Sunrise & Chill

September 17, 2014


As much as I am loath to getting up early on mornings, I have been enjoying sitting on the porch and watching T1 walk to the bus stop (right below that burst of light) and sitting with T2 for a few minutes before she walks around the corner to meet a friend to walk to their bus stop out of sight.

It seems like just this past week, the sun is rising later and there is a chill in the air first thing in the morning. I personally am enjoying not getting woke up by the crack of dawn (but it is harder to roll out of bed while it is still gray out) and the chill weather means improved E.o.t.T. running. I just can’t run well in temps over 75 degrees. I’m miserable. I’ve had some good runs in the past week and it is a good thing because my 5k race is in 4 weeks and I hadn’t run over 2 miles straight until last Friday.

So T2 did not sit with me this morning. She is mad at me. She walked away early, barely mumbling “I love you” in response. Well, imagine how much madder she’d be if I had made her get out of bed at midnight last night and clean her room like I had asked her to after school instead of just waking her up and laying down the law for the upcoming week if she ever wants to do anything fun ever again. (Extra points for emphasis.)

T1 had to inform me of all the dramatics this morning. “She said you told her she couldn’t even read today at school. She’s being just like I was, isn’t she?”

“First of all, I said no TV and no computer and no made-up language [she spent all day creating] but I said nothing about reading at home or at school. But she has to clean her room [first]. Second, yes, just like you and your hormonal drama and black-and-white fatalism. Good bye, have a nice day!”

Thankfully, T1 is showing me there is a light at the end of the tunnel even though she’s not out of it yet. I just wish T2 could have taken a detour around the tunnel and skipped this phase altogether.

The Chief says there are spelling and grammar errors… but I’m not seeing them. So if you find any other than the one I did fix, let me know.


  1. Aw man… I’m not sure how old your kids are, but my oldest is 8 and the attitude I get from her is astounding. I absolutely cringe at the thought of her teen years… Ugh

    • 8 was a tough year–it must be a natural phase because both girls gave me grief in the third grade. Now it seems that 12 is a tough year too and my second is giving me attitude just like her sister did. There are wonderful moments that let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel… until the next tunnel. Hang in there.

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