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PMS … it’s not what you think!

February 25, 2014
This game actually came out after Kill Doctor Lucky, but takes place before. Both games are fun to play!

This game actually came out after Kill Doctor Lucky, but takes place before. Both games are fun to play!

The other night, before the Chief shipped out, we were having a Family Game Night. If you haven’t played either Kill Doctor Lucky or Save Doctor Lucky, you don’t know what you are missing.

The girls were being a bit obnoxious. Loud. Goofy. Interrupting the game in a major way.

The Chief was not having any of it. In fact if it had continued he would have called the game. After one grumpy bark, T1 exchanged a look with me.

Smiling, I started signing to her under the table. Apparently not as far under the table as I thought. While she struggled with the letters, the Chief blurts out, “PMS.”

My only response was, “Well, if the shoe fits.”

Yesterday, a day after the Chief left, T1 asked, “Mom, when you were signing PMS, did you mean me or Dad?”


T2 then chimes in, “Yeah, he was grumpy. We were just having fun.”

“You know he gets into his mode before he leaves. You guys were being a bit rowdy.”

T1: So it’s kind of like ‘Pre-Maritime Stressing.’

Me: Exactly!

I told the Chief about this revelation and his defense is “I was just trying to enjoy the game and they weren’t letting me with all their acting up.”

No comment. “Just thought I’d warn you before I posted it for the world to see.”

P.S. In a funny twist it turns out T1 was PMSing. HAHA! Now I know what’s wrong with me!


Game Night

December 24, 2011

It’s kind of bitter-sweet to be playing games tonight when one of the last times we played was on the floor of my office with Cassie nestled between us so we could keep her calm during a severe thunderstorm. She almost won that game of Apples to Apples. 🙂

Tonight we played Clue: Discover the Secrets and Taboo.

During Clue T2 announces: “I’m going to make a brick fart in the pool!”

I swear that’s what she said! In reality she swears she said “make a break for it to the pool (to make an accusation)!”

We had chili for dinner. I hope you can imagine the downhill spiral this misinterpretation took.

On to Taboo. You really have to know your partner to excel at this game.

T2: Ooooo! You make this in the morning and I like it!

Me: Cereal? Bagels? Pancakes?

T2: It has meat in it!

Me: Bacon?

T2: Yes!

What kind of bacon does she think I serve?

T1: Cats use this. It involves their butts.

DH: Their tongues? Kitty litter?

Now DH’s turn to give clues.

DH: Daddy is an angel because he is….?

T1: Perfect?

I think I’m going to be sick.

The game is over. DH and T1 have narrowly squeaked by for a win. I hear DH ask about a clue she gave:

DH: Wait. Which one was Papa?

T1: I thought that said Geezer.

The card was geyser.

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