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Osteocarcinoma Bites!

March 30, 2017

We are once again saying good-bye to a beloved pet. Crookshanks belongs to Thing I and she is the Chief’s favorite (don’t tell her littermate Hedwig that!). We found out in January and made the decision to do palliative care (again). This time she seems to be in more pain as it is a front leg. They had just turned 8 and we had just celebrated 5 “Gotcha Days”. Five years is not enough time.

Hedwig will not be lonely. We adopted (rescued) an 8 year old borzoi last June. She came with the name Ruthie but we call her Simi-Ruthie. Simi is a loveable but deadly demon in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series. (No, my girls have not read them–only her young adult Chronicles of Nick series. And I have told them they need to be married before they can read them!) Simi can indeed be a little demon.

Otherwise, given how much Crook and Heddie suffer from being separated from each other I would be worried about her.

We had photos taken. I am glad we did. Thing I is a mess. The Chief may be a bit misty-eyed. I will be the one to go into the room with her and be with her to the end.

And then I have to go to work at noon. Yes, work… I am a full-time employee now as a reading para-educator.

Life is definitely changing for us.


Greyt News!

January 18, 2015

Back in my earlier days of consistently writing for Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, the owner of that blog–the fabulous Mama Kat–took notice of my sweet grey Cassie. We exchanged a few comments about our mutual love and affection for these graceful and loveable dogs. When I saw her Instagram feed explode this week with pictures of their adventures in fostering a retired greyhound, I was ecstatic!

Check out her IG account: @mamakatslosinit posted so many adorable pictures and very valid reasons on why everyone should adopt one of their own in a posted “30 Reasons Greyhounds are Gentle Giants…”

And now I will blow up my feed with a few pictures of our current greys, Crookshanks and Hedwig. They turned six on Dec. 3rd and we adopted them three years ago on January 14th, 2012. Enjoy!






Crook being stingy and not letting her sister have a bed


Crook giving me “crazy eyes”. “Not another picture, human or I will come get you!”


Heddie taking a break in one of the kennels. They rotate where they take their naps all day long. Greyhounds can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Having choices seems to make them happy.




Apparently I wasn’t showing them enough attention so they plopped on the hard floor without cushions to make sure I saw them.


Right after we picked them up from the kennel for boarding while we were in Hawaii. I missed them so much and they missed us! Not a great picture but it captures the energy in the truck.


Heddie “captured” a “rabbit” at the Faire and was doing a great bow.


Heddie greets a special visitor at the Faire. We work three weekends out of 5. The greys love all the attention they get from patrons. It is a great way to educate the public about greyhounds and adoption.


Crook demonstrates that even the most royal of hounds can get a little goofy. She was in a full-on cockroach for a patron.


Much more regal. I love Crook’s custom martingale collar by Needlenose Neckware. I looked for current shop information but her FB page hasn’t been active since 2013.


crazy eyes again… this time in a cockroach


Sweet sisters. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone that they’re naked (without collars) or we’d get in trouble and have tons of people messaging me about how unsafe it is to have them without their collars.



Christmas Greetings 2012

December 12, 2012

This year I decided to cut down and instead of a separate letter I just had it printed on the back of the family photo card I had printed up. I used StoryBook Creator software. I don’t plan to send out as many because I don’t receive as many. I did have plain no-letter photo cards done up as well.

Greetings! We hope this finds everyone healthy and surrounded by loved ones.     

The Chief was home for Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time but that means he will be shipping out mid-December. We’re making the most of it by celebrating earlier. He’s still sailing Chief and busier than ever.    

T1 finished 6th with straight As and attended the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in D.C. She joined a new team for spring and fall soccer and has really grown as a player. This fall she is starting work on her Silver Award for Cadette Girl Scouts and she auditioned for and earned a spot in the Junior All County Orchestra on viola.    

T2 won 1st place in the science fair and just missed straight As. We are all excited that for 5th grade she has teachers her sister did not and the year is off to a great start. We can’t believe it is her last year of elementary school. She is still playing soccer and is enjoying Junior Girl Scouts–earning her Bronze Award this summer. T2 had another “mystery illness” that sent us back to Children’s National but like last time we have no answers just recovery.    

If you haven’t already heard, our family grew with the addition of Hedwig and Crookshanks, sisters who will turn 4 on Dec. 3rd. These sweet greys picked the girls at first meeting and it has been wonderful ever since! They made their debut at the Renn Faire in May. T1 also made her debut as Mistress Roo.    

We also celebrated the arrival of another nephew, Flat Stanley, in January. The girls love playing with their cousins and the more the merrier!    

2012 has been a year of highs and lows. I am responding well to new medication for my psoriatic arthritis; our nephew had major surgery at 4 months old; my dad had surgery and was in the hospital for a month in June; T2 had her mystery illness; and my mother is currently in treatment for breast cancer. Several family members have unstable job situations. But Mom is doing good and everyone else has recovered and we all still have jobs. Each and every day is precious and not to be taken for granted.    

Lessons learned this year: you are never so high as when you are on your knees in prayer; God is faithful; Bible camp isn’t just for the campers; and it is never a bad thing to put your family first.    

God Bless and much happiness in 2013!


HAPPY HAPPY to Crook & Heddie!

December 3, 2012

Our beautiful greyhound sisters are 4 years old today! We’ve had them for almost 11 months now.

Birthday Girls! Crook & Heddie turn 4 today!

Birthday Girls! Crook & Heddie turn 4 today!


Hedwig was formerly known as Kiowa Packers. Crookshanks raced as Kiowa Saints. According to Greyhound Data Bears has been adopted in Delaware and Bruins now resides in Ohio. I do not know the status of the other male and three sisters. Kind of wonder what happened to Vikings if she never raced.

Kiowa Bears f DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 96 11 9 A
Kiowa Bruins m DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 12 0 1 D
Kiowa Cowboys f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 60 6 8 A
Kiowa Packers f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 48 4 4 SA
Kiowa Patriots f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 9 0 2 TM
Kiowa Saints f DEC 2008 US WBD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 57 5 3 B
Kiowa Steelers m DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 60 10 3 SA
Kiowa Vikings f DEC 2008 US BD Kiowa Sweet Trey WW Heart Breaker 0 0 0 0  

Their sire (Kiowa Sweet Trey) seems to have a pretty impressive record:
2001 All-America. 2002 Rural Rube Award winner. Winner of 12 straight at
Wheeling to open career. Then won 13 straight going from Wheeling to Derby Lane.
31-4-2-1 in 41 career starts. Top U.S. sire 2007-2008.

Heddie and Crook have 13,380 half-siblings. Sweet Trey began siring in 2001 and had his last litter in April of this year. WW Heart Breaker has 34 offspring.

We know of one race where Crook (Saints) raced against Steelers and won in a SuperBowl themed race.

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