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It’s a BOY!!

June 21, 2017

On June 10th T1, T2, Heddie, Simi-Ruthie, and I drove to Greyhound Central to meet new dogs. We had one in particular in mind–a gorgeous white and red 4 year old male. That’s usually how it goes–you see a dog online, apply for it, get put on a waiting list after you’ve been vetted, and you go meet dogs but usually not the one you saw online. Because by the time you’ve been vetted that dog is already reserved or the adoption group just doesn’t feel it would be a good match.

Cassiopeia was not the dog we saw online.

Crookshanks and Hedwig were not the dogs we saw online. In fact they were so hot off the tracks that their photos had never been posted!

I was very surprised when they said we would be meeting the dog we have applied for. I thought it was a good thing as the Chief had at least seen his picture.

But when we met him, he was kind of shell-shocked meeting Simi-Ruthie and Heddie. It was 90 degrees and the dog wasn’t panting. His tail wasn’t tucked but it wasn’t wagging either. I asked T1 if she had shared some of her Percocet with him (she got her wisdom teeth out on the 8th). He wasn’t feeling the vibe and neither was I.

They brought us out another boy. One we really weren’t considering because his picture didn’t “speak” to me and because he was still a “juvenile” at 3 1/2 years old. Simi-Ruthie did not like him approaching her head on but he just rolled with it and was like “okay, you’re the boss.” Our adoption coordinator got us to just walk around and eventually the two of them ignored each other. Hedwig walked just fine with him.

After seeing the first dog again, and being just as underwhelmed, they brought the second dog back out again. Simi-Ruthie lay down with her back to him–a sign that she was alpha and unconcerned by him. He lay down as well with his back to her. Hedwig will lay down at any chance and had been laying down for quite a while. They asked us if we wanted to see any females. I laughed. Simi-Ruthie would have no part of another female in the house.

After asking the important question: “What do you think the Chief will say?” the girls and I unanimously decided this gorgeous 3 1/2 year old solid red (with 3 white feet) boy would be coming home with us.


Introducing Bailey, f.n.a. Precocious Bale, whelped on 11/24/13.

The Chief renamed him Bailey though the girls and I were tossing around Baelfyre from Once Upon a Time or Beowulf. The Chief would have none of those “fluffy” names.

We call him Bailey Boy. I guess it helps us remember there is a new male in the house. He is my first ever male dog. Same for the girls. The Chief had one or two males growing up.

He has been a dream. No marking in the house. Getting used to our schedule. No separation anxiety. Simi-Ruthie has to still wear a muzzle around him but even she is getting not so aggressive. Yes, she barked and barked until I sat with her on the couch so that she could sit on top of me so that he understood I was hers.

Heddie has bonded to him immediately. When we were inside filling out paperwork, his foster mom took him out for a potty break and Heddie stood up and howled for him just like she used to do whenever parted from Crookshanks. Sniffle.

I tried taking him into a pet store the other night to get his nails ground but he was having none of that. We take him for his first check-up in the morning–I hope he does better. We’re bring Heddie with us for moral support.

We can’t wait for the Chief to meet him. Maybe he won’t feel so outnumbered.

**Hedwig (Kiowa Packers) and Bailey (Precocious Bale) have a shared great, great, great grandsire named Downing. Downing was whelped in 1975 and was a champion dog. So neat that they are cousins of the same generation!**


De Ja Vue

June 1, 2017

I don’t speak French so hopefully that is the correct spelling.

This time last year I was anxiously awaiting news on a job I thought I was a shoe-in for and I convinced the Chief that an 8 year-old borzoi NEEDED me to adopt her.

Long story short, my current position (not the one I had applied for in May) is being eliminated as the school no longer meets the requirements for the federal funding. Yesterday I just got word that the other position is coming open again. I am definitely jumping at the chance. I’m not sure how the whole transfer thing works but I was told that every effort would be made to secure a new position. Hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, this will work this time.

Second, someone posted pictures of a new foster greyhound on the group FaceBook page. He is adorable. Yes, I said HE. A big goofy 4 year old male. I brought T1 in to see his pictures and she agreed–we should try to get him or another male. I pretty much submitted my application that moment, same as last year. The Chief is just laughing at me. A male. And he should be going back to sea before he has a chance to train this one and get him integrated into the pack with Simi-Ruthie (borzoi) and Hedwig (greyhound).

I know. We just lost Crookshanks at the end of March. Is it too soon? Simi and Hedwig are finally getting along. Simi still has issues. Are we upsetting the delicate balance by bringing in another dog? We definitely can’t get another female who might challenge Simi for alpha status.

I have never had a male dog before. I’m excited.

De Ja Vue. Nerve-wracking. Exciting. Stressful. Impatient. I am all those things.


Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012
Memorial Day Flag

Memorial Day Flag (Photo credit: Seth J)

It is a quiet day for us. T1 and I are recuperating from her first ren faire experience all in garb, greeting patrons and educating about greyhounds and greyhound adoptions. It was hot! Crook and Heddie provided quite the comedy of errors and enjoyed all the adoring fans and 6 other greyhounds to play with… or sleep with. T2 has yet to return from a sleep-over and I understand is at her second BBQ for the weekend.

I am thankful to all those who gave their lives in service to our country to preserve our freedoms. Let us never make their sacrifices be in vain.

I sometimes find that I take these freedoms for granted.

Last year I posted a link to an organization that is attempting to bring veterans to DC for them to visit the different war memorials that honor the sacrifices of their fallen service men and women. That link is no longer valid. Please visit Honor Flight Network. (As their website states they are the only non-profit organization as there are two for-profit groups that charge for these tours.)


Project 365: Week 1

January 8, 2012

I’m actually liking this attempt to take a photo a day. I missed the 3-5th but made up for it and have 7 beautiful pictures to show for it. I won’t be posting any pictures I take of my children though… I’m going to have to figure out how to make some of these pictures have a maritime connection to go along with this blog.

Jan. 1 DH and my FIL were having a blast keeping Cousin IT from escaping. It was the funniest thing to watch him try to climb over DH’s big feet and then my FIL reach down and join in. He’s not as young as he used to be so seeing this burst of energy is sweet but worrisome at times–Cousin IT is no sweet simple girlie like what my FIL is used to (his own grandson is 21 years old this month).

Cousin IT cannot escape!

Jan. 2 I collect (hehe) Santas. This came about because my mother had one Santa for each of us. My sister’s came from Germany. My brother’s was actually inflatable but sadly does not exist anymore. My Santa is a little worn but still beautiful for 37 years. I decided to make sure T1 and T2 had Santas of their own. T1’s is a beautiful 10 inch statue while T2’s came from a yard sale and is a floppy 4 foot stuffed jolly man. T1 actually got 3 or 4 her first Christmas because my mother and MIL felt possessed to jump on this little tradition with me so she has about 14 even though she’s only had 11 Christmases. T2 only has one for each Christmas (9). I think it will be neat to give them their collections of Santas when they move out. I collect the Hallmark series and try to find uniques each year.

Santa Collection, copyright SnipeWife

Jan. 3 & 4 These are male and female greyhound statues that I got from a friend when I was helping her help her own MIL downsize. The female one actually fell over during our recent seismic activity.

female hound

I chose to take pictures of these to show the anticipation we are feeling waiting for our new additions.

male hound

I’m sure our new greys will be the subject of many 365 pictures.

Jan. 6 My MIL sent me a beautiful flower arrangement in a cute tea cup for my anniversary.

Jan. 7 This is an abstract picture of the first pineapple I purchased. I will definitely have to do a longer post on the meaning of pineapples and why I collect them. (Yes, another collection! HeHe!)

pineapple abstract, copyright SnipeWife

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