Lessoned Learned

October 24, 2015

The Chief made a comment about sailing into rough weather. As I was leaving a job today, weather images of tropical storms and a hurricane were on the lobby TV. “Well I didn’t need to see that.” I checked Marine Traffic and Find Ship but both confirmed what I already knew: he was out of range and would be for some time.

Then I saw astronaut Scott Kelly’s eerily beautiful image of Hurricane Patricia from the International Space Station posted on Instagram. I direct messaged the Chief the image with “Are you in this?!”

Hurricane Patricia by Astronaut Scott Kelly

Hurricane Patricia by Astronaut Scott Kelly

Eventually his reply came through. He was 300+ miles south. I breathe a little easier. He later sent me an image of their course & location.

I never used to worry. I never used to stalk his ship on a regular basis. I want to go back to being blissfully ignorant. Maybe this little jump the gun is to remind me that no amount of worry will change outcomes. Worry will only make me miserable these last years of his career.

I need to trust my mariner’s skills and judgement and more to the point have trust and faith in God.


  1. Mine was stuck-he’s had bad weather for a week that left him unable to pass off his barge, gale force winds, etc. but finally got into port and told me the weather is planned to be really bad again next week so he might be delayed, and yes, he’s in the forecasted trajectory of Hurricane Patricia. Glad your hub is ok!

    • Patricia is in the Chief’s path on their new route. Hopefully they’ll be at their destination between this rough weather. Glad your guy is in port.

      • Looks like it’s lost a lot of power, but may reform in the gulf-hope Chief outruns it!

      • Sorry–just saw this. The Chief’s ship decided on a slow transit to stay well behind it. He sent me position maps so I could track him when he was off marine traffic and friendship.

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