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Five-Minute Friday: Remember

March 22, 2013

Now, set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. 2. Link back here and invite others to join in. 3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..


Remember that they are just children.

Remember that they have feelings too.

Remember that your grumpy mood impacts them … even if your aches and pains make you want to roll over and pull the blanket over your head.

Remember to say “I love you.”

Remember to show “I love you.”

Hold them today. Say you are sorry you were not in the best of moods this morning. Say “I love you.” Hold them so tight they groan “Moooommmmm! Let go!” Then squeeze again.

Remember that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

But remember to live life to the fullest, not in fear. Not in regret.

Remember to appreciate today.

Even if they roll their eyes, bite as if they are a toddler, or insist that you be semi-coherent first thing in the morning.

My grumpy mood could be the last words spoken (or in my case unspoken). What a regret that would be! 3 PM can’t get here fast enough.

I will hold tight. I will remember. I will try to do better.


I have so much more to write than just five minutes. But I have no words. Just heartache for an old friend who lost a child this morning. This child, only in her 20s, the mother of her own 1 year old … gone too soon. And not the mother’s first loss. Dear friend–you who have shown me so much courage in the face of so much tragedy, your strength, love, compassion, graciousness, such an example and uplifting spirit–dear friend, may God wrap you in His arms. May your babies be greeting each other in heaven today.


Five Minute Friday: Gift

March 30, 2012

Want to play Five Minute Friday? It’s easy peasy!

1. Write for 5 minutes flat on the prompt–no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back to The Gypsy Mama and invite others to join in.
3. Meet & encourage someone who linked up before you.

OK, are you ready? Give us your best five minutes on:


It is better to give than to receive. We have all been given gifts that we love. The best gifts are ones:

that can be shared

were unexpected

were from the heart

Each day is a gift. Each step I can take is a gift. All from the Father.

My children are blessings, or gifts. I’ve never outright asked DH, not sure if I want to know the answer, but I have said I seriously wasn’t looking for daughters. Wasn’t sure I’d know what to do with them. God gave me not necessarily what I wanted (I did want children after all) but what I NEEDED.

And I can share these daughters with DH, with their grandparents, with the world. They are mine only temporarily, for such a short time. It is a daunting job but I do not parent alone and God is watching over them.


BTW, I bet you’re glad this was short and sweet after those last 1K+ entries… LOL


Five Minute Fridays: Empty

March 9, 2012

Empty Coffee Cup

So the Gypsy Mama gives a topic and we’re to write, unfiltered and unedited for 5 minutes and then link back to her, giving encouragements to other bloggers.

The topic this week is: Empty.

It is 7:10 AM. I wish I had a coffee habit to fill but I don’t. I feel like my patience quota is on empty but really this isn’t bad. It has been much worse.

I’ve written before that one of the lessons I’ve learned in this “life” is that routine is important for the children and a sanity saver for me. Yet mornings still remain hard.

I am thankful the mornings are no longer plagued by physical pain. Just “I’m not a morning person” attitude. Which T1 seems to share. I know it is a choice how I respond to her but I also know she and her sister make choices about whether to pick on each other or argue over who feeds the dogs. And therefore they can ultimately set the tone for the day.

T1 just asked if she could walk to the bus stop on her own. Part of me lives for the day when this is a regular occurrence and my mornings can be a little more mine, but my heart just suddenly flipped that one day the children will no longer need me. How empty will I feel then?



Five Minute Fridays: Ache

March 2, 2012

I thought I’d try a new meme this week. It will actually go well with some blogs I plan to do with the photos I took this week.

So the Gypsy Mama gives a topic and we’re to write, unfiltered and unedited for 5 minutes and then link back to her, giving encouragements to other bloggers.

The topic this week is Ache. Here goes:

So on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being no pain, and 10 being the worst pain you can possibly imagine, where are you on that scale? Surprisingly, I’m a 1. A month ago I was probably a 3/4 with the pain in my joints being a dull ache that had me waiting for the prednisone to kick in each morning and taking it again at night to be comfortable enough to sleep.

I am ecstatic to be a 1. These are normal everyday aches and pains. Okay, maybe having my pectoral muscles hurt because we just upped my weight (boy, can’t remember the exercise name to save my life at the moment!) is not normal but it feels good. It is a good ache. It means I am transforming my body through hard work.

It is not like the pain I was feeling as my body was turning against itself.

Ache. These are the aches of growing old at a normal pace, not at a pace that will age me before my time. I can live with these.

I can live with the 5-second sting as the Enbrel enters the large muscles of my thighs. I can live with the relief of the aches.

Done. (But I can’t resist spell check!)

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