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Project 365: Week 11

March 23, 2012

Okay, I’m really bad. Only one of the following was taken during week 11. In my defense though, I had planned 5 of the remaining shots. The other one I took at the hotel during my scrapbooking weekend.

March 11-17

My mother had off from work. She wanted to come down and spend the day with me and the girls. Originally we were supposed to have the whole day but soccer camp had a make-up day. After spending quality time talking while the girls kicked a ball and T1 got a gusher of a bloody nose, I took Mom and the girls out to my favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner. I love Japanese steak houses–it never gets old.

I’m not sure if this piece of wall art is new but I really liked it. Many pieces in the lobby added to the ambience of the Comfort Inn to make it feel more than just a hotel. (Be thankful I did not take a picture of the lobby bathroom floor–that is no fake stone tiles in there!) But why does this woman have no arms and why is she in a hamster wheel? I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel sometimes. Until the diagnosis of the PsA any “limitations” (no arms) were not visible. I’ve heard a few times “Oh I had no idea. You seem so strong.”

And now my Wonder Woman Collection! My Barbie Doll (also a collection) sits on a shelf with the villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

I couldn’t resist these Little People. One of the toddler toys that we have kept in case we have any toddlers to entertain is our Little People Castle Playset. The one that looks like a real castle, not the pink one that just makes me shake my head. But I will not let any little toddlers get their hands on Wonder Woman or Batgirl though.

I’ve posted a picture of the gray satchel before. This is my newest next to it. But I don’t really carry shoulder bags anymore as I’m supposed to use a back pack and spare my hands and neck. 😦 I have the light gray one in black too and will probably give them to my girls.

This is one of three Wonder Woman t-shirts I own. I just like the art of this one. My light blue one may have to be retired–it has Wonder Woman E.o.t.T. sweat stains. The other has baseball jersey sleeves. I like that one double for that because I remember that style as a child.

This ornament gets a place of honor in my office amongst all the fairies in there.

I wanted to take a picture of my two Wonder Woman pins… but I cannot find them anywhere! 😦


Project 365: Week 10

March 11, 2012

Week of March 4-10

Snow! We had snow on Monday. See I told you, winter is not over until it is over! I’m glad my daffodils seem to have survived though.

These first two I took from my car at my trainer’s. I wanted to document the snow and then I saw the black birds on the drainage ditch grate.

Winter's Last Gasp? Copyright SnipeWife

I liked the mood the black birds evoked. Because I’m not a bird expert I am just assuming here that these are just common black birds and not crows and certainly not ravens. At least not the “quothing” kind… ;P

Black birds on drainage cover. Copyright SnipeWife

Next, after a scary night and morning with Crook (limping just makes the heart pound but thankfully it is just arthritis and an old shoulder injury) I went to my friend’s and blew off all volunteer obligations for the day.

I chose to take pictures of some of her “Piggies”. She is avidly involved in guinea pig adoption and owns at least 10 of her own. T1 had her first paying job pet sitting for her over the summer. Her teens return the favor and watch our house and pets for us.

I'm innocent! I swear! Copyright SnipeWife

These just look like snack food for our greys!

This little piggie ... hmmm, looks like greyhound snack food to me! (No piggies were harmed in the taking of this photo!) Copyright SnipeWife

The girls and I had a cookie booth at a local lodge. I thought a fun picture of them with their shoes and the lodge carpet would be cool. T1 refused to participate so we took her shoes anyway.

Fine. We'll just play without you, T1. Copyright SnipeWife

T1 had soccer practice with her new team (I will have to post on that soon) but T2 had nothing really to do after she got bored with the school playground so she grabbed my Kindle and began reading. She loves books.

The new way to read! Copyright SnipeWife

Lastly, a friend, who I can’t wait to see at my scrapbooking weekend (though sadly with her husband’s new duty station will probably be the last time we meet) sent this fabric sample to me. She said I was the first to come to mind when she saw it. It is a little over 2×3. I don’t know what I’ll do with it–either a large floor pillow or a wall hanging (T2’s suggestion). It is just the bomb and my friend is awesome sauce for sending it to me!

Schumacher fabric sample called "Diamond Dogs". What an awesome gift!

Next week, in honor of my birthday and considering how busy I’m going to be I have something special planned for my Project 365 post… stay tuned!


Project 365: Week 9

March 3, 2012

T1 wants to know why it is not the Project 366 this year. That’s a good question.

For the week of Feb. 26-March 3rd

This first picture is not the best but I want to save the better pictures for something I’m going to do weekly. I was enjoying the sunshine while both girls were participating in an advanced skills soccer camp. It is a good camp run by the coaches of the area travel teams and the girls soccer team from an area high school. We do not play travel. I’m sure the girls were not the only Parks & Rec players there but needless to say I did not know any of the parents. The sessions are being held at the fields of an area private school to boot. Lining the walkway are these nice benches. I noticed the metal plates on the arms and looked to see if they honored donors, etc. To my surprise they had great positive sayings on them. I then walked down the entire walkway snapping pictures. I hope to post one a week and, if I can figure out Linky Tools, encourage people to write as well.

This next picture is the tunnel under the street that connected the practice fields with the main building of the private school.

I like the light at the end of this tunnel and that it leads toward the school building. Education = enlightenment.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday I found stars.

Stars for Dr. Seuss

“But McBean was quite wrong. I’m quite happy to say
That the Sneetches got really quite smart on that day,
The day they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches
And no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches.
That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars
And whether they had one, or not, upon thars.”
The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss

I always find it fascinating when you can see the moon on a bright, clear sunny day. Hope you can see it too. (I am just using a Canon Powershot after all…)

I hope you can see the moon too!

Spring is trying to arrive early no matter what the Punxsutawney Phil says. I won’t believe it until I see it, however, because I have had several snow storms on my birthday in the middle of this month.

Today soccer camp was canceled due to the conditions of the field. The rain has kept Crook and Heddie inside and they were starting to get destructive. We decided to take a hike. T2 took my camera and took these last two photos for me. Yes. That is me. Yes I really do not like pictures of me unless they are professional pictures but T2 got a good one this time. Sorry, I’m in baggy workout clothes and not a Wonder Woman t-shirt. I should have been.

Yup, that's me!

T2 was really pleased of herself for capturing the reflection of the trees on the flooded out path. She’s quite the photographer. Now to delete the dozen pictures of the swamp. LOL

Tree Reflections by T2


Project 365: Week 8

February 26, 2012

Feb. 19What a crazy week! DH is gone. It snowed Sunday night. I told everyone we wouldn’t get snow until DH left. Thankfully it was a beautiful and temporary snow. But the weather systems with the Hi and Low pressure systems are totally giving me migraines!

First Snow

Feb. 20-21I had several appointments and some time on my hands on Tuesday. I spotted these garden statues and pulled over. There were about 4 of the lions. I liked the white and greys up against the purple building (which is a landmark in Downtown).

Regal Lions, Copyright SnipeWife

I believe the whole statue is supposed to be Hercules and this is him battling the Nemean lion(s). I took a picture of the whole statue but my car was in the background so I didn’t like the composition.

Nemean Lions? Copyright SnipeWife

Feb. 22-25It is cookie time! What is your favorite?

It is Cookie Time!

T2 has entered the science fair. She and DH have outlined the whole experiment which involved hydroponics. We needed some really fast growing seeds and this summer discovered that while they would not pollinate, spaghetti squash seeds will grow super fast. So we had spaghetti squash for dinner. Yum!

Let the Science Fair Begin!

What? No pictures of Crook & Heddie this week? Nope. But I did take them on a walk on Saturday. I decided to take a picture of a neighbor’s fake deer because I remembered our first walk around the block with C & H… H went on total alert, ears up, shoulders quivering. We had to tug her away from this curiosity. Not really pleased with the quality but I had to take it quickly before C & H yanked on the leash.

Mezmerizing Fake Deer

The sky was really pretty. I am wanting to find a solitary cloud to take a picture of in homage to Bob Ross’s Happy Little Cloud… but I haven’t yet. I did see this patriotic neighbor’s flag really taking to the wind (boy was it windy later!).

Patriotic Neighbors

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