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A New First?

March 14, 2014

I think I just wrote my first letter to the editor! If you’ve read my blog long enough or know me on FB, I don’t try to get political. I have my views, I speak up when necessary, and I let my actions speak for themselves. But this time I just felt I needed the editors to know I was disappointed.

The magazine in question is Outdoor Photography. I got a subscription because my children were selling magazines for a fundraiser and I didn’t like too many of the choices. I’ve always wanted to get into photography but, well, like most of my endeavors unless pushed I rarely move forward with it. But I like this magazine and all the amazing outdoor photography and photography tips.

To my great disappointment in the April 2014 issue is an ad on page 19 for photo editing software that extolled the virtues of taking a photo of a rather pretty young lady and manipulating it to the point that I was left shaking my head and wondering what on earth was wrong with the first picture?

I know editing software is a must. I play with the lighting effects; I’ve cloned out a stray foot or wonky background. Heck, I’ve even blended out a pimple on my nephew’s forehead. I’ll even agree to whitening the eyes and teeth (haven’t figured out how to do that yet). But to give this beautiful young woman a nose job, new cheekbones, and new chin and reduced jaw line to try to¬†achieve some fake and unrealistic view of beauty is just wrong. They even played with her beauty mark and removed a mole on her neck!

“Transform your portraits into polished, cover-worthy images. Capable of sophisticated enhancements, yet extremely easy to use.” Digital Photo Buyer’s Guide Nov 2013 said of Portrait Pro’s product.


I felt compelled to write to the editors because I have recommended their magazine to the girls I mentor through scouts as they work on digital photography. I will think twice about recommending the magazine. There are other ways of demonstrating the value of retouching than saying “your everyday subjects just aren’t good enough.”

Seriously, what message does this send? And trust me, I’ve been watching the friends of T1 play with such “enhancements” to their photos that they post on Instagram and I’m heartsick about it. Is it any wonder they think less of themselves and think they have to market themselves as pieces of meat with ads like this and so many other horrible images out there?

I encourage anyone out there with a photography interest to contact not only Outdoor Photography but Portrait Pro to ask them to change their advertising messages. I also encourage you to support forward thinking projects like the Eleanor Project and get their message out to girls and women of all ages that beauty radiates from within.


I Dare You Not to Laugh!

December 9, 2012

WARNING: If you are in a bad mood, had a bad day, in a general funk and wish to stay this way, DO NOT proceed.

In the course of downloading the Chief’s camera to get it ready to go back to sea with him we discovered this series of photos. They were either taken by him or by T2 most likely (based on later photos of her toes and an odd ceiling shot).

I truly double dog dare you not to laugh when you see these pictures. Do not attempt to look at them if you have just taken a drink or you, your clothes, your keyboard, and your monitor will be covered with spray.

I am so confident these photos will go viral that I even experimented with putting a watermark on them. So if you borrow these, please link back to me! Thanks!


Project 365: Weeks 14 & 15

April 19, 2012

Things have been a little stressful here in Snipe Wife land. Funny, I need to take a break and I get 100+ hits in a single day. Can’t say that it is anything I’ve written–I think there has been a great deal of news coming out of the Academy, etc., and I happen to come up in searches now. Either that it is the dang spam referrer traffic again. Either way I am excited to have a few new visitors, including some with maritime ties. (Welcome aboard, MG!)

So, weeks 14 & 15. In the week leading up to Easter I went over to our church building and took pictures of some things around the building.

Spring Break was good for me and the children. We went to various places. I’ll try to label and not give away too much information. Hard to stay anonymous for too long!

With two weeks worth of photos, I’m just going to insert a gallery. Hopefully they are in order… no such luck. Just enjoy.

Not included is the church sign which read this week: “I AM THE RESURRECTION. I AM THE LIFE.”


Project 365: Week 12

March 25, 2012

Week 12? Can you believe we are a quarter of the way through this year already? Where did the time go?

March 18-24

This week is all about the flowers and the blooms on the trees. One day I’d like to take T1 & T2 to see the Cherry Blossoms so that they can say they’ve done it … but I’m not a fan of crowds and I don’t want to go solo. I went once with friends when T1 was a baby. She doesn’t remember it. It was cold and dreary but it was great to see that spring was arriving.

This is a tulip tree in our front yard, outside T1’s window.

Tulip Tree, Copyright SnipeWife

T2 was with me on a gloriously sunny afternoon. These little pink blossoms caught my eye.

T2’s eagle eye saw this lady bug on the ground. I tried to get it in focus but I’m thinking I either need a new camera or new glasses. Most likely the later.

Boy that ladybug moved fast!, Copyright SnipeWife


We need a tree identification book. The girls desperately want to see Cherry blossoms or dogwoods. At first I wasn’t sure what this is, but seriously, it looks like the picture on Wikipedia… so maybe it is a Cherry Blossom.

Could this be a Cherry Blossom? What do you think?... Copyright SnipeWife

T2 was very impressed with the red poppies. I believe her exact word was “Whoa!”

Poppies = "Whoa!" Copyright SnipeWife

A close up of the gorgeous poppy. I always think of my grandfather when I see these. We called him Poppy.

Never forget the Greatest Generation, Copyright SnipeWife

This stump cluster was such an unusual shape but instead of just taking a picture of it head on, I remembered to frame the shot with the yellow daffodil to give it a little contrast and perspective.

Aren't you glad this is not just a boring picture of a stump?

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