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Gold Award Court of Honor

August 20, 2017

The Chief was unable to make it home. He missed it by a week. It couldn’t be helped. But he was there in spirit. His carved Girl Scout Bridge and his Hounds at Hazelwild medallion were on display. And he sent an email for me to read during the parents’ moment to speak.

Ok, now is the time to grab your tissues. T1, your dad, who is the Eagle scout, and I are very proud of you and this amazing project you created and undertook. I would say yes, there were times you were a typical teenager but then this wasn’t a project a typical teenager would attempt. I hope you know that after doing this, you can really take on any event and project you put your mind to.

                              The Chief sent the following message: Every Dad thinks their daughter is amazing, I have the blessing of knowing that mine is. When I learned the size and scope of the project she set out to do I had an initial bit of hesitation, knowing the amount of work that would be required. T1 insisted that she was up to the challenge and would be able to get the job done. In the end, the time, sweat and trials that went into this project were worth it in the end. Completing a Gold Award Project is something to be proud of, but as a Dad I was more proud of something else. Being able to have a vision, share it with others, and get so many people to give their time and energy to make it a success is even more amazing. Seeing the growth and maturity as she dealt with the challenges lets me know that she’s capable of anything she sets her mind to.

  I truly know my daughter is awesome.

Many of you know that T1 lost her special greyhound, Crookshanks, on March 31st. I was originally going to commission the same Cindy Liebel pendant for T1 but the idea came to me to honor Crook. Racing greyhounds have tattoos in their ears. One set of numbers marks the kennel the hound came from. The other ear has the birth month and year followed by a letter showing which order in their litter they were tattooed. Crook, who raced as Kiowa Saints, had identical tattoos to her sister Hedwig except for the letter–128F. I always said it stood for fair, as Crook was lighter than Heddie, who is 128D (for dark). I thought about a pendant but you are really a bracelet kind of girl. So here is a custom Cindy Liebel cuff bracelet with Crook’s tattoo numbers. And when people ask you about those numbers, Crook will always be honored as your first–but not last–greyhound and how she helped you earn your Gold Award.

Note: I had a few dads in the audience come up to me afterwards to say that they fought back a few sniffles. My SIL’s dad came up to me and said, “When she struggles in life, the first thing she needs is the Bible. The second is her dad’s email. Make sure she takes a framed copy of that with her to college.”



Thankfulness 2014: Week 3

November 29, 2014

Nov. 15 Today, I am thankful for today. Please go and hug your loved ones and tell them you appreciate them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Nov. 16 I am thankful for my mom. Our relationship has always been rocky but that is probably because we are so much alike. But no matter what she will be there for me. I am thankful for every day with her; each one is a gift.

Nov. 17 I am thankful for finding the energy to get through today. Never knowing what I am up for makes it so hard sometimes to commit to the many things I want to and have to do. No, the laundry didn’t get done but I worked and trained and took some scouts shopping. That’s enough for me even if tomorrow I need a nap.

Nov. 18 I am thankful for my troop of Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassador. And all the support of their families. What a crazy and entertaining night! Never a dull moment and at least the meal was successful. It was a bittersweet moment with one family noticeably absent. Love all my girls: [names removed to protect the innocent and not so innocent] … watching you become amazing young women. Thank you, JSB, T, and the Chief for making tonight happen too!

Nov.19 I am thankful that the Chief is doing something to make sure we are leaving a legacy of responsible stewardship. We are already doing many things right but we are working on others. Plus there may be hope for our spoiled children yet! “Date night” was to Dave Ramsey‘s Legacy presentation. Oh and I am thankful we heard together which one of us should be making the budget. As my mom says, “Three guesses who and the first two don’t count.”

Nov. 20 Today I am thankful Christmas music… I am currently burning mix CDs for the car and have come to the conclusion I have way too much Christmas music. On my 7th CD and I’m thinking it is going to total between 18-20 CDs. Nah, you can’t have too much Christmas music. I do love our local station that turns into the Christmas station Thanksgiving Day but it seems they play only the same 20 song. I want variety. Lots of it. My latest acquisition? Darius Rucker‘s Home for the Holidays and Harry Connick Jr‘s 2008 What a Night. Probably my 3rd or 4th Christmas album by him and well, you can never have too much HCJr either.

Seriously too much. 23 CDs. And I almost forgot to mix in Straight No Chaser. (I’ve been told I need to get Michael Buble and Pentatonix. Any other suggestions out there?)

Nov. 21 I am thankful to all the teachers who taught me the basics of the English language. It amazes me how much I have forgotten but actually use every day and take for granted. Seriously, how could a person with an English degree blank on common suffixes? (It is a little more complicated than that but embarrassing nonetheless.) Not necessarily “use it or lose it” but I can’t always explain why I use it. LOL Humbling to say the least.

And yes, my post on Romantic Christmas Songs is still my number 1 post of all time with 687 views. Don’t forget to check out Part 2 and my 2013 review of Trace Atkins and the Robertsons.


Father-Daughter Dances of the Past

April 28, 2014

This is our 8th Father-Daughter dance (since T1 was in 1s grade). I believe the Chief has only been home for 4 of them. As I posted pictures of my daughters and my BILs from this past weekend I realized just how special are my BILs and how blessed are my daughters.

2007 my father took T1. At the time my parents were “threatening” to move to the beach so I thought I should ask my father to be her escort just in case. They haven’t moved and in fact have sold their condo.

2008 my FIL took T2 and the Chief escorted T1. The Chief was actually at the office doing his EODP and one of the stipulations for the abrupt schedule change was that they would fly him home for the weekend so he could take his daughter to the dance. Red-eye home Saturday morning with a return flight Sunday afternoon.

2009 the Chief’s brother took T1 and the Chief escorted T2. This is the one and only year I made their dresses … don’t get excited. They were those ruffled dresses that only needed one seam and are worn like a tube top … I added straps and pretty bows. This was the last year for corsages.

2010 my FIL took T1 and my father escorted T2. This was a Sock-Hop so I thought the grandfathers would dress casually. Nope. They both wore suits while the young dads came dressed as the Fonz. I got to witness the dance because the organizer had a small troop and was desperate for help so my MIL and I served drinks all night. We found coordinating bracelet “corsages” at the new Charming Charlies.

2011 my sister’s new husband escorted T2 and the Chief was home to take T1. This was the year of the dress drama. We found a prom dress in size 2 at the Good Will … it fit T2 and not T1. Needless to say this was the beginning of having listen to T1 pitch a fit if I didn’t agree with her expensive tastes in dresses. It was cold and rainy outside so we had to take pictures inside this year.
*The Chief’s brother was on stand-by just in case the Chief couldn’t make it home. I had asked my own brother to take one of the girls and he waited until about a week before the dance to tell me “no” which is why my sister’s husband stepped in.

2012 my father escorted T1 again while my FIL took T2 again. T1 wanted a “little black dress.” This gave the grandfathers heart failure to see their 12-year-old granddaughter looking so mature.

2013 it was T2’s turn to have Chief be her escort and my father escorted T1 again.

So my oldest scout in the troop decided she wanted to host the Father-Daughter Dance this year. She asked my co-leader to help and it has been quite an experience… I’ll post tomorrow about the recap.

2014 The Chief’s brother took T1 again and my sister’s husband took T2 … guess I didn’t realize we should have switched that up. Oops. Well now I have a list to easily look back on for future dances. All the grandparents came for an early dinner at our traditional place and BIL’s girlfriend came and actually went to the dance with ME and helped run the event. It’s hard to believe there will only be 4 more of these for T1.

The bottom line is how truly blessed the girls are to have such loving male figures in their lives when the Chief can’t be home. They’ve never “shared” an escort either. T1 has her first school formal coming up and I know things are going to change but these Father-Daughter Dances will always be special family experiences. I know I’m blessed to have wonderful brothers-in-law and if my Texas rebel BIL were only closer I know he would have stepped in too.


Independence Day

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I’ve been MIA because I was in Savannah, GA visiting the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low and the First Headquarters of the Girl Scouts. T1, T2, and my MIL were with me. My mother was to go but due to circumstances out of her control she could not attend. I thought it was pretty gracious of her to let MIL take her place.

Today, after recovering from the trip yesterday, we are enjoying a quiet day with family. The Chief is due to ship out within the week and the girls and I are about to attend church camp. So it is a picnic of yummy Sheetz sandwiches and ice-cold ice tea and taking the dogs with us to find a nice place to enjoy our lunch. The Chief doesn’t want to grill in this heat and I don’t blame him. Unfortunately it looks like a forecast of storms tonight so we may not be able to see any fireworks.

Last year the Chief was at sea. T2 and I were at camp and T1 was riding in my hometown parade with my mother who was Citizen of the Year. She had such a blast waving at everyone and throwing candy. We are so proud of my mother for all that she does through the corporate giving program at her place of employment.

I guess I am like her (GASP!) because I took the Grace Gifts assessment for Bible class and I scored strongly as the Giver. My second was a Shepherd, and third and fourth were tied Teacher and Evangelist. It is an interesting study.

So thank you to all who fought to defend our rights. Past. Present. Future. It is always interesting to note that initially the intent was never to be independent, just to have rights and representation. I think that is probably the same dilemma Robert E. Lee faced with the offer to command the Union troops or go against his home state.

Thank you to the Founding Fathers who made such a hard choice and fought bravely. I don’t know where our country is headed; I despise election years; but I don’t want to get too political on here. We are an independent nation and we must exercise the right to vote and be good citizens. I am always amazed that some of the loudest and rudest complainers didn’t even bother to vote. (I won’t even begin to tell you about the soldier I know who has never voted in an election…)

Enjoy the day. Celebrate. Eat. Ooh and Ahh the fireworks. Stay safe and cool. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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