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Gold Award Court of Honor

August 20, 2017

The Chief was unable to make it home. He missed it by a week. It couldn’t be helped. But he was there in spirit. His carved Girl Scout Bridge and his Hounds at Hazelwild medallion were on display. And he sent an email for me to read during the parents’ moment to speak.

Ok, now is the time to grab your tissues. T1, your dad, who is the Eagle scout, and I are very proud of you and this amazing project you created and undertook. I would say yes, there were times you were a typical teenager but then this wasn’t a project a typical teenager would attempt. I hope you know that after doing this, you can really take on any event and project you put your mind to.

                              The Chief sent the following message: Every Dad thinks their daughter is amazing, I have the blessing of knowing that mine is. When I learned the size and scope of the project she set out to do I had an initial bit of hesitation, knowing the amount of work that would be required. T1 insisted that she was up to the challenge and would be able to get the job done. In the end, the time, sweat and trials that went into this project were worth it in the end. Completing a Gold Award Project is something to be proud of, but as a Dad I was more proud of something else. Being able to have a vision, share it with others, and get so many people to give their time and energy to make it a success is even more amazing. Seeing the growth and maturity as she dealt with the challenges lets me know that she’s capable of anything she sets her mind to.

  I truly know my daughter is awesome.

Many of you know that T1 lost her special greyhound, Crookshanks, on March 31st. I was originally going to commission the same Cindy Liebel pendant for T1 but the idea came to me to honor Crook. Racing greyhounds have tattoos in their ears. One set of numbers marks the kennel the hound came from. The other ear has the birth month and year followed by a letter showing which order in their litter they were tattooed. Crook, who raced as Kiowa Saints, had identical tattoos to her sister Hedwig except for the letter–128F. I always said it stood for fair, as Crook was lighter than Heddie, who is 128D (for dark). I thought about a pendant but you are really a bracelet kind of girl. So here is a custom Cindy Liebel cuff bracelet with Crook’s tattoo numbers. And when people ask you about those numbers, Crook will always be honored as your first–but not last–greyhound and how she helped you earn your Gold Award.

Note: I had a few dads in the audience come up to me afterwards to say that they fought back a few sniffles. My SIL’s dad came up to me and said, “When she struggles in life, the first thing she needs is the Bible. The second is her dad’s email. Make sure she takes a framed copy of that with her to college.”



Delay … Am I Bad to Want One?

September 14, 2014

After 18+ years I am used to this, really I am. The Chief is supposed to make the change out on the 23rd. However, they will be in transit to a warm, out of country port. He’s actually supposed to be in a nearby port on his birthday (the 19th, and he’ll be turning 45), just before this out of country port. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be able to join him on his birthday and sail with him for 5 days … but that just won’t work with my schedule and I guess the company doesn’t want a change out occurring out of country.

This would be the first time the Chief will be at a nearby port in about 16 years. Nearby meaning several hours away but that’s better than on opposite coasts. I would really like to drive up there and pick him up. As I said, my schedule is nuts and arranging a sitter for the daughters and the greyhounds… not even sure if it will be a drive and turn around or if I’d get to stay the night on board. And then the Chief mentions something about not having too many more opportunities to bring his dad to see his ship–both because his dad is 70+ and because the Chief is getting serious about retiring in a few years. So I also think it would be a great bonding thing for my dad to accompany us and see where his son-in-law works. Yes, after 18+ years I think my dad and husband need a little bonding experience.

Again, is it just a drive by “Hop on in!” and drive right on back home; would we get a chance to get into the port (not company owned anchorage) and actually see the ship; or would we get to spend the night on board–I know I have a bunk but what about the dads?

I really can’t get a sitter to take the girls to their soccer games and T1’s first high school fall social on Friday or Saturday … but if he is delayed by a day or two I could get a sitter for Sunday into Monday.

I’ve never had a chance to pick him up in port. It has been so long since I’ve sailed with him or even visited his ship(s) … like 15-16 years ago. And I do honestly want to bring the fathers.

So the babysitter and I are crossing fingers and hoping the delay happens. I have checked the oh-so-unsecure website and I know they have left port with an ETA of the 20th but as their satellite is on the fritz, it looks like they are “out of range” (when really they aren’t) for the time being. The Chief promises to update me as soon as he thinks they’ll have satellite communication.

P.S. I have given ample notice to all potential babysitters that if this run occurs during the winter, I am so sailing with the Chief out of country. The girls are less busy and I will make it happen.


Her Hero

September 18, 2012

T2’s appointment went well. I love, LOVE her doctor. He answered all my questions about what the results mean and what tests would be next. He took such a thorough family history–even still I think Mom and I forgot some things (makes you want to go write everything down for the future and keep it on hand at all times!). And he was so nice to ask Mom about her upcoming treatments for her breast cancer.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that two of T2’s abnormals have already come back normal. We have to wait about 24 hours for the results of the other repeated test. He explained to me what happens next: if normal, “Thanks for playing!”; if not normal, they do what is called a mixed study–to see how her abnormal blood reacts to normal blood. The results tell us which factors or inhibitors are at play. He ordered an additional test to see if she has a syndrome so common most people do not know they have it.

If normal, it was just a virus that she had and I just didn’t wait long enough for it to be completely out of her system. The virus just thinned her blood out a little too much over the summer. She makes platelets and clots so that is okay.

If it is this syndrome, we decide if we need to be a little more proactive when she has viruses or dental work, and we’ll need to monitor “Aunt Flo” when that happens.

If it is this syndrome, it explains a LOT in me!

Okay, so to the hero part. T2’s first writing assignment (yeah, I LOVE this teacher!) was to write about your hero. T2 chose the Chief. I haven’t read it but because I’ve been having conversations with my spoiled princesses about selfishness vs. sacrifices lately, she has snagged on to this idea of the sacrifices the Chief makes for us.

On our way home last night, I got a call from the ship’s number. The Chief was using the expensive SAT phone to call. He did not want to wait until they were in port. He really wanted assurance (as did I) that we were not dealing with a cancer of the blood. I am fairly certain we are not (there is an acquired form of the syndrome that is linked to cancers but she does not have enough other symptoms to lead us in that direction and therefore it is probably the inherited or genetic form). My heart was aching for the Chief. I can’t imagine what he has been dealing with. Did he jump on WebMD like I did? He doesn’t exactly have the support group I have shouting at me to get off there (BTW, I wasn’t supposed to look up information on the syndrome per the doctor’s advice… but I did anyway :P). Staying off WebMD and venting to my friends via FB and requesting prayers helped keep me calm when I really didn’t feel calm. Poor Chief.

So when I hung up I told T2, “Do you realize he called on the SAT phone–we have to pay for that expensive phone call? He wanted to know how you are doing.”

“That’s why he’s my hero.”

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