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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011

We’re back from our annual vacation with the in-laws that includes a visit to an amusement park for the rides and the after-dark haunted houses. Yes, I screamed like a girl. In one haunted house I was scared by the creature behind me, then the creature in front of me, who then asked my brother-in-law what my name was and proceeded to chant my name maniacally all the way through the maze! What fun!

T2 rode a new roller coaster with my BIL and me while T1 prefers not to ride. It’s okay.

So, tomorrow is November 1st. I have One Month news to post tomorrow. I will also be trying to do here what I do on my FB page for the month of November. I try to post something I am thankful for each day in the month. Last year as I started this blog adventure in November I just compiled all those statuses into one post. I may not post my statuses here every day but instead compile them into weekly bits. We’ll see.

Will you join me in thinking daily of what you are thankful for and posting on your FB page or blog? I hope so. I have so much that I have been blessed with… what a year it has been.

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