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E.o.t.T. will never be the same!

March 23, 2013

Things are going good at the trainer. Unless you count that the trainer is now starting to give punishment runs to the 9ish Crew for showing up late.

The 9ish Crew is the group of us that he tells to come in staggered between 9 and 9:30. So many of us have been coming in at 9:30 that the staggering isn’t working like it should. I’m actually enjoying having the workout partners. Two are actually partners and do relatively the same workouts. One is the powerlifting grandma who really inspires me. Occasionally a lone guy and his county sheriff wife join us on their days off.

But yes, if you push “9ish” back by a whole half an hour, you will get punishment runs or prowler circuits. Trust me. I know. And it didn’t matter that it was my birthday. Yup, I got a SIXTH prowler circuit on my birthday. I’m lucky I didn’t hurl.

Update on my actual workouts: because we’re trying to bench press 3xs a week, my prowler circuit is a bit modified now. I currently do the following:
6 overhead presses with a 45 lb. bar, 30 seconds step-up (just graduated to an 8 inch step, 15 hip hop ups, 8 medicine ball smash downs 20 lbs., push the prowler with 20 lbs, low bars up, high bars back the distance of the room (25 feet?). We took out hand-walks because of the bench press.

My bench press was pretty good yesterday. One thing is I did not know the goal weight so I wasn’t so focused on that. I looked afterwards and it was 125 lbs. My PBR is 130 but I assume we’ll be going for 135 soon and that will be roughly 80% of my body weight.

So why will E.o.t.T. never be the same? Not because of the punishment runs (although yesterday the last person to stroll in got them!). No. It is all because of The Big Bang Theory. The Chief and I caught an old episode the other night … here. Watch. You’ll see what I’m talking about!

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 episode 4.


E.o.t.T. Pressing On

February 9, 2013

It has been an interesting week at the gym. I might have gone for 130 lb. press this week but it didn’t happen. Why? That’s a good question.

Last Friday (the 1st) I pressed 120 fairly easily. 5 sets of 2, working on holding my breath and pushing through. I bailed on the timed run after that because the wind made me feel as if I was running naked. I’m not sure how long it took for to feel my thighs again.

Monday (the 4th) I substituted so I went to the gym on Tuesday. We were going for 125 lbs. We were also making a change–it would be an actual press and not my usual Swiss or multi-grip bar work out. **I had the wrong kind of bar listed in my original posting. Sorry for the confusion.**

We were going for 4 sets of 2.

I lost confidence. Not sure if it confidence in myself and then ultimately not having confidence the trainer was going to grab the bar should I crumble… I don’t know.

I have a neck vertebrae that will get subluxated (moved out of place) that causes pain in my collar bone–I had actually thought is was my first rib out of place, but after examining me the chiropractor feels it is a neck misalignment. I was feeling that on Tuesday. It figures as I’m due for a visit to the chiropractor. Was this going to cause pain or weaken my left arm? Would I be able to still press if one are wasn’t at it’s best?

Should I compensate by driving through my healing and engaging my back? I was feeling my lower back tense up in ways it hadn’t previously. With lower back issues, what would I do if those muscles seized? I couldn’t afford to have my back go out.

Would my trainer catch the bar?

It was not my best day. The 4th set was abysmal. A clear indication I needed to work on 125 lbs and proper technique before even thinking of moving on. My runs were sad but thankfully not pathetic (and thankfully not timed).

Wednesday was my circuit and while I didn’t kill the times I at least ran through each set maintaining the same time of 1 minute 30 seconds. Runs were okay.

Yesterday the trainer said we’d go for 125 lbs but just three sets of two. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor so I was still favoring my left arm. My back did a little better–tried a different position. I also tried not to slow the bar down and do what is called “a light touch”–you need to stay in motion to use the momentum to keep pushing. My sets weren’t bad but I still don’t feel confident. Not in myself. My trainer did a good job of making sure I was confident in his presence–he was there to catch the bar should I crumble.

My timed runs were interesting–first 6 laps were right on target with previous times. I lost about 20 seconds on the second set of 6. Not my worst time, but not my best either.

It feels bad to doubt myself. I’m not sure where it is coming from.

Next week he has declared that if I can keep to M-W-F then we will bench all three days and practice 125 lb. till I get my confidence back. Hopefully a massage and an adjustment will do what they should and my left arm, neck, and low back will be ready for the challenge.

Or is something else draining my confidence?


St. Nick, E.o.t.T., Good-byes

December 7, 2012

SO our family celebrates St. Nicholas Day. My mother, who has German ancestors, learned all about St. Nick while my parents were stationed in Germany. Prior to that it wasn’t celebrated. She got little plastic boots that were put on display with all the decorations but would be “hidden and filled” by St. Nick and we’d have to find them (usually in Mom’s bedroom closet) on the morning of Dec. 6th. My mother even made sure St. Nick found me at college and I’d receive boxes with instructions not to open until Dec. 6th. Our boots were always filled with chocolate.

I chose to carry on this tradition for my children. Our first Christmas together (rather apart really as he was at sea until January 4th, making it home for our first anniversary) I found these awesome boot-shaped baskets just perfect for St. Nick boots. I purchased 6 at the time because I thought for sure we’d be having at least 4 children. My mom and my mother-in-law dove in with both feet on this tradition when the girls were born. For their first years they got stuffed animals and books. Chocolate was introduced on their third St. Nick. I remember the phone call from my mom telling me to just let T1 eat the chocolate pop for breakfast–“it is only one day a year.”

Well I really wasn’t ready for St. Nick this year. Did I buy candy? I hadn’t gotten any Christmas related books or movies? T2 was so excited St. Nick day was coming. When she excitedly announced “Tonight’s the night we put out our boots” I said, “What? Tonight? No, he doesn’t come until the night OF St. Nick Day.” “Uh, no Mom, he doesn’t.” I managed to gather everything together–forgetting that I had already stashed Hello Kitty Fruity Christmas Flavor Jelly Bellies in their boots (so I wouldn’t forget where I put them)–and leave their St. Nick surprises outside their doors. Here is a picture of the two of them when T2 got chocolate for the first time (that’s the chocolate pop in her hand–and yes, they did eat them for breakfast!).

St. Nick Day 2004

St. Nick Day 2004

Interesting fact I discovered while finding a good link for St. Nick Day: St. Nick is the patron saint of sailors and children. Good to know if you do the whole saint thing and you’re married to a sailor. 🙂 (We don’t but it is good trivia/)

I had to change my E.o.t.T. schedule this week so I went in two days in a row. Wednesday’s Prowler circuit whipped me but at least my back didn’t go out this week because of doing something stupid. Thursday we were going for a personal best bench press. I have to tell you, I was nervous. I was letting the weight psych me out. I actually bobbled my first attempt. You see I was slowing down the decent, losing momentum, realized I hadn’t touched my sternum so I “bobbled” and went for the touch but then I could not push it back up. My trainer was like “What was that mess?” He gave me a second chance. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. PBR: 135 lbs. My trainer offered to take a picture of my holding it up with the big 45 lb. plates on the bar to send to the Chief. Before anyone freaks that I don’t have a spotter in this picture–I can easily hold 135 lbs. up … it is the press that I need a spotter with and this was for a brief 5 seconds.

PBR: 135 lb. bench press. E.o.t.T. baby!

PBR: 135 lb. bench press. E.o.t.T. baby!

I went in to substitute half day for a sick kindergarten teacher after that. During that afternoon the Chief got the confirmation call that he would indeed be leaving at 0’dark thirty Saturday morning. I feel like we’ve been rushing ever since. Thankfully my car was finally read to be picked up. The Chief and I have been running so many last-minute errands and we chaperoned T2’s class field trip today. We finished out pine wood derby cars and dropped them off for the race tomorrow. We went out to dinner–I was hoping we’d do either some place we could get a turkey dinner or pizza (our Christmas Eve tradition) but neither of those appealed to the Chief (something about the thought of a 6 hour flight on a belly full of carbs or cheese & grease). So we ate chinese. New tradition in the making? We gave the Chief his Christmas gifts. Stackable storage bins for his garage. Miami Dolphins decal for his car (though he said it was going on the hood of mine, smack dab in the middle). Two huge glass mugs to replace the ones he broke this time home. The new Lady Antebellum Christmas CD “on this winter’s night” (he knows this was really for me). And a “build your own motorized mammoth” kit.

This was actually funny because it was a gift he insisted we get for T1. The reason he got it is because T1 is getting a gift that is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and therefore $$ so she is getting nothing else for Christmas. The little snot announced “That’s what I was so excited about and wanted!” I pantomimed the gift she is getting. “Yeah, but Dad said I may be getting an I.O.U.” “Really? You think you should get gifts AND an I.O.U. gift just because you’re waiting? I don’t think so.” Later we did talk to her about the reality of the price tag and she is a bit more understanding. Hopefully it will not be an I.O.U. and it will be ready for Christmas.

We’re all getting up at o’dark thirty because T1 is going on a mission trip with the teen group. T2 and I will be going to the pine wood derby later in the day and I’ve arranged a play date for her so that I can go to the candlelight tour of historic homes. Hopefully that will keep me in the Christmas spirit. I’m really not looking forward to the Chief being gone. This is an awkward schedule that I’m not very fond of but I really don’t have a choice.

Guess I better be off to make sure his sea bag is packed with all the essentials and we can get a good night’s rest…


E.o.t.T.: Friday Funny 2

February 10, 2012

I am cautiously, repeat cautiously, optimistic about new drug protocols for my PA. I will post more next week about that when I have more definitive observations to report on.

Today was a good day for training though. I made it through my usual Friday routine which includes bench pressing. After deloading 3 weeks ago we are slowly building back up the weight. Last week I benched 75 lbs. for 3 sets of 10. Today I benched 75 lbs. for 4 sets of 10. My trainer said next week we will stay at the same weight but go for 5 sets.

He also added a second heavy chain to my hips during my side bridges. I really don’t know the weight that adds but he decreased the time to 20 seconds per side.

So what was so funny about today?

I went in early because I had a doctor appointment (sleep study results–yeah, I’m surprisingly NORMAL with no apnea!). One client was just leaving, the other I was going to overlap with, the trainer, and the trainer’s almost 4-year-old son were all there. I barely get in the door and the little boy says, “What’s wrong with your hair?”

“What’s wrong with my hair? I’m losing it. Great. I get told I’m starting to look puffy from steroids and now its noticeable I’m losing my hair? Thanks. I needed that.”

Of course everyone is laughing at the point-blank question of this little boy.

I am too. But I go into the bathroom and I think two things: he probably hasn’t seen me since I got my hair cut, and hey, I actually styled and combed my hair this morning for the appointment later.

So I come out of the bathroom and announce this epiphany. “I know what’s wrong? He’s never seen my hair combed! I never care what I look like first thing in the morning but I have an appointment later.”

Of course my trainer is laughing even harder. “Never brush your hair!”

Of course he did offer to bring in his clippers and shave me bald and I’d fit right in with all the weight lifters. I may have to give up a little of my vanity but not that much!

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