Describe a Moment of Change

June 7, 2017

And how you dealt with it.

Or at least I hope that is what the question was. Now that I think back, I hope it didn’t read a Moment of Challenge. But I think my answer might still apply.

I had my first of what I hope will be two interviews for a 12-month position at the school board. This was one of the questions.

My answer?

A chuckle. Then I answered, “I go through great change every 75 days!”

I spoke about how the girls and I work as a unit, stronger together. I spoke about some times getting only 12 hours notice. About putting myself aside to help my daughters adjust to life without the Chief. For 21 years. I talked about how we as a family have discussed the ramifications of what a 12-month job would mean for us, especially while the Chief was at sea.

You have to have routine but you have the be flexible enough for the changes that pop up. Or challenges.

Next up I hope to be one of two candidates called in on Friday for a follow-up interview with the Big Man. A decision will then be made either late Friday or on Monday before the School Board Meeting. Sigh. I hate waiting. Good thing T1 is getting her wisdom teeth out and I have that and house cleaning to occupy my time.


  1. I hope you get your job, I know what a challenge it is for a mariner’s wife to have a full time job when spouse goes out to sea. Will there be enough time spent together as a family? It was a challenge I couldn’t figure out. If I worked, I’d never see him, but it would have been a good idea to make some money and have something to do while he was gone since we were empty nesters. At this point, it’s moot; as you know my specific circumstances and what he did. I am now not a fan of marriages with lots of away time. I thought he was a more moral and ethical and committed man.

    • There are times when I believe your situation is more the norm after a time. Sadly (?) I did not get the 12-month position. I am trying to have faith that there is a greater purpose. I just wanted to take some of the burden off of him as we have two getting ready for college and him closer to retirement. I struggle with “what’s wrong with me and my qualifications” if I was so supposedly “perfect” for the job. This happened a few times last year before I landed this position. The Chief says I’ll be too busy with three dogs and marching band season to worry about a 12-month job.

      • I’ve found the same, lots of other loyal, faithful, devoted spouses are being abandoned exactly like my situation. In my case, I’ll never know why he thought the grass was greener with a woman who breaks up marriages for sport. What a tragedy that he will never know our amazing grandson and the pain that causes my son is horrible. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job, but happy you have a loving and supportive hub! I’m going to therapy and working on becoming a better person.

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