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Check Out These Guns…

March 28, 2013

OK Enchanted Seashells, here they are.

I love my new Wonder Woman t-shirt but it hides the "Guns"!

I love my new Wonder Woman t-shirt but it hides the “Guns”!

Getting muscle definition of biceps, triceps, and forearms. Hard work paying off.

Getting muscle definition of biceps, triceps, and forearms. Hard work paying off.

Lighting is not great but this is "The Cut" I was thrilled to see forming. (on the backside of the arm defining the triceps)

Lighting is not great but this is “The Cut” I was thrilled to see forming. (on the backside of the arm defining the triceps)

It should be noted that when I was at a pretty low point, not being able to look myself in the eyes let alone see my whole self in the mirror, I would look at my arms. I noticed “the cut” and was pretty impressed when it started forming. (“The Cut” is the definition of the arm muscles that shows when flexing or when in a semi-relaxed position.) But I also started seeing imperfections under certain lights. It seemed odd because I used to wear tanks all the time so why was it bothering me now? If I was ever at risk of developing body-dysmorphia, it was at this time. Ugly fluorescent lights seems to make the dimpling imperfections stand out. Of all the things to fixate on and I chose my arms. I stopped wearing tanks and had a hard time convincing myself to buy a sleeveless dress. If you’ve stopped by before you’ll note that my little black dress is sleeveless but I wear it under a jacket. I know in my head it is the lighting but it is hard to get past.

I let the Chief take these. This is my newest Wonder Woman t-shirt. I bought it for a special occasion (but I’ll share more about that when I can!).


My Grown-Up Night on the Town!

November 15, 2012

I know the Chief hates wearing suits. He wears khakis and Hawaiian shirts to church. But when he has to go to a company function he dusts off the old suit and looks sharp. He was asked to represent the company to accept an award for environmental safety on behalf of several of the ships in the fleet. It makes sense to ask the employee who lives closest to the event venue rather than someone in another part of the country. The Chief agreed as long as I got to go along. 🙂

So I asked you all to vote on the outfit I should wear to the event after T1 vehemently declared my new Christopher & Banks jacket was actually a rug! Overwhelmingly the vote was for the C&B jacket and T1 was advised to let her fashion sense mature a little.

One dear friend sent me a FB message, “I prefer the rug!”

I hope Hillbilly Debutante doesn’t mind me telling you what she thought:

Seriously? She called the middle jacket a rug? It’s PERFECT. I definitely go for the outfit in the middle. As you said, it looks very ‘upper class.’ Especially for this event. Don’t worry about kids. [My daughter] always thought I should dress ‘hot’ (no way!) and [my son] wanted me to dress as ‘low’–i.e., nothing attention grabbing whatsoever. So dress to please yourself. That’s the best advice I can give you. That and wearing the black dress with the ‘rug’. LOL! It looks great on you.

I also received a comment from a blog visitor that I was unfortunately unable to approve because the URL had errors. It was a very good comment. This event wasn’t black-tie but if I ever have to go to a black-tie event I’m following this post!

I hope people have the presence of mind to make the distinction between what’s appropriate for evening and what’s appropriate for daytime. For me, black tie for women doesn’t need to be floor length. It can certainly be cocktail length, and it can also be a pants look, providing that there are luxurious textiles — and a little bit of bling and shine is always good. I love sleek, black dress pants and a sequined jacket, for instance, for black tie for women. … The rules are off, other than it be dressy. [In truth], when a woman wears full length, unless it’s sleek, I feel it looks kind of dowdy.

The Chief and I arranged for a very reliable sitter to meet the girls after school, get them to scouts, and stay the night with them. We drove to the Big City to find our hotel. I am very thankful for valet parking. We circled the block, saw a bunch of police cars at the metro entrance, couldn’t figure out how to actually get in front of the hotel … and the employee helped us out by having us swing the car into the garage and bringing us in the back way of the hotel. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and got dressed for the event without rushing. I will have to say that I think I’m going to have to throw out every bit of make-up that I own as I wear it so infrequently that I think my blush is probably 15 years old!

This is what I ended up wearing (don’t you just love all my headless pictures?). I never took the jacket off but the fact I’m willing to post a sleeveless picture on here is a testament to the E.o.t.T. training I have been doing. I had brought my MaryJane pumps but with the cold and wanting to cover up I went with the boots. I hadn’t finished putting on all my jewelry but the pearls were actually the Chief’s 10-year service award. I wore his 20-year service award (a garnet ring) on my right hand. I also remembered a clutch purse this time.

We took a taxi to the event location. No hassles, no worries! It was an impressive place that I had never been to previously. We enjoyed the cocktail hour, meeting up with the Chief’s former boss. The hors d’oeuvres were very good–I could have made a meal on those alone! Tandoori chicken, pork roast, humus, beef tips. Yum! After about 20 minutes or so, the Chief and I excused ourselves for drinks and a chance to be wall-flowers. I’m sure many mariners can attest to hearing loss and being in a closed room with 100 or so people makes it hard for the Chief to hear or filter out noise. Plus, other than his boss, we knew no one in the room. The Chief had met the function host at a previous awards dinner and I may have actually knew a few other recipients from either KP alumni events or Maritime Day events (but not sure enough to attempt to introduce myself).

The dinner itself was in an amazing atrium at the top of a rotunda. I always forget that etiquette states that no one else at the table will start to eat until the “lady” does! Can you tell I don’t get to go to too many grown-up events? The salad course was no skimpy salad. I love anything with cranberries and crumbled cheese. The main course was moist chicken on a bed of cabbage and more cranberries, and this awesome block of scalloped potatoes. I must admit, I ate most of it. But when you’re not talking and just listening, you tend to eat. (Good thing I had E.o.t.T. this morning to work it off!) And dessert! Oh my! I was tempted to take a picture of it! A tart apple and grape number covered in an oatmeal crumble, scoop of ice cream and decorated with a paper-thin apple crisp. (Extra runs today for sure!)

After the awards and before we headed back to the hotel, the Chief and his boss took me out onto the terrace of the rotunda. Here is really the only good picture I managed to take. I’m bummed the one of the cathedral didn’t turn out but it was obviously not as well-lit.

View from the Rotunda, Copyright 2012 SnipeWife

We enjoyed the evening at the hotel. I asked the Chief what time I should set the alarm for and he replied “Why? We don’t have anywhere to be.” It was nice to sleep in.

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