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When do you cut bait?

January 23, 2014

I was on the computer for a long time yesterday. It has been a while. I noticed I’ve only posted twice this month and I haven’t read up on many of the blogs I follow.

It got me thinking. Are all the links on my page current? What about in my Internet Explorer favorites bar?

I was surprised by the number of inactive or missing blog pages altogether. Most of the blogs I had bookmarked seemed to have stopped blogging in 2012 or within the last four months.

Naturally the missing blogs I deleted. The ones that stopped in 2012 I also deleted. But what about a blogger who seemed to randomly stop in August or September or maybe even as late as October of 2013. Holidays can be brutal so who can blame someone for taking a break. I took one.

I take breaks quite frequently. But I seem to manage 3 or 4 posts a month even on my slowest months.

I have followers that I know are just spammers. I wish I could clean that list up too (hey, WordPress–how about it? Can you let us freeloaders decide who we allow to follow us or not?) It makes for inaccurate statistics and I really don’t want help with building up my readership or being just a number to some joker!

So when do you decide to cut bait on a fellow blogger who seems to have dropped off the face of the world? Some I would love to know if they’re okay and what is new in their lives. Should I keep their link indefinitely just in case they pop back up into bloggy land? Do you?

What about blogs that were for a specific purpose, like say a semester abroad or a mission trip? No new posts will be forthcoming.

I was on the computer for a long time. It was refreshing to hit delete, delete. I wish those bloggers well. Perhaps their blog served its purpose and they have moved on. I hope those that had issue specific blogs (health, etc.) did not take a turn for the worst.

And if I’m not posting the kinds of things to keep you interested, I won’t mind the unfollow (hint, hint, spammers!).

Feel free to post comments–I want to know what you think.


UPDATE: YES! Not 1 minute after publishing this post I received a “follow” from a guy who wants to show me how to make income blogging. With no way to contact him directly I decided to leave a comment. After gagging over all the “Thanks for the follow, man!” and “Great stuff! Look forward to getting more tips” I respectfully asked him to unfollow me if he had no other interest in my blog other than to generate more traffic and business for himself. My comment is waiting for moderation. I’ll let you know what the response is. Disgusting!!!


Romantic Christmas Songs 2013

November 22, 2013

I’m about to celebrate three years of blogging,trying to write about “This Life” and educate the world about the U.S. Merchant Marine … and my most popularly viewed post is my Romantic Christmas Songs list from 2011 with 374 views! In contrast, Part 2 written last year has only had 7 views.

I’ll post more on these anniversary milestones and stats latter. I thought I’d add a “Part 3” and review the two new albums I’ve bought.

The King’s Gift by Trace Adkins and Duck the Halls: A Roberston Family Christmas by the Roberstons.

Trace Adkins album features tradition carols, Celtic adaptations, a variety of guest artists (who knew Kevin Costner could sing?) but nothing I’d deem “romantic”. It’s just plain enjoyable to hear Mr. Adkins’ deep baritone singing such delicate songs. It wasn’t a bad price for songs that I probably have in triplicate in my play list. I’m sure several will become preferred versions.

Duck the Halls… this could have gone wrong in so many ways. Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas. Hairy Christmas. Duck the Halls. It could have gone bad quickly. But it pairs these parodies with traditional songs even with a touch of Uncle Si. It doesn’t hurt that Luke Bryan, Alison Krauss, Josh Turner, and the George Jones lend vocals and talents. It also doesn’t hurt that various members of the Robertson family can sing… really sing. Most surprising? Uncle Si himself singing a Grinch-tastic version of “You’re a Mean One.”

Christmas Cookies, featuring Phil Robertson and George Strait–really should be listed the other way around, but hey–gets my vote for a simple romantic song. The catch is what gives a glimpse of what long married love should be like: you get 15 minutes of hugging and kissing between batches and “that’s why he eats Christmas cookies all year long.”

The album features Missy and Jase Robinson singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. Missy really can sing. And you can tell Jase is enjoying “singing” with his wife. But I’ve said before (as have others) this is a creepy romantic song. I’ve had a couple of thoughts running through my head. 1. They kept the song traditional, the banter is good (“Where were you going? We’re married after all.”) 2. But it’s a song about spiking someone’s drink, not taking no for an answer, mentioning smoking… really? Should they be singing it? 3. Was the previous statement unfair? Should the Robertsons, self-proclaimed Christians be held to such a higher standard and scrutinized for singing a Christmas classic? (If we want to go that route, most churches of Christ of which the Robertsons are a part of, sing a capella–so what are they doing with instruments, especially on Silent Night?)

So I came to the conclusion that I am glad they left the song alone. It reflects the song well. I have issues with Jolly Old St. Nick no longer smoking a pipe and being marketed to children as the “new child-friendly version.” If they had sanitized the song would detractors ask, “Oh are they too good to talk about drinking and smoking, even in a song?”

Camouflage and Christmas Lights, a cover of the Rodney Carrington song sung by Reed Roberston, is particularly poignant and I’m glad it is included on the album and a tribute to our armed services in mentioned in the liner notes.

Duck calls as instruments is definitely a novel idea. Maybe it will catch on the way “More Cowbells” did.

I have not loaded up my playlist and these two CDs have only made it on in the car once or twice since I purchased them. I do enjoy them and consider them good additions. Next Friday begins Christmas music 24-7 and I can’t wait!


Reprints: Lists of Nautical Movies

July 22, 2013

I am alive… back from summer camp. waiting for the Chief to return.

GCaptain reposted these great lists from Monkey Fist, author of the Adventures of the Blackgang

For Maritime Monday, she came up with list of nautical-themed movies and gives great summaries and reviews. I may have to check out a few of them just for giggles.

Maritime Monday for July 15th, 2013: Summer Movie Guide; Thrill Packed Stories of Men and Their Ships!

Maritime Monday for July 22nd, 2013:
Summer Movie Guide, Part II: Romance and Adventure on the High Seas!


Romantic Christmas Songs Part 2

December 13, 2012

Seeing as this is my most popular topic/post I thought I should add a few this year.

For the original list, please see Romantic Christmas Songs. I still maintain “Don’t Take Down the Mistletoe” is the most romantic.

So this year I’d like to add:

Let It Snow by Straight No Chaser on their 2009 Christmas Cheers album. What makes this special and more romantic over others? Well, the thought of a 10 member-boy/man group singing to me … and bringing the corn for popping … you get the point. Actually they did a great arrangement and unlike the slightly creepy undertones of Baby, It’s Cold Outside I think anyone romantically involved could be persuaded to Let It Snow and stay by the fire. Additionally–I love, LOVE, their rendition of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. Not romantic–just cool!

On This Winter’s Night by Lady Antebellum on their new album of the same name. I believe this is one of two original songs on the album, written by the three members. What I liked about this song is that it definitely starts off with expressing romantic love. Then mid-way through the song a children’s chorus joins in and it becomes about familial love–that’s where romance should lead after all. Finally, with the verses about the King became a Child and the Child became a King, the song becomes about reverent love. This is reminiscent of The Greatest Gift of All by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

I really need to get a copy of Michael Buble’s Christmas album to see if he has some romantic offering to make one swoon. I also want to check out Francesca Battistelli’s new Christmas album.

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