Father-Daughter Dance 2014

May 7, 2014

FatherDaughter2014bSo I know I promised to write about this year’s dance… but we had a couple of soccer injuries to deal with. Oh the drama! And a lock-in the following weekend.

So last year our oldest scout in the troop asked my co-leader if she would help run Father-Daughter. My co-leader loves, LOVES, to entertain. Any reason for a party. We then asked the service unit director (SUD) if our troop could run the event. It can be a fund-raiser for the troop. Unfortunately the date we were given by the venue was the last Saturday of Spring Break and so our numbers for attendance were down about half. At the moment we are hoping to make about $150 in profit though (still need to order badges and tip the DJ).

Hey, that’s a question. One of my co-leaders asked why we were tipping the DJ, especially if she owned her own business. First, I did let the DJ know she would be getting a tip as soon as I got all the financials straight, so it is a done deal, but it is a good question. The only reason I considered it was because the SUD asked if I gave the DJ a tip.

So do you tip a DJ? and if so how much?

I could have sworn we did tip the DJ at our wedding but maybe not the photographer.

Party favors, hand-made decorations of giant dice and playing cards, shopping for refreshments.

Party favors, hand-made decorations of giant dice and playing cards, shopping for refreshments.

Anyway, our girls picked a casino theme but didn’t want it to be Las Vegas ShowGirls casino. Because one of the theme options was a masquerade, the idea was to be a little more classy and think more European/James Bond/Tony Stark. That makes it a little hard to decorate, though, and it still ended up being a little Las Vegas-y.

We made large dice for the photo booth. We had the typical silly mustaches and masks that are so popular at events these days, along with feather boas (classy!). While we had purchased a set of preprinted giant playing cards, to give the girls something to do (and save money) we made our own cards with our Cricuts and my Creative Memories custom cutting system (::Sniff:: I miss Creative Memories). We also made little party favor boxes–drawing all the dots!–and filling them with chocolate poker chips, a pair of dice, chocolate coins, and some “diamonds” (the nod to the fancier casinos).

Our refreshment menu was pretty simple… pretzels, chips, pineapple, grapes, melon, chocolate, cookies, meatballs, spiral sandwich appetizers, marshmallows, chex mix, crackers, lime sherbet punch, water, iced tea and lemonade. Nothing too messy and nothing to stain all the pretty dresses. (::Sniff:: I miss the chocolate fountain.)

I had to step back and let the girls handle this. The oldest scout probably learned a valuable lesson about being in charge and having everyone ask her for guidance. She did a fabulous job–the only suggestion I have for her in the future is that if she has a vision, she should write it down and draw it out for the rest of us to be able to execute her vision. She had a lot of helpful hands standing around waiting for her to tell them what to do and she got flustered. Ultimately, we set up too many tables but we got done in less than two hours and the place looked beautiful!

The troop and some helpful volunteers arrived an hour ahead of time and set out all the food and got the DJ’s table skirted.

The dancing! Oh the dancing! We had two inflatable dice on the dance floor and the little girls loved it. In the first hour the DJ did one or two extra slow songs so that the girls could dance with their escorts (OMG… now I just realized why I got the strangest new follower to my blog for an escort service! Because I used that tag in my previous post!) instead of just once during the level songs.

During the second hour the DJ calls out the various levels to come to the dance floor for their special songs. (Any spelling errors belong to the girls who made up this list.)

·Daisies- My Girl (Temptations)

·Brownie- Isnt she lovely (Stevie Wonder)

·Juniors- Sugar Pie, Hunny Bun (Temptations)

·Cadettes- Time after Time (Cyndi Luaper)

·Seniors- Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle)

·Abassadors- Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman)

The dancing! Oh the dancing! During the last hour were all the party songs and dances. Happy. Wobble. ChaCha Slide. Cupid Shuffle. Chicken Dance. Soul Train dance line. Gangnam Style. Hokie Pokie. Macarena.

First of all, many of these girls had some escorts that, shall we say made me worry we’d need to call 911 if they chacha’ed or slid any faster or longer. Then there were the dads who just went all out and did a great job keeping up.

Special shout outs should go to one dad who did Gangnam Style better than anyone there and I promised to tease him at church the next day. He gets a mirror ball trophy for that. In contrast, my BIL’s Cotton Eyed Joe country kick-up succeeded in getting a horrified look not only from T1 but a few other girls. I’d say his attempt to embarrass was a success.

Then there was Duck Commander. The man shows up in flannel and full-on beard as he escorts his two princesses dressed to the nines. And he danced every single dance. Not necessarily well but he danced nonetheless and he probably could have kept going. He was so awesome. BTW, if I’m correct, he is the step-father to both and that was awesome parenting. He gets an award.

And lastly, one of our brave volunteers, a father to one of my girls who put this whole thing on, was there Friday night moving tables, danced Saturday, and stayed to clean up and put tables back. I later found out his foot was hurting him and it had been broken the entire time. He deserves a medal.

My girls had tons of ideas for themes for next year’s but they all resoundingly said, “But we’re not running it!” Agreed. But they did an awesome and fantastic job!


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