage therapist’s office.

Tranquility... setting the mood for a massage

I do like peacock feathers … just not peacocks themselves during mating season. Visit the Philly Zoo on a scout sleepover and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I love Peacock feathers

These pirates were set up in the food court for a special reading and anti-bullying program … three months ago. Why are they still here?

Ahoy there shoppers... ready for some pillaging?

Clown feet. Gives me the willies!

I'm not sure giant red feet all over the mall are going to convince a person who has a clown phobia that she wants to shop in your shoe store.

In the bright florescent lights, with no crowds around, the Easter bunny and his entourage look a little dusty and sad. Glad we really never got into the bunny pictures … wouldn’t be thrilled to take them to this display.

Sadly, this picture opportunity was looking a little sad and time weary. I hope they plan to change it out next year.

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