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Snowmen and Greyhound Condos

December 1, 2012

So inspired by Jenners to be crafty and make gifts for my friends I went on a search for white ornaments. Do you know how hard it was to find reasonably priced plain white ornaments? It is difficult if you only look at two stores. So I settled for clear and decided to stuff them with cotton balls. Thanks Jenners!I

And here are pictures of the “condos” the Chief built for Heddie and Crook, our greyhound sisters. Previously this spot of raised brick was for a wood stove. But we never used it and another family needed an alternative heat source so we sold it in anticipation of getting two greyhounds. However, I used the stove to put up many decorations and the open space beside it was for a Christmas tree or a table for my Cricut when the girls came over to scrapbook. It is nice to have the dogs in their own space, not taking up any floor space but I missed the flat surfaces. I dreamed this up while the Chief was at sea and he executed it when he got home. It is massive! It is designed to look like the cargo furniture in the rest of the room. First we had to get a second crate to be the same size and I had to be able to pull each crate out so that I could take them with me if I was traveling with the dogs. He’s a design genius.I

While it wasn’t ready for my Halloween decorations, it is ready to go for the Christmas decorations. Remember I collect collections? Well, snowmen are my collection of choice for the basement during December and January. I had to figure out what to do about the snowman Christmas tree. It was 6 foot. At first I bought two 3-footers but didn’t realize how small they were. On Friday after a lunch date the Chief and I settled on this nice 4.5 footer to go with one of the smaller ones. If I get more snowmen ornaments I will have the second 3 footer to put up at a later date.I


Project 365: Week 11

March 23, 2012

Okay, I’m really bad. Only one of the following was taken during week 11. In my defense though, I had planned 5 of the remaining shots. The other one I took at the hotel during my scrapbooking weekend.

March 11-17

My mother had off from work. She wanted to come down and spend the day with me and the girls. Originally we were supposed to have the whole day but soccer camp had a make-up day. After spending quality time talking while the girls kicked a ball and T1 got a gusher of a bloody nose, I took Mom and the girls out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner. I love Japanese steak houses–it never gets old.

I’m not sure if this piece of wall art is new but I really liked it. Many pieces in the lobby added to the ambience of the Comfort Inn to make it feel more than just a hotel. (Be thankful I did not take a picture of the lobby bathroom floor–that is no fake stone tiles in there!) But why does this woman have no arms and why is she in a hamster wheel? I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel sometimes. Until the diagnosis of the PsA any “limitations” (no arms) were not visible. I’ve heard a few times “Oh I had no idea. You seem so strong.”

And now my Wonder Woman Collection! My Barbie Doll (also a collection) sits on a shelf with the villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

I couldn’t resist these Little People. One of the toddler toys that we have kept in case we have any toddlers to entertain is our Little People Castle Playset. The one that looks like a real castle, not the pink one that just makes me shake my head. But I will not let any little toddlers get their hands on Wonder Woman or Batgirl though.

I’ve posted a picture of the gray satchel before. This is my newest next to it. But I don’t really carry shoulder bags anymore as I’m supposed to use a back pack and spare my hands and neck. 😦 I have the light gray one in black too and will probably give them to my girls.

This is one of three Wonder Woman t-shirts I own. I just like the art of this one. My light blue one may have to be retired–it has Wonder Woman E.o.t.T. sweat stains. The other has baseball jersey sleeves. I like that one double for that because I remember that style as a child.

This ornament gets a place of honor in my office amongst all the fairies in there.

I wanted to take a picture of my two Wonder Woman pins… but I cannot find them anywhere! 😦


Writing Workshop: Nativity

December 15, 2011

I actually did not know which prompt I’d pick until last night.

3.) Your nativity scene. (inspired by Confessions of an Average Housewife)

We don’t have a Nativity. Yet. Our family does not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. It is more about the spirit of family and giving, reserving our celebration of Christian beliefs for our worship times.

DH and I have never been moved to purchase a Nativity of our own for this and other reasons. DH’s family have never owned a Nativity. I wanted to at least acknowledge what others celebrate in some small way so I have two ornaments. One is a carved piece of olive wood from Jerusalem that I bought at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland when T1 was a little over a year old. It’s a stylized carving and I love it. I try to hang it near the top of the tree.

The other is a Demdaco Willow Tree plaque ornament of Mary, Joseph, and Christ. It sits in my curio cabinet with my other Demdaco figurines. I honest could not tell you if I bought it or if it had been a gift.

Holy Family plaque by Demdaco Willow Tree; image from their online catalog


T1 & T2 have asked why we don’t have our own Nativity though they know we do not celebrate Christmas that way. I told them that we did not have to buy one because I would one day get the one from my family.

Low and behold last night I found out how close I was to NOT getting it.

It is a beautiful German-made Nativity that my parents bought in Germany while stationed there in the early 70s. My sister was born there while my brother and I were born in the states. According to my mother last night, all things that originated in Germany belong to my sister.

“Uh, no. It was always my job as the youngest to set up the Nativity. Sis and bro had other jobs.” My sister would help hang special decorations* while my brother, being the boy, would set up and therefore inherit the trains. I, the youngest, set up the Nativity. We also had the tradition that Baby Jesus would be hidden in the house and on Christmas morning Santa will have put him in the manger.

*I believe there is their original tree topper that was from Germany as well and this was to go to my sister.

My children, being the only grandchildren for 9 years, have been setting up the Nativity at my parents’ house. So you can see why I feel the Nativity should naturally come to me and my family. Of course if you go by my theory that the youngest should get it then naturally that would fall to my sister’s children, skipping me (and mine) entirely. My sister is not interested in it.

Good. Because I’d have to fight her for it. Probably not the right spirit of Christmas a Nativity should invoke.

I did ask my mother why she was giving it away prematurely. Her answer was that we rarely got to her house to set it up prior to Christmas and so the tradition and sentimental value was diminishing.

She is bringing it to me on Friday. I don’t mind getting it early. I’ll try to be grateful and not act insulted. It’s not necessarily a good thing when you have to remind your parents of their traditions.

Writing Prompts:

1.) 10 things I Wanted for Christmas as a Kid but Didn’t Get and Still Want. (inspired by Hello Giggles)
2.) If you HAD to marry a celebrity…who would you choose and why? (Let’s just pretend you’re not actually already married mkay?)
3.) Your nativity scene. (inspired by Confessions of an Average Housewife)
4.) Share a story from your college years. (inspired by Little Miss Momma)
5.) Describe your least favorite meal growing up.

For more information about Mama Kat’s World Famous Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there…


I have 21,500 photos stored…

December 7, 2010

I think one of the best times to scrapbook is during snow days… and since my office/scrapbooking/guest room is now 95% complete, I took advantage of the time, even letting the T1 & T2 scrapbook their own stuff.

But now I’m thinking, you know, maybe if I was caught up on my pictures, I’d stop taking the same picture over and over again. For example, do I REALLY need pictures of the Clydesdales EVERY time we go to Busch Gardens, which is annually every October? Are these the pictures that my children will one day fight over?

That brings me to another point: what if one day all my albums end up in a landfill? Well, I guess I’ll be gone so it won’t really matter to me what they do with them. I’ll have at least enjoyed them… and right now the children do enjoy the albums and the stories that go with them. I love hearing them repeat a story as if they had been a firsthand participant when they couldn’t possibly have been because they were in the womb or something.

Anyway, I take too many pictures. Oh well.

**I originally wrote about this in January 2009. At the time I only had 14,400 photos stored on my computer. I still take too many pictures. 900 of those are from a family vacation this summer alone! Several hundred are also digital images that DH has taken on the job. He has to organize and identify them for me before I can even begin to make an album out of them. One engine shaft looks like every other engine shaft to me.

And the office/scrapbooking/guest room is still only 95% complete–but that’s for another blog. It will have to get done soon as this is the one room besides the master bedroom that I spend the most time and with the new dust mite allergy confirmation I’m going to have to really keep on top of the piles and the clutter. I’m looking at my drop ceiling and all the fairy ornaments that are dangling down over me, spreading their creative fairy dust and fighting the urge to cough.

I’ve begun scrubbing the master bedroom, purchased new pillows and allergy cases as a temporary stop-gap. Paging through the official, doctor recommended catalogs for the approved pillow cases, mattress and box spring cases, and dust mite resistant comforters, and I’m just cringing as the total is adding up. DH is going to have to help me decide what we really need, what they’re just trying to sell, and what the worth is. As I’m going to need his help lifting the mattress and box spring (and the mattress on the guest bed) to encase, I won’t be making the purchases till well into January. UGH.

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