E.o.t.T. Vacation Workout

June 20, 2014

But it is not my vacation. My trainer is taking a well-deserved vacation with his family. After 5 years of working out with him and running 3 5Ks I guess I can say working out with him is now a habit.

And because I know I am missing over 3 weeks with him in July, I didn’t want to take this week off. So he texted me the plan for the week.


15 jumping jacks

15 BW squats

12 push ups

10 lunges

20 hip hop ups

20 crunches

Repeat 3-4 times

Monday 1 mile run

Friday 2 mile run (but I goofed and only did 1.5ish)


workout video of my choice–I chose Denise Austin’s Kid Fit Video Workout

walk 1 mile (got lazy with the heat of the day and celebrating T1’s birthday)


My vacation plans are going to include running 1 mile each day and stairs only because after that I have 9 weeks to get back into shape to run another 5 K on October 12th.


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