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It’s a BOY!!

June 21, 2017

On June 10th T1, T2, Heddie, Simi-Ruthie, and I drove to Greyhound Central to meet new dogs. We had one in particular in mind–a gorgeous white and red 4 year old male. That’s usually how it goes–you see a dog online, apply for it, get put on a waiting list after you’ve been vetted, and you go meet dogs but usually not the one you saw online. Because by the time you’ve been vetted that dog is already reserved or the adoption group just doesn’t feel it would be a good match.

Cassiopeia was not the dog we saw online.

Crookshanks and Hedwig were not the dogs we saw online. In fact they were so hot off the tracks that their photos had never been posted!

I was very surprised when they said we would be meeting the dog we have applied for. I thought it was a good thing as the Chief had at least seen his picture.

But when we met him, he was kind of shell-shocked meeting Simi-Ruthie and Heddie. It was 90 degrees and the dog wasn’t panting. His tail wasn’t tucked but it wasn’t wagging either. I asked T1 if she had shared some of her Percocet with him (she got her wisdom teeth out on the 8th). He wasn’t feeling the vibe and neither was I.

They brought us out another boy. One we really weren’t considering because his picture didn’t “speak” to me and because he was still a “juvenile” at 3 1/2 years old. Simi-Ruthie did not like him approaching her head on but he just rolled with it and was like “okay, you’re the boss.” Our adoption coordinator got us to just walk around and eventually the two of them ignored each other. Hedwig walked just fine with him.

After seeing the first dog again, and being just as underwhelmed, they brought the second dog back out again. Simi-Ruthie lay down with her back to him–a sign that she was alpha and unconcerned by him. He lay down as well with his back to her. Hedwig will lay down at any chance and had been laying down for quite a while. They asked us if we wanted to see any females. I laughed. Simi-Ruthie would have no part of another female in the house.

After asking the important question: “What do you think the Chief will say?” the girls and I unanimously decided this gorgeous 3 1/2 year old solid red (with 3 white feet) boy would be coming home with us.


Introducing Bailey, f.n.a. Precocious Bale, whelped on 11/24/13.

The Chief renamed him Bailey though the girls and I were tossing around Baelfyre from Once Upon a Time or Beowulf. The Chief would have none of those “fluffy” names.

We call him Bailey Boy. I guess it helps us remember there is a new male in the house. He is my first ever male dog. Same for the girls. The Chief had one or two males growing up.

He has been a dream. No marking in the house. Getting used to our schedule. No separation anxiety. Simi-Ruthie has to still wear a muzzle around him but even she is getting not so aggressive. Yes, she barked and barked until I sat with her on the couch so that she could sit on top of me so that he understood I was hers.

Heddie has bonded to him immediately. When we were inside filling out paperwork, his foster mom took him out for a potty break and Heddie stood up and howled for him just like she used to do whenever parted from Crookshanks. Sniffle.

I tried taking him into a pet store the other night to get his nails ground but he was having none of that. We take him for his first check-up in the morning–I hope he does better. We’re bring Heddie with us for moral support.

We can’t wait for the Chief to meet him. Maybe he won’t feel so outnumbered.

**Hedwig (Kiowa Packers) and Bailey (Precocious Bale) have a shared great, great, great grandsire named Downing. Downing was whelped in 1975 and was a champion dog. So neat that they are cousins of the same generation!**


HAPPY HAPPY to Crook & Heddie!

December 3, 2012

Our beautiful greyhound sisters are 4 years old today! We’ve had them for almost 11 months now.

Birthday Girls! Crook & Heddie turn 4 today!

Birthday Girls! Crook & Heddie turn 4 today!


Hedwig was formerly known as Kiowa Packers. Crookshanks raced as Kiowa Saints. According to Greyhound Data Bears has been adopted in Delaware and Bruins now resides in Ohio. I do not know the status of the other male and three sisters. Kind of wonder what happened to Vikings if she never raced.

Kiowa Bears f DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 96 11 9 A
Kiowa Bruins m DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 12 0 1 D
Kiowa Cowboys f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 60 6 8 A
Kiowa Packers f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 48 4 4 SA
Kiowa Patriots f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 9 0 2 TM
Kiowa Saints f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 57 5 3 B
Kiowa Steelers m DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 60 10 3 SA
Kiowa Vikings f DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 0 0 0  

Their sire (Kiowa Sweet Trey) seems to have a pretty impressive record:
2001 All-America. 2002 Rural Rube Award winner. Winner of 12 straight at
Wheeling to open career. Then won 13 straight going from Wheeling to Derby Lane.
31-4-2-1 in 41 career starts. Top U.S. sire 2007-2008.

Heddie and Crook have 13,380 half-siblings. Sweet Trey began siring in 2001 and had his last litter in April of this year. WW Heart Breaker has 34 offspring.

We know of one race where Crook (Saints) raced against Steelers and won in a SuperBowl themed race.

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