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Her Hero

September 18, 2012

T2’s appointment went well. I love, LOVE her doctor. He answered all my questions about what the results mean and what tests would be next. He took such a thorough family history–even still I think Mom and I forgot some things (makes you want to go write everything down for the future and keep it on hand at all times!). And he was so nice to ask Mom about her upcoming treatments for her breast cancer.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that two of T2’s abnormals have already come back normal. We have to wait about 24 hours for the results of the other repeated test. He explained to me what happens next: if normal, “Thanks for playing!”; if not normal, they do what is called a mixed study–to see how her abnormal blood reacts to normal blood. The results tell us which factors or inhibitors are at play. He ordered an additional test to see if she has a syndrome so common most people do not know they have it.

If normal, it was just a virus that she had and I just didn’t wait long enough for it to be completely out of her system. The virus just thinned her blood out a little too much over the summer. She makes platelets and clots so that is okay.

If it is this syndrome, we decide if we need to be a little more proactive when she has viruses or dental work, and we’ll need to monitor “Aunt Flo” when that happens.

If it is this syndrome, it explains a LOT in me!

Okay, so to the hero part. T2’s first writing assignment (yeah, I LOVE this teacher!) was to write about your hero. T2 chose the Chief. I haven’t read it but because I’ve been having conversations with my spoiled princesses about selfishness vs. sacrifices lately, she has snagged on to this idea of the sacrifices the Chief makes for us.

On our way home last night, I got a call from the ship’s number. The Chief was using the expensive SAT phone to call. He did not want to wait until they were in port. He really wanted assurance (as did I) that we were not dealing with a cancer of the blood. I am fairly certain we are not (there is an acquired form of the syndrome that is linked to cancers but she does not have enough other symptoms to lead us in that direction and therefore it is probably the inherited or genetic form). My heart was aching for the Chief. I can’t imagine what he has been dealing with. Did he jump on WebMD like I did? He doesn’t exactly have the support group I have shouting at me to get off there (BTW, I wasn’t supposed to look up information on the syndrome per the doctor’s advice… but I did anyway :P). Staying off WebMD and venting to my friends via FB and requesting prayers helped keep me calm when I really didn’t feel calm. Poor Chief.

So when I hung up I told T2, “Do you realize he called on the SAT phone–we have to pay for that expensive phone call? He wanted to know how you are doing.”

“That’s why he’s my hero.”


Today’s the day

September 17, 2012

… I take T2 to the Children’s outpatient clinic to find out why her blood work is all wonky. Yes, wonky.

I am not happy that they moved to the other side of the highway (if you know the Mixing Bowl you know why) but we will get there. Stopping and picking my mother up on the way. She’s going to be my co-pilot. Not really but the thought is funny.

The Chief called yesterday… for like two seconds. You know, he never says how hard things are on him, but I know. When I went up to bed there was a text on my phone with a gentle reminder to e-mail the ship directly (I guess they do regular satellite downloads) if I “needed” anything. In other words, e-mail with the news.

I was trying to remember what the last time was like. I didn’t have to worry about not getting through to him. Again, I do not understand analog vs. digital, which one went away or why, or how it is possible to be surrounded by land on three sides and still get no signal.

I will have to remember to e-mail him tonight.


E.o.t.T.: Lesson learned…

July 27, 2011

…never get blood work taken when you have a sinus infection. Back in March I was really blown away by the fact my blood sugar, total cholesterol, and LDLs were back up to levels in my pre-Torturer days. I was actually asking what was the point of torturing myself if the gains are only temporary. I mean, I know if I stop working out, the gains will definitely only be temporary but I wasn’t expecting this. So I had blood work ordered to figure out what is going on with the foot and hand inflammation and I asked if we could have the sugar and cholesterol panel redone, even though he felt my numbers were all within normal ranges for his practice (I’m one of his younger patients I think). Well I got good news: my blood sugar is way back down and so is my total cholesterol and I have a rockin’ HDL which counterbalances my LDLs (don’t know what that number was). So it is all worth it. 🙂

And my first tests for this inflammation problem were all negative too. Now we’re doing more tests and trying something else for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I have also been forbidden to do any physical activity other than walking. My torturer is not happy and keeps saying “You have to be your own advocate.” Believe me, Torturer, I know something is not right. You’ve taught me to work through pain and I’ve seen pulls and strains heal… this, this is something more. I have to advocate for that first.

I have some of the Walk Fit videos and I’m going to find a track to do some laps on. This is just temporary but it will stink having to build up my endurance again. 😦

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