Tribute to Mikey: From USMMA Football

May 14, 2015

Reprint from FB post by USMMA Football (5/13/15):

Michael Weinstein 12/1/2005 – 5/13/2015


Mikey Weinstein was a 3 year old child who walked into the mess hall on Homecoming morning back in 2009. We played Susquehanna that day, a team that would ultimately win the Liberty League conference that year – we beat them 24-8……………We signed up to help provide a positive support group for Mikey and his family. We gave them an opportunity to be a part of the USMMA Family and provide some moments of pleasure. While we were able to do that, it was Mikey and his family who demonstrated what true courage and commitment is all about. None of us can remotely fathom the feeling of frustration and helplessness the Weinstein’s encountered on a daily basis. But they showed us the true meaning of sacrifice and a relentless pursuit of making their lives the best they possibly could. Instead of us making Mikey more comfortable, we were the ones that learned, we were the ones that benefitted more from the relationship. The Weinstein family will forever be as much a part of USMMA Football as any one of us.

I know that Mikey loved coming to the Academy and seeing his ‘football friends’. There was never a time he didn’t melt my heart, and anyone else who has a pulse, when he would get in the middle of the team and lead us in a breakdown. His smile is what we lived for – to see a young child who had no concept what he was fighting, living life to the fullest – as was allowable for him. The loss is tragic but we are all better people for knowing Mikey and having him a part of our lives – regardless of how short. He will always be with us as his spirit has touched us all. This season, we will honor him and his family with a sticker we will put on our helmets that will simply say ‘Mikey’. Personally, his name is etched in my heart forever. – Coach Toop


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