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I have 21,500 photos stored…

December 7, 2010

I think one of the best times to scrapbook is during snow days… and since my office/scrapbooking/guest room is now 95% complete, I took advantage of the time, even letting the T1 & T2 scrapbook their own stuff.

But now I’m thinking, you know, maybe if I was caught up on my pictures, I’d stop taking the same picture over and over again. For example, do I REALLY need pictures of the Clydesdales EVERY time we go to Busch Gardens, which is annually every October? Are these the pictures that my children will one day fight over?

That brings me to another point: what if one day all my albums end up in a landfill? Well, I guess I’ll be gone so it won’t really matter to me what they do with them. I’ll have at least enjoyed them… and right now the children do enjoy the albums and the stories that go with them. I love hearing them repeat a story as if they had been a firsthand participant when they couldn’t possibly have been because they were in the womb or something.

Anyway, I take too many pictures. Oh well.

**I originally wrote about this in January 2009. At the time I only had 14,400 photos stored on my computer. I still take too many pictures. 900 of those are from a family vacation this summer alone! Several hundred are also digital images that DH has taken on the job. He has to organize and identify them for me before I can even begin to make an album out of them. One engine shaft looks like every other engine shaft to me.

And the office/scrapbooking/guest room is still only 95% complete–but that’s for another blog. It will have to get done soon as this is the one room besides the master bedroom that I spend the most time and with the new dust mite allergy confirmation I’m going to have to really keep on top of the piles and the clutter. I’m looking at my drop ceiling and all the fairy ornaments that are dangling down over me, spreading their creative fairy dust and fighting the urge to cough.

I’ve begun scrubbing the master bedroom, purchased new pillows and allergy cases as a temporary stop-gap. Paging through the official, doctor recommended catalogs for the approved pillow cases, mattress and box spring cases, and dust mite resistant comforters, and I’m just cringing as the total is adding up. DH is going to have to help me decide what we really need, what they’re just trying to sell, and what the worth is. As I’m going to need his help lifting the mattress and box spring (and the mattress on the guest bed) to encase, I won’t be making the purchases till well into January. UGH.


Allergies & Asthma

November 29, 2010

I had enough. T2’s barking cough–again–was the last straw. At 8 year’s old, you’d think T2 would have outgrown Croup. As an infant and toddler, the liquid albuterol worked. We could expect to deal with Croup every fall. Then it started happening in the spring when T2 reach 4, a time when Croup is usually outgrown. By 5, T2 was taking Claritan March-May and August-October. By 6, we had switched to half a Zyrtec and added Nasonex. By 7, T2 was supposed to take the Zyrtec and the Nasonex year-round. And still the flair-ups and the bark.

I am congested all the time and have been told it’s allergic rhinitis or sinus infections. Spring, summer, fall, or winter. It happens any time. I take Zyrtec and Flonase (though I’m really not following doctor’s orders on the Flonase).

Three weeks ago we had a terrible storm roll through and within 12 hours, T2 was barking. Knowing that a friend was allergic to whatever blooms with a storm I considered that, Ah-Ha!, this could be the trigger. We’ve got to find out–I’m already on my third bottle of mucinex cough!

I wasn’t about to let T2 go through it alone. I have a family history–and I really don’t feel like being like my father and having my sinuses carved out in my early 40s. We had our appointment together today.

As far as common and airborne allergies goes, T2 is only allergic to cockroaches. UGH! But with a pulse-ox of 96% and difficulty on the breathing test which improved 16% after 1.5 puffs of albuterol, they considered it asthma or airway restriction disorder. I asked the doctor “So the seasonal flair-ups are just coincidence?” His reply was that because children on average get 7-8 colds per year, the flair-ups start as virile colds. If we control the symptoms (the bark) T2 will have better management when colds strike. This is not activity induced asthma as T2 plays soccer and takes Soo Bahk Do just fine. We will continue the Zyrtec, the Nasonex, and add Advair twice a day. Finally.

Me? Well, I’m allergic to dust mites. Hmm, that’s going to be a problem because I’m allergic to dusting! JK! But the dust and the hairballs do build up big time. Time to scrub everything and get all new bedding and allergen blockers. Yeah. Funny thing is DH had childhood allergies for smoke, cockroaches, and dust mites–but I wouldn’t get the allergen covers for him! Nope! But I will for me! LOL No, we have had them on our pillows. I’m just going to have to get the mattress covered and change all the bedding. Oh, and I got a new nasal spray too.

We’ll reevaluate both of us in three months. I will get food allergies tested at that time and we will determine which I reacted to when I got my tetanus/pertussis shot last December. I just didn’t want to do it all with T2 there.

I was able to call DH and give him the news. He should be home for the reevaluation. That will be a big help. So mothers out there, listen to your instincts. I’d been saying asthma all along.

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