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Hello there!

April 2, 2015

Just dropping by to say that I am recovering from a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty. Having this surgery done 3 days after my 41st birthday totally kicked my butt. I am so grateful the Chief has been home and my girls have risen to the occasion. The big struggle now is fighting depression. Due to circumstance beyond my control I haven’t been able to recover in peace. Life is not peaceful in our corner of the world. Being physically depressed is making it hard to fight being emotionally depressed. I am done almost 11 pounds because I refused to eat or drink for a couple of days and I am constantly cold–although that is our weather here: 35 degrees in the morning and 75 by 4 PM–CRAZY! There are things going on in our lives that I cannot blog about so I’ve been keeping them close to my heart. When the time is right I will get back to this. I am grateful to the MM Wives FB page as I’m walking another wife through what to expect with the surgery and I can shake my head at all the weird drama on the page. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter and that Spring finally makes it here to stay in your part of the world (Northern Hemisphere only I guess). –Snipe Wife


Just a Little Update

June 22, 2013

Haven’t gone anywhere … just really busy. The Chief got to call several days during a port call. We’ve been e-mailing regularly. SAT-phone communication is going to be spotty and expensive at best so we’re making due. He did call T1 on her 13th birthday.
I don’t know how he feels but I think I’m in denial that we have a teenager now. I didn’t even go shopping for her birthday gifts until the night before. How sad is that? We spent her birthday working on location for her Silver Award. We then spent the afternoon at my in-laws … stuck there while T2 tossed her cookies.
I’ve had some good moments of personal growth and purpose. Nothing I can post about yet but thanks to the e-mail I have been able to share with the Chief.
I’ve also had some sad moments–a dear family friend who I have known for more than 30 years has been placed in hospice. The Chief knew I guess and insisted we visit him in the hospital before he left. He had that same feeling with both of his grandparents. I hate having to make that phone call… this time it will be so impersonal with just an e-mail.
Getting ready to start the really busy part of the summer–go, go, go! So I hope to have more to post soon!


I Promised….

March 19, 2013

a bunch of posts after my scrapbooking weekend. But I don’t know where to start.

Often that feeling is exactly what keeps people from ever starting anything. It can be paralyzing. I figured if I put this off much longer I’d forget what I wanted to write and I’d be hard pressed to find new things to write.

I have lots to say just not lots of focus or time to say them.

I will start with the birthday. I’m not sure why I celebrate it any more … okay, that doesn’t sound right. There was a time when my birthday represented more negative than positive. I guess now I just don’t want a big fuss because I don’t need anything or particularly expect anything. I get to celebrate my birthday with my friends, scrapbooking for 48 hours. What more could I want?

But I have dear friends who in spite of my protests “No, no, don’t do anything/give anything!” still took me out to lunch and gave me gifts. Really, just the long lunch was fine (but I love my new Wonder Woman cooler cup!). We actually had the hubby of one friend join us to celebrate his birthday too. And I ate the chocolate moose muffin from Mimi’s Cafe for dinner–how’s that for celebrating on the wild side?

The best thing ?… the Chief worked hard to find just the right gift. He spent a few days searching Ebay auctions and researching and at 9 PM on Sunday night won an auction to give¬†me my own oboe! I had to ask him what brought this about and his reply was simply “You said you wanted one.”

Trying not to pass up a teaching moment, I made sure that when the Chief asked me what I thought an oboe was worth and how much he should spend that T1 was within ear shot and I replied, “I know how much I wouldn’t go over because this is definitely a want and not a need.” I am happy to say the Chief has mad Ebay auction skills and got a great price for this oboe.

It has been over 20 years since I’ve played. I loved going to the music store and buying the reed and cleaning kit. I even picked up the same lesson books T2 is studying out of — BTW, alto sax and oboe are in the same key so we can work together — and some simple music.

Playing the oboe is exhausting! It is coming back to me and I don’t sound as much like a duck as I did in 9th grade which earned me the Duckie award from the band teacher. I still have the duck Christmas ornament my band geek friends gave me. ūüôā

To anyone else this might seem like an odd gift but really it was the perfect gift. In a lot of ways it was the Chief saying “I love you” without saying those words. It reminded me of our first Valentines where he won me a copy of the stuffed Chewbacca¬†doll my dog ate (this was back in the beginnings of Ebay in 1996). Again, what an odd but awesome gift that had “I love you” written all over it.

Of course I’ve had a few hecklers say “If all you had to do was say you wanted some

A modern oboe with a reed.

A modern oboe with a reed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thing, next time go big!” Nah, to me this was big.

Thanks, Chief. I love you too.



September 19, 2012

Today, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Argh¬†me hearties! Shiver me timbers! What ARGH¬†all you landlubbers¬†lookin’ at? (Hopefully me blog!)

And today is also the Chief’s birthday. I was just about to type 33… but then remembered that I am 38 so that actually makes him 43.

HAPPY HAPPY to the most wonderful husband I know! You can talk like a pirate to me any day!

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