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Thirty Days of Thanks Week 3

November 25, 2013
Nov. 17 I am thankful that during time of counting my blessings we had a lesson this morning on Living Generously. It is a reminder that the words of thanks should not be where it ends if we have the means to do so–our praise, our time, our devotion, our possessions. It goes along so well with the words of encouragement another friend is posting as 30 Days of Giving. Thank you, Daryl. Thank you, Karla.
Nov. 18 Today I am going to be thankful for the sunshine and the 70 degree weather for my last long training run of 2.2 miles because I just checked the long-term weather forecast and it is calling for a 40% chance of snow the night before the 5k. I will spend the next 10 days praying for it to be wrong.
**UPDATE: No longer calling for snow, just rain Tuesday and Wednesday with only a High of 30 degrees on Thanksgiving!**
Nov. 19 Today I am thankful for a young lady named S who probably doesn’t think I’m all that thankful for her when I’m hard on her. Thing is I’m hard on her for little things because she’s got the big things down. Do I expect perfection? No. Just doing my job to take her from “good” to “extraordinary”–something I know she can be.
Nov. 20 I am thankful for the singing class tonight. Making a joyful noise calmed my resentful and anxious spirit. I have been really enjoying these mid-week breaks of fellowship and singing but tonight especially. I was so glad we were able to make it–I needed. (And it doesn’t hurt that Roger gave me and the girls the last of the apple dumplings to take home!)
LWB: Take Home?!! I would’ve downed it on the spot!
SnipeWife: I ate one when I got home but I haven’t told the girls they have one for each of them… guess I will have to share since Roger said they were T2’s.
SnipeWife: I should have eaten them myself and not shared–they spent 10 minutes arguing over who got which one…. 😦
Nov. 21 I am thankful for a home cooked meal. Sometimes the hectic pace keeps us from doing that if we want to eat before 8 PM but tonight thanks to a 4 ingredient recipe and a covered baker we ate well and at our own table. It is not necessarily a blessing to have the convenience of eating out if it happens too much. And the girls gave it two thumbs up so we’ll have to try it on D when he gets home.
SVV: If it is quick and easy, pls share!  We are often eating on the run also and sometimes I think if I see another burger I might scream.  🙂
TM: What did you make?  Share please …..
SnipeWife: the Pampered Chef enchiladas in the covered baker. 4 ingredients. Too easy. 🙂
TM: yummy
Nov. 22 my. dog. ATE. my. phone. Stop laughing. I will be thankful for this. I will.
EP: I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry for you!  Yikes!!!
AEV: Maybe she will hack it up soon. clean it up and good as new 🙂
EP: You need to tell her there are better ways of hinting that you should get a new phone.  😀
SMW: dogs are like babies ,you have to keep those kind of things out of their reach .. lol
AT: if it was on vibrate call it and see if he runs in circles all confused!
EP: In all seriousness, is she okay?  Did she actually swallow the whole thing?
YBB: I told you not to pour gravy all over it.
NPB: It’s an omen… now you can get a big girl smart phone!!!  😉
B-I-L: DOH!!!
SnipeWife:  The dog is okay… she was just starting to work on it but she cracked the camera lens and the screen and put enough pressure on it to dent through to the battery. Have my new phone but had to have D call from the ship to give “permission” for me to get a new phone. Seriously? I have power of attorney and they needed his permission? ARGH! I will be thankful, I will be thankful!
SnipeWife: uh oh… the smart phone may get the better of me… didn’t realize that if I edit the contact list on my phone it would edit the contact address book on Google at the same time!!! ARGH!
TG: welcome to the world of crazy phones
TM: so what phone did u get?
SnipeWife: Samsung Galaxy Stratoshere II
Crookshanks and the damaged phone Copyright by SnipeWife 2013

Crookshanks and the damaged phone Copyright by SnipeWife 2013


Nov. 23 I am thankful for being able to teach at Camp. I’ve often said I get more out of it than the campers or my own children. I don’t know who picks the lessons but I know they are inspired. In the Young Adult class we just studied the same lesson I did on God The Father. We were asked what we got out of reading about the Fall and I was the only one who answered, “Hope.” God the Father l…oved us so much that from the beginning he has a plan to restore us. And today I showed more loving patience for my own child than I ever thought I was capable of (really short temper). It was a lesson I taught at least 3 summers ago but God brought back to my attention this week, when he knew I’d need it. I know one day my child will figure out that unlike God I do not know everything/will not find out everything, but I hope it is a long way off. Right now I just hope I show her God the Father’s love and mercy while I still have to give her the consequences of her actions. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll survive these teen years together.
Nov. 24 I am thankful for the arts. I’m thankful to the Porters for taking me to my first plays and musicals. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to take my own girls to the theatre since they were infants (taught them how to sit through a performance at a YOUNG age!). I’m thankful that today we got to take our scouts to see some VERY talented youth actors & singers perform in Annie, complete wit…h a live music pit. Art is certainly a luxury and I hope my girls are grateful for it and not “entitled” to it, as the sermon mentioned this morning. Who knows, maybe among the other girls a life-long love of theater was born today. I’m also thankful a very special young lady found herself in her first stage experience and her wonderful mother should be so proud.
SM:  Love ya, SnipeWife. Thank you and TM for bringing your troop out. I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you brought your daughters out!!!

Thirty Days of Thanks Week 2

November 16, 2013
Nov. 9 I am thankful that I’ve had opportunities to see good come out of bad, sometimes horrible, situations. That is a rare luxury when often we cry out “Why?” and never get the answer–or really never hear the answer. More than once God has shown me that if I just let Him he’ll turn it into something for His glory and I end up richly blessed. Undeservedly so but blessed nonetheless. Thanks for showing me again this morning.
Nov. 10 Because it is JL’s birthday, I want to say that I am thankful for her and all the other wonderful counselors at CampTwho have loved on and doted on T1 & T2 (and put up with their neurotic mother). Jeanie, Ashleigh, Gelpi, Hannah, Andie, Gabby J, Gabby Flo, Audrey, Jill, Lucy, Shaina, Julianna, Lara, Leah. And the guy councilors aren’t too shabby themselves!
PS: Without JL & MF, [my son] would not have been able to function at Camp. All the counselors are great, but those two deserve extra special kudos.
H&RH: You should have seen the get-together we organized for her with our students in our village last night. They loved to see her again and we all had a great time.
JL: Oh my goodness. Thank you guys so much. I can feel so much love even thousands of miles away. Camp is a part of my life that made me who I am today. God gets all the glory… it’s not without him I am the way I am. God has blessed each of us with gifts and talents that he uses to spread his kingdom and I am just glad that I have that privilege and use it. Thank you parents and volunteers for your encouragement and support. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are either. God is so good even with a divided Israel and Christianity being sent to the backseat around the world. The world needs more people like you. I am so blessed to have been a part of your lives…thank you for welcoming me and my crazy self.
       Oh my birthday was amazing. This just was the cherry on top of a day full of love and cherished moments. Thank you again.
Nov. 11 I am thankful for all the men and women in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Merchant Marine, and Navy (and National Guard) who have served our country past, present, and future. I am thankful to the families who make the s…acrifices along side them. Thank you John, Frank, Tom, Bill, Steve, John, Tom, John, Joe, Forest, Jack, and the Chief (my family needs to come up with more original names! However it does make it easier to blog anonymously with such generic names!) and that’s not all. Thank you to the many veteran friends who I am privileged to know–growing up in this area brings so many into our lives.
Nov. 12 Been thinking about this one since Sunday in the Young Adults Class … okay, so you know the Chief and I really don’t fall into that catagory anymore but I get so much out of the class. Anyway, I’m thankful to all the people who worked with me as a teen and as a young adult …  Dave, John, Stu, Keith, Dave and Kim, Alfred, Juli and Bill, Lowell. And I am so thankful to those working with our girls now … the B, the Os, the Ks. You are making such a difference!
JP: You were a joy to have in class… always ready with good questions and thought-provoking observations. I was blessed by having the opportunity to teach you.
KB: It’s hard for me to believe you all of you are all grown up now. Dave and I were so blessed to get to know you all. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to connect again!
LW:  It’s a blessing to know you are teaching others now. I remember our Bible studies in the dorm room at LC with B and D.
Nov. 13 As I struggled with this morning’s training run today (“Crying? There is no crying in this gym!”) I have to be thankful and remind myself of the things I can do today that were in doubt two years ago. Each step and each press at the gym are gifts that could have been so easily taken from me. So today was hard? At least I have the choice to decide to run a 5k and put myself through this. Sure, I’m going to have good days and bad days–that’s the nature of the beast (PsA)–and maybe today was a bad one, but I finished.
Nov. 14 Today I am thankful our sweet greyhounds Crookshanks and Hedwig and the greyhound of my heart, Cassiopeia. Being involved with retired racing hounds has been such a blessing–especially the companionship and comfort of having them in the home. Having a greyhound got me to do something I had only dared dream of (because getting up in garb and interacting with playtrons is so not in the comf…ort zone of this introvert) and introduced me to a whole new world and wonderful people (Jenifer & Angie!) that I am now starting to share with my two-legged girls. I love getting to “sneak” them into school for “G” week and watching children interact with them. And as they say, once you go grey you never go back! I can’t imagine our home without at least one greyhound in it ever again.

Nov. 15 Today I’m thankful to companies that still give donations locally. Long day getting ready for my event with 63 girls tomorrow and those donations helped us to stay on budget and make a little profit towards the troop’s goals. Many chain retailers have gone to just supporting one cause but it is nice that some still give back to the communities that support their business. Either way though, the giving practices of many corporations go unknown by most and never get reported, especially when larger companies get dragged through the mud in the press and court. And some corporations are so vilified in the press that when it is known what they give charitably that it is never enough.

KT: Glad people gave……and your troop has a bit of a profit (bonus) : )

SnipeWife: I did a better job of budgeting this year and had more donations so it helped a bunch! Prayers that the 7 hour workshop goes well would be appreciated!

SV: With all your excellent planning, I am sure that it will be a resounding success.  We’re looking forward to it.

CCL: Thank you for all your hard work.

Nov. 16 I am thankful for everyone who made today’s event a success. The parents, leaders, and SUD who brought their girls out for what is essentially “school on Saturday”; the teens who were basically gophers and trash collectors and skit actors; co-leaders who so willingly said “What can I do?”; the Green Knight who picked up 25 pizzas and shouted for everyone to tie their shoes; and the 6 local women who shared their experiences and demonstrated why they are role models. I am exhausted, but it’s a good kind of exhausted.


In a Lone Star State of Mind

August 20, 2013

I can’t begin to tell you what a summer we’ve had.

Summer camp.

Award project.

More summer camp.

Personal growth.

Surprise return of the Chief.

A 9-day trip to Texas.

Now three weeks to get ready for school, filled already with soccer and music lessons, start of scouts … and enough doctor appointments to last me a while.

I will post soon! Promise!


No More All-Nighters for Me…

June 30, 2013

I think one of the hardest things about the realities of living with a chronic condition, and multiple ones at that, is just realizing I’m not as young as I was or that I don’t have the stamina any more.

I’m in the process of telling my cousin who went through all the trouble of trying to plan a family reunion that none of my branch of the family will be making it. And the guilt is killing me.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have thought twice about doing a week at camp, throwing the girls in the car with me and driving 4 hours to spend 1 day with family I barely knew, spend the night in a hotel, and drive 4 hours back to drop one of the girls back off at camp.

Now? Now I have to really gear up for it. I have to plan it. I have to make sure I’m not at camp the week before such a big drive & day. Now I need more than one night to recover.

I just drove T2’s scout troop 5+ hours to their 3 day trip. I had time to relax and recover on the trip so the drive home wasn’t too bad. But even just a few days later my sleep is off and I’m struggling with just hour-long drives. I could have gone to bed tonight at 7 PM!

I know one thing I need to do is get extra sleep to recover. I won’t have that chance working at camp for a week prior to this. I spent 2 hours in a parking lot on the interstate yesterday and let me tell you it was a dangerous experience. (I know staying up till 1 AM and having to get up at 7 AM did not help.)

I will have to say that since giving up caffeine, the fatigue has actually lessened. My E.o.t.T. workouts don’t leave me totally drained.

I think that is something that bothers me–I have the energy and the strength to push through 90 minute gruelling workouts, bench pressing and running but then I would go home and sleep for three hours. As I said, giving up caffeine has helped.

This week though, following the trip I struggled through the workout and the aftermath.

My cousin isn’t the only one I’ve had to let down. The camp needed teachers and kitchen staff the week before my assigned week. I love camp so much but not being prepared for house sitters etc. made it a difficult choice. Then all the teaching positions were filled and they wanted me in the kitchen–ok, cooking is not my strong suit but then with the schedule the kitchen keeps I was really worried I’d be burned out and not able to teach the following week. I turned them down–but I found them someone MUCH younger to go in my place.

The day the Chief went back to sea was T1’s orchestra trip to the amusement park 1 1/2 hours away. I was truly worried about the drive and the long day. Would I be able to drive home safely? The beauty of not being a chaperone meant if I felt tired I could sleep in the car before driving or just leave early altogether (but at those ticket prices I was loath to do that!). I ended up going and didn’t push myself but again, if the drive had been any longer than that, that late at night, it wouldn’t have been safe.

The fatigue is a new thing in recent months. Before I started the Enbrel I did drive all the way to Florida (15 hours), spent 2 1/2 days at Universal Studios, and drove all the way back (not letting my friend do ANY of the driving on the way home). I go for blood work next week and I will ask for some additional tests to make sure nothing else is going on.

On this trip I loved (read with dripping sarcasm) listening to 10 & 11 year olds complain about the heat, the sweat, walking 3.3 miles … Seriously? I have a 39-year-old body that is acting like it is 60 years old at times and I appreciate every step.

I also just don’t want my girls to have to slow down or give up things because there are just days when it is a struggle. I don’t want them to see me as weak (that’s for a whole other post). I don’t want limitations … but then when I waste time or stay up to late I’m not exactly being responsible for the time and the needs of my body. And I don’t want the girls to say “ah, do we have to?” I want them to embrace life as “Oh, I get to!”

On a side note about this reunion: my children are not too disappointed to not go. Their grandparents and own aunt and cousins won’t be able to go or don’t want to go so they wouldn’t know anyone … I know the Chief would not have particularly wanted to go and is secretly happy he is at sea.

But I feel guilty nonetheless. What will my cousin think when I post that I’m going to visit the Chief’s family in August? Will he understand that I will have two weeks to recover from camp before going, that I’m flying and not driving, and I’m not going alone–and I will have three weeks to recover before school and sports start?

Yeah, I feel guilty. And my family made me the lucky one to deliver the negative RSVP.

UPDATE (7/1): based on the reaction of some, I no longer feel guilty.

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