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Musings of my Blog-iversary

December 9, 2014

So 11 days ago WordPress kindly reminded me that I have been masquerading as Snipe Wife for 4 years now. Wow. Hard to believe. I also now have 200+ followers. If you’ve read my blog long enough you know how I feel about at least 50 of those being robots or people who just want to hawk their own websites and having nothing to do with merchant marine affairs or anything else I post about. Really, WordPress, why can’t I click “delete” on some of these pointless follows? But 200 followers in 4 years is not bad for being an anonymous blog.

I had started the blog with much trepidation but with amazing support from a fellow blogger. I spent the month posting on FaceBook my 30 days of thanks and posted them on Dec. 1st. I honestly don’t know which FB friend started that but for 4 years now I have continued the tradition.

Four years ago I suffered probably the second most traumatizing event in my life. If you read the last few entries on that list, I described a desperation and despondency; anxiety that would spiral out of control; a pain that would stick with me for years. The purpose of the list is to count your blessings. I don’t post on FB “If you love Jesus, you’ll repost this” pithy sayings and “challenges” … instead I was trying to list what I was more than grateful for, knowing the source of all the blessings in my life. My intent was to never stand before anyone and say “Thank God I’m not like that tax collector; look at what I do” (Luke 18:9-14). My intent was not to make anyone else feel bad they didn’t have fabulous baby sitters to make their lives easier or to criticize anyone else’s husbands who can’t stand in the Chief’s amazing shadow. But my attempt to just show, rather than “repost”, my gratitude was twisted in the brutal attack.

The following years I debated even doing the list but I felt it was important to write these blessings down, to show my children later so that they too could appreciate all that we have been blessed with to cultivate giving hearts in them. I would struggle and lose steam as the month wore on and I got closer to the anniversary of that trauma. I questioned whether posting such a list was vain and pithy and whether it made others uncomfortable. And yet as I read the daily posts of other friends who joined in, I never saw the same flaws in their lists. I was encouraged and uplifted by their thoughtful lists. I was much harder on myself.

Interesting that I saw a lot of 3-day and 7-day thanks challenges starting in the fall this year. I did not participate because I was going to make my 30 Days of Thanks again this year. And it was going to be different. I was going to truly focus of finding something that day that I was thankful for. I would make it less of a laundry list. Yes, I always started off with giving credit where credit was due–that wouldn’t change. But if I was thankful for a rainy day then I would thank God for that rain. Yes, I’m still thankful for my fabulous friends and babysitters and I can’t live without them but I was focusing on the little things, the things we really take for granted.

I didn’t necessarily post every day; instead toward the end of the month I posted every couple of days. Not because I lost steam or had doubts… I just wanted to think about the thing I was most thankful for.

I didn’t lose steam because I didn’t hear those brutal words anymore. There was a fundamental shift in letting it go. Letting go and trusting in healing God provided me. It wasn’t over night but it was so much better than the two years of pain that left me with generalized anxiety and the onset of psoriatic arthritis. The healing continued to evolve and my trust in God has grown.

I’ve even told total strangers on the merchant mariner wives FB that I write this blog. I haven’t given up on this blog, I just write when the mood strikes me. I’m less self-conscious about it … even coming to terms with creating boundaries with the Chief about his input. Four years… lots to be grateful for, lots of lessons learned. Lots of healing.

To my 200+ followers, real or not, thank you for sticking with me on this journey.



When do you cut bait?

January 23, 2014

I was on the computer for a long time yesterday. It has been a while. I noticed I’ve only posted twice this month and I haven’t read up on many of the blogs I follow.

It got me thinking. Are all the links on my page current? What about in my Internet Explorer favorites bar?

I was surprised by the number of inactive or missing blog pages altogether. Most of the blogs I had bookmarked seemed to have stopped blogging in 2012 or within the last four months.

Naturally the missing blogs I deleted. The ones that stopped in 2012 I also deleted. But what about a blogger who seemed to randomly stop in August or September or maybe even as late as October of 2013. Holidays can be brutal so who can blame someone for taking a break. I took one.

I take breaks quite frequently. But I seem to manage 3 or 4 posts a month even on my slowest months.

I have followers that I know are just spammers. I wish I could clean that list up too (hey, WordPress–how about it? Can you let us freeloaders decide who we allow to follow us or not?) It makes for inaccurate statistics and I really don’t want help with building up my readership or being just a number to some joker!

So when do you decide to cut bait on a fellow blogger who seems to have dropped off the face of the world? Some I would love to know if they’re okay and what is new in their lives. Should I keep their link indefinitely just in case they pop back up into bloggy land? Do you?

What about blogs that were for a specific purpose, like say a semester abroad or a mission trip? No new posts will be forthcoming.

I was on the computer for a long time. It was refreshing to hit delete, delete. I wish those bloggers well. Perhaps their blog served its purpose and they have moved on. I hope those that had issue specific blogs (health, etc.) did not take a turn for the worst.

And if I’m not posting the kinds of things to keep you interested, I won’t mind the unfollow (hint, hint, spammers!).

Feel free to post comments–I want to know what you think.


UPDATE: YES! Not 1 minute after publishing this post I received a “follow” from a guy who wants to show me how to make income blogging. With no way to contact him directly I decided to leave a comment. After gagging over all the “Thanks for the follow, man!” and “Great stuff! Look forward to getting more tips” I respectfully asked him to unfollow me if he had no other interest in my blog other than to generate more traffic and business for himself. My comment is waiting for moderation. I’ll let you know what the response is. Disgusting!!!


Three Years? Already?

November 27, 2013
Happy Anniversary!

You registered on 3 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!


So a little bit of the stats:

I’ve made 413 posts in three years. I’ve posted under 22 categories.

I have 138 followers but sadly I will have to say about 75 of those are scammers and spammers who just want to connect with my blog “to help me learn better blogging techniques.” And I’m sure I will get at least one new to follow my blog based on this post.

As I’ve said, my most popular post is Romantic Christmas Songs, posted in 2011.

My most popular maritime related post is: Writing Workshop: Why Snipe Wife?

This is followed by Captain Phillips: Will you go see it? It has 76 views but sadly only Enchanted Seashells bothered to tell me if they’d see it. (She is also my #1 commenter.)

My Personal: Parables of the Ten Minas is my most viewed personal opinion piece.

My picture of the N.S. Savannah is my most view image.


Happy 4th!

July 4, 2013

I’m not sure there will be much in the way of fireworks around here…

The past three years I had been working at Bible camp and got to enjoy a cook out and fireworks over the lake. I’m not teaching this week but T2 is a camper so she will have a blast.

My friend who used to host a 4th party but took a few years off … is having a party this year. But I am sans children and hubby. She understood that given events earlier this week that I was not in a solo socializing mood. She is such a good friend.

I was also invited to go into the city with friends and stay for the fireworks but their daughter, who was camping with T2, got sent home with a virus for two days so they took her back to camp today. Poor thing. I’ll probably bring her with us next week when we go to camp to work on T1’s Silver project (we once a week).

T1 is at the grandparents because we did not have music lessons this week. She has spent the day puking. Actually she puked half way through Despicable Me 2–and the nice theater manager gave them a refund so they could see it again.

It is already July 5th where the Chief is. I am waiting for the call to tell me he has made it to port safely. My hat is off to those spouses with mariners who run long haul and international … especially in this day and age of pirates.

Independence Day … you know, when you think about it, Independence was only a last resort to our determined founding fathers, something they had wanted to avoid. Makes you wonder if George III had just listened to the people what would things be like today. Makes me wish those we elect would listen to the people. But then, when a dismal number of people fail to exercise their right to vote (and I don’t always vote in primaries, etc.), would we ever be able to have a “people’s vote”? Or would it be like some totalitarian nightmare and that kind of vote if it didn’t go the way of those in power would just be ignored?

Enough ramblings for the day… tomorrow I will despair over the fact that 9 out of 10 of my newest “followers” all want to sell me their newsletters about how to make money blogging. BOOOOO. How did I attract these idiots?

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