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E.o.t.T. will never be the same!

March 23, 2013

Things are going good at the trainer. Unless you count that the trainer is now starting to give punishment runs to the 9ish Crew for showing up late.

The 9ish Crew is the group of us that he tells to come in staggered between 9 and 9:30. So many of us have been coming in at 9:30 that the staggering isn’t working like it should. I’m actually enjoying having the workout partners. Two are actually partners and do relatively the same workouts. One is the powerlifting grandma who really inspires me. Occasionally a lone guy and his county sheriff wife join us on their days off.

But yes, if you push “9ish” back by a whole half an hour, you will get punishment runs or prowler circuits. Trust me. I know. And it didn’t matter that it was my birthday. Yup, I got a SIXTH prowler circuit on my birthday. I’m lucky I didn’t hurl.

Update on my actual workouts: because we’re trying to bench press 3xs a week, my prowler circuit is a bit modified now. I currently do the following:
6 overhead presses with a 45 lb. bar, 30 seconds step-up (just graduated to an 8 inch step, 15 hip hop ups, 8 medicine ball smash downs 20 lbs., push the prowler with 20 lbs, low bars up, high bars back the distance of the room (25 feet?). We took out hand-walks because of the bench press.

My bench press was pretty good yesterday. One thing is I did not know the goal weight so I wasn’t so focused on that. I looked afterwards and it was 125 lbs. My PBR is 130 but I assume we’ll be going for 135 soon and that will be roughly 80% of my body weight.

So why will E.o.t.T. never be the same? Not because of the punishment runs (although yesterday the last person to stroll in got them!). No. It is all because of The Big Bang Theory. The Chief and I caught an old episode the other night … here. Watch. You’ll see what I’m talking about!

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 episode 4.

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