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10,000 Reasons

November 9, 2015

Bless the Lord O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name

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Sammie gave me permission so here goes.

I’m going to look over here so I don’t look at my daughters.

OK, kids, I know you think these teen events and summer camp are all about you and what you get out of it, but I know what God has done for me at these events. If you’ve been at camp W over the years and you’ve been in my class you’ve heard the story of my tough relationship with my father. Just to summarize, it was bad. And one day at camp I had a talk with God and I said, “I’m done. I’m laying it all at your feet.” You see I had spent 10 years resisting Him–to the point that I developed a chronic illness. And God answered and I got to hear my father say the words I never thought he’d say. “I was wrong and I am sorry.” I can’t begin to describe what that was like! I still get goose bumps. That IS the peace the passes understanding. A burden lifted. God restored me to Him, restored me to my father. My relationship with my father is so much better. He even insisted on being the one to take care of me this summer when I had back surgery and my husband was at sea. If you want the long version of the story just ask T1 or Tess or anyone who was at camp. I made three out of five classes cry–I don’t know if that was some kind of record but it was intense.

So what does this have to do with this weekend? I didn’t want to come. You see, when your husband is at sea and you see an opportunity to send your children away you really want to jump at the chance to do that and to sleep in! I was very tired but at 2 PM I got an email with last minute housing instructions for this weekend. And I saw the email address of someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was excited to see him and I thought, “ok, I’ll go even if I’m tired.”

Last night was great. Got to see my Brother, the singing was great, my daughters were enjoying themselves. Not too bad. Sammie asked us to think about why we are here this weekend. Well I found out this morning.

I got a call from my mother. My father has cancer.

You know the first thing I wanted was to hear my husband’s voice telling me it was going to be ok. While we were driving over here and I was trying to figure out how to tell my daughters their grandfather was sick, a text message came through. Just a simple, “Love you.” Let me tell you that after almost 20 years of marriage there have been too many times to deny that God has made sure my husband knew by the Holy Spirit when I needed to hear from him!

One of the first people I saw this morning was my Brother. He asked me how I was doing and I said, “Not good. My dad has cancer.” And he was like “Wow.” And he stopped and we talked and before¬†we came in here he said, “Let’s pray.” If you have never had Brother A pray with you, you are missing out! When we were in youth group together, he was the cement of our group. I even texted my mom, “A prayed for us!”

And then the singing. Oh, the singing! I may have been standing there with tears streaming down my face, but they were tears of faith. Every song was about declaring the mighty power of God. I even took a picture of the screen “Our God is a God who Saves”. He is! And while I hope and pray for physical saving, I know even greater is the spiritual healing. He’s got this. I will follow Him.

I am here this weekend because God did not want me home crying alone. He wanted me here among all of you beautiful teens, with our youth volunteers, with my daughters who are surrounded by their friends. Singing songs of praise and worship.

So I am asking you to pray for my father and his surgery on Nov. 18th.

Sammie and Brother A came down the aisle toward me. “Oh Sammie, no!” “You said, pray. What did you think we were going to do?” A Sister who I hadn’t seen in years ran up and joined our circle for the prayer. God is so good.

And God continues to work: the girls and I were on our way home from the event. I was trying to figure when we could see my father…I offered the choice of swinging by that very day or trying to arrange to go the next week. My girls said stop now. It was the right decision. (Though going up next Sunday is still not off the table…)

Last night I got a FB private message from, again, friends we hadn’t seen in a while. He asked me what was my secret to not changing in 17 years and that he was going to tease my BIL about his NY Giants. And then he asked how was my family. I replied, “God must have been working on your heart. My father has cancer.” His response was, “Wow, I was thinking and praying for your family and I decided to reach out to you!” I think I will call this and all these experiences a “God work”, kind of a sighting/example of how God is actively working.

I really want the Chief home so badly but I have trust and faith in God. I am scared but God has this. My dad is ready to fight. It seems so different from my mother’s breast cancer. Her’s was caught so early–praise God. There is a chance he’s had this for over 3 years. So in the moments when the tears are too great, I let my soul sing like never before.


Making Strides

October 13, 2013

I ran my first 5K today. Yup–RAN. In the rain.

For my mother–a survivor.

For my aunt–a survivor.

For my daughters–for their tomorrows.

For me–to show myself that I could do it.

I did it! I made Strides against Breast Cancer. I got a team of 11 other walkers–including my mother and daughters–and a team of volunteers to cheer us on and clean up the park.

I ran. I was the only runner. I wasn’t wearing pink so I’d tell the route monitors that I should have never taken a bet from my trainer (he made a donation if I would run it) and they’d point me onward.

I did get lost once. The sign was obscured by the hill so I hadn’t gone far enough. I back tracked and get reoriented. I stopped the stopwatch for just a minute or so. Rerunning the same path probably made up for not realizing the walk had started so I walked the first 30 feet or so…

I was coming to the finish line and they thought I was just a runner so they were moving the sign out of the way. “No! Move it back over! I want that finish line!”


The goal wasn’t the time–it was just to finish. Next 5K I have to beat this time … but I’ll think about that on another day.

I finished. I ran.

I hate running. ūüėõ

Thank you Team E.o.t.T. for walking the walk and for cheering us on! And thank God for every day I have with my mother and for every stride forward, whether walking or running.


Christmas Greetings 2012

December 12, 2012

This year I decided to cut down and instead of a separate letter I just had it printed on the back of the family photo card I had printed up. I used StoryBook Creator software. I don’t plan to send out as many because I don’t receive as many. I did have plain no-letter photo cards done up as well.

Greetings! We hope this finds everyone healthy and surrounded by loved ones.     

The Chief was home for Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time but that means he will be shipping out mid-December. We’re making the most of it by celebrating earlier. He’s still sailing Chief and busier than ever.¬†¬†¬†¬†

T1 finished 6th with straight As and attended the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in D.C. She joined a new team for spring and fall soccer and has really grown as a player. This fall she is starting work on her Silver Award for Cadette Girl Scouts and she auditioned for and earned a spot in the Junior All County Orchestra on viola.    

T2 won 1st place in the science fair and just missed straight As. We are all excited that for 5th grade she has teachers her sister did not and the year is off to a great start. We can’t believe it is her last year of elementary school. She is still playing soccer and is enjoying Junior Girl Scouts–earning her Bronze Award this summer. T2 had another “mystery illness” that sent us back to Children’s National but like last time we have no answers just recovery.¬†¬†¬†¬†

If you haven’t already heard, our family grew with the addition of Hedwig and Crookshanks, sisters who will turn 4 on Dec. 3rd. These sweet greys picked the girls at first meeting and it has been wonderful ever since! They made their debut at the Renn¬†Faire in May. T1 also made her debut as Mistress Roo.¬†¬†¬†¬†

We also celebrated the arrival of another nephew, Flat Stanley, in January. The girls love playing with their cousins and the more the merrier!    

2012 has been a year of highs and lows. I am responding well to new medication for my psoriatic arthritis; our nephew had major surgery at 4 months old; my dad had surgery and was in the hospital for a month in June; T2 had her mystery illness; and my mother is currently in treatment for breast cancer. Several family members have unstable job situations. But Mom is doing good and everyone else has recovered and we all still have jobs. Each and every day is precious and not to be taken for granted.    

Lessons learned this year: you are never so high as when you are on your knees in prayer; God is faithful; Bible camp isn’t just for the campers; and it is never a bad thing to put your family first.¬†¬†¬†¬†

God Bless and much happiness in 2013!


Squishy Squishy

October 25, 2012

I went for my first mammogram today. At o-dark-thirty! To his credit, the Chief offered repeatedly to go with me and as much as I wanted him there, the children could not be left to get ready for school alone.

The actual squashing wasn’t so bad. It was the top plate jammed against my pectoral muscles that hurt and left red marks. Ouch!

The tech was good and caring. I appreciated that.

This is the shirt I bought at Wal-Mart to wear on the days my mom has chemo. A portion of the proceeds went to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I did not request the two-hour call back but I was assured that if something was seen I would get a call later today or first thing tomorrow by a nurse. If everything was normal a letter would go out either later today or first thing in the morning.

I was also told that it is not uncommon for a call-back on a first time mammogram. They have nothing to compare it to so they want to make sure. That is what a base-line is for so that is reassuring.

One of these days I need to sit down and write out my medicines and my medical history and keep it in my purse. I need to do this for me and for the girls. Actually, for the Breast Cancer Awareness badges they are earning one activity is to write down the family history. It will be good to get it done.

Another activity was to visit a mammography center. I silently debated about bringing T1 with me. Ultimately I decided not to–just not knowing how she’d do emotionally. I will bring both of them when I get one done at 40 (they will be 14 & 12 respectively).

What’s your opinion? Would (is) 12 have been too young to take her? Or is it a wise thing to keep them prepared and to understand early detection is going to be the key?

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