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Repeat & Add Craziness!

July 28, 2017

Does this year really need to repeat everything about last year?

One “perfect for you” job that I didn’t get. Adopt a dog on June 11. Second “perfect for you” job that I didn’t get. Now just waiting for that third job. Stinks. But I refuse to sink. I am trusting God again.

If I had gotten the first job this year, I’d be working full-time, 12-months a year. That just wouldn’t work right now. Two days ago we found out T1 has mild to moderate hearing loss of all the middle ranges in both ears.

Normal hearing is between -10 to 20 dB. T1 hears low sounds and high sounds in those ranges. Mild hearing deficit is between 20 to 40 dB. Moderate hearing deficit is between 40 to 70 dB. All of the middle sounds for T1 fell between 40 and 70 dB.

This is a “sound banana.” (Found on Pinterest, source unknown.)


The middle sounds are between 500 and 3,000 Hz.

During the word tests, if they turned up the volume she could hear about 88% in one ear and 92% in the other.

Of course I asked if this was from earwax (a chronic problem for her)…nope, no wax to speak of. She hasn’t had an ear infection since 2012 that we know of and currently no fluid behind the ear drums. I asked if this was from earbuds and always wearing them… nope, no evidence of sound trauma from the other tests they performed. Looks like a nerve deficit.

To say that I was stunned is putting it mildly. T1 handled it great–she is relieved to know the hearing loss is real. Maybe her sister will stop picking on her and calling her deaf!

In short I contacted every family member I could, but I was desperate to hear from the Chief. I eventually called the ship on the satellite phone. Something I don’t think I’ve done in like 5 years.

The ENT is recommending either an amplifier or hearing aids but he wants to find the cause by ruling out some pretty serious genetic conditions. In case you weren’t aware, the inner ears and the kidneys form in utero at the same time. Often if one has kidney disease, one has a hearing problem and vice versa. So T1 needs a urinalysis. There are some chronic heart conditions, not “momentary” like my SVT, that also could indicate a hearing issue. So T1 needs an EKG. Need to find a pediatric cardiologist. The inner cochlear bones could be malformed. So T1 needs a CT scan. The ENT could order the CT scan but I needed to get her pediatrician to either do the other tests or order them.

And after talking to a friend who just got hearing aids, those will be a series of appointments as well… one to get a trial pair, one to see how the trial went, one to fit the ones we’ll buy, one to retest in the booth how they are working, etc.

And the Chief is at sea and due to circumstances out of his control may not get home until the end of August.

Pediatrician visit and urinalysis complete today. Her pediatrician, who had only started her private practice within the year T1 was born and had seen her less than a day old, was in as much shock as I was. We talked family medical history and about all the testing the ENT wanted. Opted to get T1 into Children’s Hospital for the cardiologist rather than just a routine clinic EKG. (“If there is a problem she’ll need a cardiologist anyway…”) Of course I couldn’t get into the closest branch until late September but by choosing a different branch she could be seen sooner and at least I don’t have to go all the way to the big city like when T2 had her first mystery illness. Cardiologist scheduled for the 7th and the CT scan will be local on the 10th. Follow-up with the ENT on the 28th.

Last night we told her private teacher for viola lessons about the hearing deficit. After his initial shock he said, “Now things make sense. She doesn’t self-correct like she should.” She has college scholarship auditions to prepare for–now we know we have additional work to accomplish.

Got a call today to see if we wanted to start the hearing aid process. I am not ready for that. Gadgets are not my thing. I know the Chief will research every model out there and have all the pros and cons and customer reviews on hand. He’ll look at cost and efficiency. He wants to know if this will be progressive. I’m going to wait until the 28th, crossing my fingers that he will be home, to start the process. I am not up to doing this alone.

On the drive home today T1 was silent so at the red light I signed, Are you okay? Of course she scowled at me. I had been jokingly signing I love you since the day before. I stopped giggling and said, “I have to joke about it because I think if I didn’t, I’d cry.”



The light turned green and I caught her out of the corner of my eye signing Are you okay?

“Maybe I have to find your old sign language books and watch YouTube to teach myself sign language. I might need it in the future.”

Like I said, she’s handling it better than I am.


Writer’s Workshop: Special Delivery

February 9, 2011

4.) Share a photo that captures special Valentine(s).

The first glimpse of one of the loves of my life (2/11/00).

At 19 weeks with my first pregnancy, in January, I had my first episode of supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) that lasted over 2 hours and I had to be chemically defibrillated. I’m glad they told me not to look at the monitor–I’m not sure how I would have reacted to seeing myself flatline for 15 seconds. DH was coming home the next day so we didn’t tell him until he was home and I had to explain why I didn’t meet him at the airport (bed rest).

My 20 week ultrasound was scheduled for the first week of February but a snow storm left us having to reschedule. On the day of the first appointment I tried and tried to get through by phone to see if the appointment was canceled. I even kept myself from not going to the bathroom. We drove over there to discover the place was closed. Seriously? The roads were not that bad. And couldn’t they have had a nurse or an automated system call patients to notify them appointments were canceled–or get that on the phone message instead of “Mailbox Full”?

The first available appointment was two weeks later so I was closer to almost 23 weeks. I had to know the gender but DH did not want to know. I was only able to keep it a secret for about 12 hours.

My MIL was going to have major surgery on Valentine’s. She is an organ donor. She went with me to my next appointment to hear the news from my OB. She wanted to know that everything with my heart was okay and that her next grandchild was doing fine.

The organ recipient was a very close family friend. We visited her in recovery. She squeezed my hand and asked, “Now that I have (a piece of MIL) can I be the baby’s grandmother too?” Absolutely. Extra grandmothers for spoiling babies is always a plus. At my baby shower she was given a special seat along with my mother, MIL, and DH’s grandmother.

Writing Prompts:

1.) A lecture you still remember.
2.) You know you’re a rookie mom when you…
3.)  A poem for your special Valentine.
4.) Share a photo that captures special Valentine(s).
5.) Read the following quote and respond: “Sometimes you have to break the rules around you to keep the rules within you” -Martha Beck O Magazine

If you want more information on Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, click on the pink poodle over there…

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