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It’s a BOY!!

June 21, 2017

On June 10th T1, T2, Heddie, Simi-Ruthie, and I drove to Greyhound Central to meet new dogs. We had one in particular in mind–a gorgeous white and red 4 year old male. That’s usually how it goes–you see a dog online, apply for it, get put on a waiting list after you’ve been vetted, and you go meet dogs but usually not the one you saw online. Because by the time you’ve been vetted that dog is already reserved or the adoption group just doesn’t feel it would be a good match.

Cassiopeia was not the dog we saw online.

Crookshanks and Hedwig were not the dogs we saw online. In fact they were so hot off the tracks that their photos had never been posted!

I was very surprised when they said we would be meeting the dog we have applied for. I thought it was a good thing as the Chief had at least seen his picture.

But when we met him, he was kind of shell-shocked meeting Simi-Ruthie and Heddie. It was 90 degrees and the dog wasn’t panting. His tail wasn’t tucked but it wasn’t wagging either. I asked T1 if she had shared some of her Percocet with him (she got her wisdom teeth out on the 8th). He wasn’t feeling the vibe and neither was I.

They brought us out another boy. One we really weren’t considering because his picture didn’t “speak” to me and because he was still a “juvenile” at 3 1/2 years old. Simi-Ruthie did not like him approaching her head on but he just rolled with it and was like “okay, you’re the boss.” Our adoption coordinator got us to just walk around and eventually the two of them ignored each other. Hedwig walked just fine with him.

After seeing the first dog again, and being just as underwhelmed, they brought the second dog back out again. Simi-Ruthie lay down with her back to him–a sign that she was alpha and unconcerned by him. He lay down as well with his back to her. Hedwig will lay down at any chance and had been laying down for quite a while. They asked us if we wanted to see any females. I laughed. Simi-Ruthie would have no part of another female in the house.

After asking the important question: “What do you think the Chief will say?” the girls and I unanimously decided this gorgeous 3 1/2 year old solid red (with 3 white feet) boy would be coming home with us.


Introducing Bailey, f.n.a. Precocious Bale, whelped on 11/24/13.

The Chief renamed him Bailey though the girls and I were tossing around Baelfyre from Once Upon a Time or Beowulf. The Chief would have none of those “fluffy” names.

We call him Bailey Boy. I guess it helps us remember there is a new male in the house. He is my first ever male dog. Same for the girls. The Chief had one or two males growing up.

He has been a dream. No marking in the house. Getting used to our schedule. No separation anxiety. Simi-Ruthie has to still wear a muzzle around him but even she is getting not so aggressive. Yes, she barked and barked until I sat with her on the couch so that she could sit on top of me so that he understood I was hers.

Heddie has bonded to him immediately. When we were inside filling out paperwork, his foster mom took him out for a potty break and Heddie stood up and howled for him just like she used to do whenever parted from Crookshanks. Sniffle.

I tried taking him into a pet store the other night to get his nails ground but he was having none of that. We take him for his first check-up in the morning–I hope he does better. We’re bring Heddie with us for moral support.

We can’t wait for the Chief to meet him. Maybe he won’t feel so outnumbered.

**Hedwig (Kiowa Packers) and Bailey (Precocious Bale) have a shared great, great, great grandsire named Downing. Downing was whelped in 1975 and was a champion dog. So neat that they are cousins of the same generation!**


Greyt News!

January 18, 2015

Back in my earlier days of consistently writing for Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop, the owner of that blog–the fabulous Mama Kat–took notice of my sweet grey Cassie. We exchanged a few comments about our mutual love and affection for these graceful and loveable dogs. When I saw her Instagram feed explode this week with pictures of their adventures in fostering a retired greyhound, I was ecstatic!

Check out her IG account: @mamakatslosinit posted so many adorable pictures and very valid reasons on why everyone should adopt one of their own in a posted “30 Reasons Greyhounds are Gentle Giants…”

And now I will blow up my feed with a few pictures of our current greys, Crookshanks and Hedwig. They turned six on Dec. 3rd and we adopted them three years ago on January 14th, 2012. Enjoy!






Crook being stingy and not letting her sister have a bed


Crook giving me “crazy eyes”. “Not another picture, human or I will come get you!”


Heddie taking a break in one of the kennels. They rotate where they take their naps all day long. Greyhounds can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Having choices seems to make them happy.




Apparently I wasn’t showing them enough attention so they plopped on the hard floor without cushions to make sure I saw them.


Right after we picked them up from the kennel for boarding while we were in Hawaii. I missed them so much and they missed us! Not a great picture but it captures the energy in the truck.


Heddie “captured” a “rabbit” at the Faire and was doing a great bow.


Heddie greets a special visitor at the Faire. We work three weekends out of 5. The greys love all the attention they get from patrons. It is a great way to educate the public about greyhounds and adoption.


Crook demonstrates that even the most royal of hounds can get a little goofy. She was in a full-on cockroach for a patron.


Much more regal. I love Crook’s custom martingale collar by Needlenose Neckware. I looked for current shop information but her FB page hasn’t been active since 2013.


crazy eyes again… this time in a cockroach


Sweet sisters. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone that they’re naked (without collars) or we’d get in trouble and have tons of people messaging me about how unsafe it is to have them without their collars.



Introducing Crook and Heddie

January 16, 2012

Saturday morning, two new greyhounds raced into our hearts. It was so hard to go to sleep Friday night–T1, T2, and I were so giddy waiting it was like children on Christmas Eve. Thankfully DH got some sleep and was able to make the long drive for us.

We felt we had everything: new leashes and collars (they would come with martingale collars as well); new bowls; new beds; blankets; and we had gotten a bed liner to prevent toe dislocations like what happened to Cassie and DH had made a custom divider to go behind the seats to prevent dogs flying forward.

Hedwig "Heddie"

We had chosen this adoption group because we had seen a beautiful almost all white female on and had inquired about her in mid-November. Our application process took longer than hoped… I guess I was hoping we could skip jumping through hoops because we had previous adopted a grey, albeit not through this group. No go. References had to be called and we had to be approved. Others were on a waiting list ahead of us and the dog in question had several interested in her.

Crookshanks "Crook"--we've never had a grey that sat!

Before Saturday, even though it was our first Christmas without a dog and I missed Cassie so much, I was secretly relieved the adoption hadn’t taken place without DH. I would not have been prepared. What if it had turned out like when I got Chewie from the pound two weeks before DH had come home?

Even though we had gotten lost twice we still got to our destination early. They were barely ready for us. I now realize they had given potential adopters specific times to arrive so that it wouldn’t be a free-for-all. But they were ready for us and they had specifically brought a set of sisters up from the track for us, with colors as close as possible to our wish list, but more important with the temperaments we were looking for.

All we could focus on were these two gorgeous girls. People were greeting us–they knew us by name and “they’re the ones for the sisters!” but I cannot tell you who we met. Outside, two volunteers brought up the sisters and the bonding began.

Kiowa Packers immediately went for T2. Had she heard T2’s breathless “Oh, I want Packers! I love her colors!”? T2 and DH sat on the steps and Packers leaned over T2 claiming her. T1 sat next and Kiowa Saints practically climbed in her lap.

We walked around the yard. We shared our story. The woman volunteer asked the girls what they would call or rename the greys. “Heddie and Crook!” I clarified, “We’re Harry Potter fans. Hedwig and Crookshanks. I know. Naming greys after an owl and cat is strange.”

The male volunteer smiled, “Crook? Crookshanks?” I nodded. He flipped his name badge around: Mr. Cruikshank. Could there be any more of a coincidence? Was this totally meant to be?

The adoption group had also found a set of brothers that retired at the same time but DH and I just aren’t male dog owners. I know it is said that a male and female have less aggression issues but we really wanted two girls. We declined seeing the males and asked to adopted Packers and Saints. We are happy to say that those two brothers along with about 6 other dogs, plus Packers and Saints, went home to their forever homes on Saturday.

So far everything has been going well. Again, I’m so glad DH was home for this. At the last minute DH decided we would crate them so he had to go purchase some crates. At three years old, these girls are still “Puppy Heads” as one volunteer called them. They have never been in a home. Saints (now Crook) raced as late as December 31st! Everything was new and exciting and demanded to be explored. We did not have this problem with Cassie as she had been in a home for 6 months prior to being returned for “Not Child Friendly” (Um, were we talking about the same dog?). That meant much of her acclimation had already taken place.

Thankfully, Heddie and Crook are responding to the quickly uttered “AH AH, leave it! Good girl!” They do not resist being put in the crate for bed or when we leave. We have learned that Heddie has to be fed inside her crate or she will either eat all of Crook’s food or harass her if she’s eating in her crate. Thank goodness for the support network giving us that wonderful piece of advice!

Crook is having a hard time on our hardwood floors. We have purchased 4 bath mats and 2 long hall runners to help her. We had thought we’d have them roaming the house but our hardwood stairs have us concerned. Cassie never roamed and when the girls were much younger, this was a blessing. Can I openly admit that I am secretly relieved about the possibility Heddie and Crook may be basement dwellers too? And before anyone says, “How awful!” please keep in mind that our family basically lives in the basement–large family room for TV and scrapbooking with all four of our computers. We only sleep and eat up stairs, and I occasionally retreat to my sunroom for some RnR.

I know this is the honeymoon period. It hasn’t been without its first casualty–T2’s fedora has been redecorated by Heddie, and Crook has tried chewing the chair and a bookcase. The nights have gone well; the first walks; the first alone time; the first outing to the pet store. I still miss my Cassie but I can’t help but think that she would have liked these two sweeties (unlike our foster Andie). I’ll admit the hormones have made me a bit weepy, missing Cassie but there is an awful lot of puppy joy in this house now!

Can I also admit that I’m having a little panic attack about what will happen when DH goes back to sea? Can I do this? Are the girls old enough to help me? Guess I will take the next few weeks working through that and I know it will be okay.

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