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One Month: March 2012

March 1, 2012

So let’s recap how I did…

1. Find a way to have a special, relaxing Valentines with DH before he ships out. DH and I had some quality time together but I can’t really say we did anything too special. We did go to a great Indian restaurant and had a quiet meal. However, no gifts were exchanged (unless you count that he got me another air filter for the basement) and he got me a giant card that I heard puzzled/mortified T1 and I got him a small card that I bought on the day… I really wasn’t expecting him to be home and if you read Lesson Learned? FAIL you can see I blew many opportunities. I will totally make it up to him when he gets home.

2. Conquer all (or most of) my anxiety about taking care of Crook & Heddie on my own. Check! We’re doing great. I’ve taken them to the groomer by myself and I’ve walked them a few times. They have survived thunderstorms without freaking out and other than eating a pair of T1’s shoes and trying to get on the couch we’re doing wonderfully!

3. Start running again. We have officially added runs (130-140 feet x however many the trainer makes me do…) to my workouts. (And even though it is a no-no still I did body weight squats today. Shhh! Don’t tell!) And I am using my new recumbent bike and am working up to 6 miles in 21 minutes… then I will start adding resistance.

So, for my March goals:

1. Finish figuring out how to track everything and make an understandable budget. You have no idea how much this perplexes me and makes me want to cry. But DH and I are at a point in our lives where we really do need to think about expenses. For example, the normal average healthy family should budget between 5-8% for medical expenses a month. I haven’t figured everything in but with my medicine and because I now consider the training a medical expense, I’m already at 9%… a chronic illness changes everything and I guess we need to make sure our future plans take it all into consideration.

2. Turn 38 with a bang! I cannot wait until my annual scrapbooking weekend to celebrate and have fun. I have to figure out how to meet SoccerMom (her former alias) and JenontheEdge that weekend too … and can I do it without giving away my blog secret?? Also, I would love to have my 38th follower. And see if I can’t figure out a way to top my busiest views day (84 views on March 10th) in the past year. Is this more than one goal??

3. Lose weight. Any weight I don’t care how much. I’m finally off prednisone so it is time to buckle down (except on my weekend crop). I’m running and if I can’t have a training session I’m using the bike.

For the blog that started this all, check out JenontheEdge.


Writing Workshop: Double Take!

February 2, 2012

4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are. Oh my, I must be feeling bold. But seriously, just like my Bride picture, you can’t really tell this is me. In fact, JenontheEdge, this is the picture that had my friends thinking I was you! The wig and the fact we share the same first name makes it easy to see the confusion. I’m flattered that they think I could be the author of your awesome blog!


Tonks Lives!


This was taken in 2010, about a month before I started blogging, before my world crashed down around me, one year before my diagnosis of PA… this is me. This is the me that wears superhero t-shirts. This is the me that bench presses 110 lbs. This is the me that is evolving this year. I missed her. I’m glad she’s back. 

Writing Prompts:

1.) Last week we covered your Top 10 Life Stories…this week choose one and share all the details.
2.) Are you on Pinterest? Share the last five items you pinned, choose one and let it inspire a blog post.
3.) What were you like in high school?
4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are.
5.) The one place in my life that I know better, but haven’t been able to do better is… (inspired by Oprah)

For more information and to join Mama Kat’s world-famous Writing Workshop, click on that trophy over there….

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